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Alpinestars 2019: that’s how the new gear looks

Comparisons and rankings 6 May, 2019

We compare...

As you know, here at Motocard we always try to bring you all the latest novelties in motorcycle gear. And as you can see, we’re bringing you the latest from Alpinestars for this 2019. Fresh out of the oven!

As you know, here at Motocard we always try to bring you all the latest novelties in motorcycle gear. And as you can see, we’re bringing you the latest from Alpinestars for this 2019. Fresh out of the oven!

There’s a bit of everything: various jackets to bear in mind, some interesting pants and some Racing gloves that will be all the rage. We say so.

What does Alpinestars normally do? Well basically they make very good motorcycle gear and, now and then, they renovate or improve on them with small retouches, some of them very interesting.  Why are we saying all this?

Alpinestars Jaws V3

Because, for example, here we have the Alpinestars Jaws V3 jacket, a jacket which, as it name indicates, is already in its 3rd version! It’s cool, huh!

Premium cowhide with superb abrasion resistance, removable Alpinestars Bio Armor protections on shoulders and elbows, external GP Lite sliders on the shoulders, etc. All the details are first class.

And we cannot forget the removable thermal lining, the zipped air inlets, the inner, waterproof pocket, etc. A great jacket of great quality.

Track V2 Pants

If you’re one of those that likes get your knee down but you don’t want to use a Racing suit on the street, you can combine this jacket with the Track V2 Pants and have a reliable, handsome two piece.

They’re sports pants also made of cowhide with internal protections and homologated protections on the knees (Alpinestars GP-R) and the hips (Alpinestars Nucleon).

And of course, we also have dual density, TPU Sport DFS sliders.

All this without forgetting the comfort of an adjustable waist, the zip connecting to the jacket, pre-curved leg design to reduce fatigue. Etc.

Alpinestars Crazy Eight Jacket

And let’s not leave out the leather gear, although with a completely different style, because for the more Café Racer, the more custom, Alpinestars has just launched the Crazy Eight jacket.

This is a very urban jacket, in full grain leather, with a removable flannel lining, removable Bio Light protectors, and compartments on the chest and back to incorporate Alpinestars’ Nucleon protectors (which are not included).

And just as you would expect from a top jacket like this, attention has been paid to detail: we find leather pullers on the zips, the collar is ergonomic and the interior is extremely soft. This is a jacket that Steve McQueen would wear today. We love it!

Alpinestars T-GP Pro V2 Jacket

And now we jump to the new generation of a best-selling jacket of the brand: the Alpinestars T-GP Pro V2.

It’s one of the most sold jackets for various reasons: Mainly because it’s a textile jacket of sports style, very versatile, with ample areas of elastic fabric and that can adapt to various weather conditions.

For example, we have a removable, long sleeve thermal lining and an inner mesh lining to improve breathability. And then, we find what we’d expect from a jacket of this ilk: Bio Armor protections, compartments for installing a back or a chest protector and a jacket-pants connecting zip. It’s a reliable, versatile jacket.

Alpinestars Viper V2 Air Jacket

And for those summer days where the heat is on, Alpinestars has also presented their new version of the vented Viper Air jacket. As its name indicates, it’s ideal to beat the heat as it has superb ventilation thanks to the mesh panels it incorporates.

The material used is Polyester and, also, it comes with a removable windproof, long sleeve lining for changing conditions.

And as it’s a sports cut jacket, the protections are a guarantee and include, of course, space for incorporating back protection as well as chest protection.

It’s another jacket to bear in mind if you want a very vented jacket with the Alpinestars stamp.

Alpinestars GP Pro R3 Gloves

But it’s not all jackets as Alpinestars presents another great novelty, in this case the GP Pro R3 gloves, some high range gloves for those who put their knee down even just to go to the office.

Their construction is a combination of cowhide, goatskin and kangaroo leather in the palm with perforated panels on the cuff and thumb for that much need air on the track.

More things: stiff knuckle protectors, slider on the palm and DFS protection on the cuff. And as is customary, we find the bridge between the 4th and 5th finger, typical of Alpinestars and that avoids the torsion and separation of the fingers in the event of a fall.

Alpinestars Faster-3 and Faster-3 Rideknit shoes

And to finish off this quick selection, we could not leave out the Alpinestars Faster-3 shoes and their “sister” the Alpinestars Faster-3 Rideknit.

Like their previous versions, these are extremely comfortable motorcycle shoes and with reliable protections. Two features that have made them good selling models.

The main difference between one and the other is the material used: the Alpinestars Faster-3 are made of microfiber and the Faster-3 Rideknit of microfiber, mesh fabric and thermosealed, seamless microfiber, which make them ideal shoes for hotter days.

For the rest, they’re quite similar: ankle protectors, strategically placed reinforcements and padding, TPR lateral slider, an ergonomically designed heel compartment, also in TPR, a TPU insert in the lower lateral area to afford greater protection, etc.

The two, as we say, are very comfortable boots and ideal for everyday use or for doing some trips on the weekends.


And that’s it for this quick review of the interesting novelties. Alpinestars continues to offer reliable gear, renovating some of their successful products in their catalogue. What do you think? By the way, if you want a complete review of one of these novelties, you can say so here below.


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