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Racing boots comparative: Dainese R Axial Pro In, Alpinestars Supertech R, Sidi Vortice

Comparisons and rankings 22 May, 2017

We compare...

The Alpinestars Supertech R, the Dainese R Axial Pro In and the SIDI Vortice represent the highest level technology and experience of the three brands in competition applied to a boot.

There are different types of footwear to move on two wheels, and this can be differentiated into three groups: racing, tourism and urban. In this article we are going to focus on the racing boots and for this we have three models of three brands: the Dainese R Axial Pro In, the Alpinestars Supertech R and the Sidi Vortice.

Racing boots comparativeGeneral view of the three boots: Alpinestars Supertech-R, Dainese R Axial Pro In and SIDI Vortice.

Common features

It must be clear that the track boots are designed for maximum efficiency in our driving, with ergonomics designed for 100% use on the bike. We can’t pretend to be extremely comfortable when walking. In addition, they have numerous protection elements and their objective are to prevent blows and injuries as far as possible, because the racing boots are usually used in risk driving in road or circuit.

The three models have some common features that make them the best in the market. The three boots are certified according to CE regulations. In addition, they are of high cane, a common feature in almost all the sporty boots, because is very important to protect the upper part of the foot and the shin, especially when we fold with the motorcycle.

Racing boots comparativeDetail of the sliders that each model has on the toe of the boot.

Another important feature is that the three boots have protections at the most critical parts with risk of injury, as well as a sophisticated anti-twist, located just at the ankle.

As we see each one uses a particular system but the purpose of all of them is the same: to prevent the injuries of the ankle.

Alpinestars Supertech R

Regarding the confection there are some differences between them. Microfiber and reinforcements in TPU are the main materials used in the Supertech R. This favors flexibility, durability and greater weight savings.

Alpinestars Supertech RImage of the independent biomechanical inner boot, which works together with the outside of the boot.

But without a doubt, the two characteristics of the Supertech R are the microfiber panel on the side, which offers a flat and smooth surface for excellent grip and feel, as well as protecting against the heat that the motorcycle gives off. Another feature is the independent biomechanical inner boot, which works together with the outside of the boot to form a protective structure, thus allowing full freedom of movement of the foot.

Dainese R Axial Pro In

The Dainese R Axial Pro In, however, we find a lot of materials. The boot is made with Lorica, D-Stone fabric, microfiber and serrate leather inserts on the inside.

In the protections of the boot we also have a great variety of materials. For example, in the D-Axial system we have carbon fiber and DuPont fiber, in the heel and toe we find reinforcements in nylon and in the inner layer we have metal and TPU.

Dainese R Axial Pro InDetailed image of the anti-torsion system of the Dainese R Axial Pro In, made of carbon fiber and DuPont fiber.

Its exclusivity lies in that the sliders are made of magnesium and incorporate allen key for their replacement. In addition, they are prepared to be hooked inside the pants thanks to the Velcro located in the area of ​​the cane, integrating perfectly with the suit.

SIDI Vortice

The SIDI Vortice are the most classic track boots. The boot is made in Lorica while the inside predominates Teflon, a microperforated material.

The Vortice are characterized by having two distinct parts: on the one hand, the main structure with panels of microfiber and accordion is in charge of offering comfort and flexibility. On the other hand, we have an outer polymer chassis in the upper zone that is formed by two arms that swing and that ensure protection and rigidity.

SIDI VorticeDetailed image of SIDI Vortice’s sophisticated ventilation system, which can be operated by a small cam.

Thanks to this design, the protections of this boot are replaceable with screws. In addition, in the toe we find a slider reinforced with aluminum and in the rear we have another of TPU with bands of rubber to favor the grip to the motorcycle. The central part of the sole is also replaceable and in this way we can replace it.

The ventilation of the SIDI Vortice has a peculiar system that can be operated on the side and front of the slider.

SIDI VorticeThe Techno-Tensioner system is unique in the market. We can adjust the boot in three zones.

The closure is unique in the Racing world. The Vortice have the Techno-Tensioner system and we can adjust the boot in three zones.

The Alpinestars Supertech R, the Dainese R Axial Pro In and the SIDI Vortice represent the highest level of technology and experience of the three brands in competition applied to a boot, offering comfort, safety and functionality. Designed for professional riders and racing fans, the three models can be found in Motocard stores and motocard.com in different versions and colors.


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