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Comparative: Dainese Motorshoe D-WP & Motorshoe Air

Comparisons and rankings 24 August, 2015

We compare...

For those bikers who drive their bike or scooter daily and want always a correct protection, Dainese offers the Motorshoe D-WP and Motorshoe Air. These boots are very light, comfortable and with a sporty design, very suitable on a daily use.

Although at first glance the design and lines of these Dainese Motorshoe seems identical, the composition between one to another is different. Both boots use the polyamide fabric as main material but the Motorshoe D-WP features a waterproof and breathable layer for rainy days, so typical in spring, autumn and winter periods. This layer is placed on the inside of the boot. We also find microfiber and leather in other areas of the boot, for an optimal protection and a great touch. There is no need to remember that the thermal protection of these boots is high and we can use them during the coldest days.
Regarding the Motorshoe Air, these boots have been designed to offer a good ventilation on its inside. We can see the polyamide again, as the main external material, but these boots do not include any internal waterproof layer, so the air reaches easily our feet, eiher if we ride a motorbike or a scooter.
The Motorshoe protects all the foot, including the ankles area. The protection is based on two main purposes: avoid unwanted movements of the foot (with the correct rigidity on some areas) and provide the right comfort when riding the bike and also when we get off the bike. The sole is extended on the front and rear areas, ensuring the rigidity and protection of the feet in an event of a fall.
Both Motorshoe versions use reinforcements on critical areas of the foot and leg, providing proper protection against wearing, as the instep. These reinforcements are also placed in the ankle (internal and external side) and in a polyurethane structure placed on the heel area.
The rubber sole is another element identical in both versions and designed specially to offer grip, comfort and protection. The Skywalk sole combines grip in both dry and wet floor, with the proper water drainage which removes water efficiently through its grooves.
The insole of the boot is made with nylon, narrow in both versions for an optimum contact with the boot and its anatomical shape allows full adaptation of the foot.
Closures and other details
Both Motorshoe use lacing system as the main closure element. The cords extend from the instep of the boot to the top of the boot, thus providing an excellent fitting.
The visibility is another important element on both versions. We found reflective inserts at the outer edges of the boots as well as the fastening tapes of the cords.
Motorshoe Dainese D-Air Motorshoe WP and are approved by the EC and footwear bike category II.

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