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Urban mobility: Dainese Vera Cruz D1 vs Merida D1

Comparisons and rankings 9 May, 2016

We compare...

The Dainese Vera Cruz D1 and Merida D1 are two urban shoes designed for short trips on motorcycle. It's not about biker boots with an urban flair, Dainese chooses the opposite path in these two models: both are urban shoes that incorporate all the reinforcements and materials needed to ride a motorcycle for urban areas.

Construction and materials
Both models have a very similar design, but differ in two key aspects: Vera Cruz D1 feature a short rod boot design, while the Merida D1 have no cane at all. Moreover, they are exactly the same in their construction design with slight differences in materials.

General view of the Dainese Merida D1 (right) and Dainese Vera Cruz D1 (left).

As the main material, both have cowhide leather with a suede finish for a more urban style. The difference between one model and another is that the Vera Cruz also incorporates D-Stone fabric. This fabric is highly resistant to abrasion, provides the necessary flexibility and Dainese uses it in several of its products on its Touring range.
As we said, both models have a very urban approach; although this does not mean they do not have protection. In fact, both Vera Cruz D1 and Merida have internal reinforcements in the toe and heel, although not be seen with the naked eye, to provide the necessary rigidity in these critical areas of every biker’s footwear.

Lateral view of the Dainese Vera Cruz D1 (right) and the Dainese Merida D1 (left).

As we have mentioned, the Vera Cruz D1 brace our ankles. This results in greater protection in this area, offering greater security thanks to the rigid inserts that are on both sides of the ankle.
The only protection that betray both Vera Cruz and Merida as riding shoes is the protector for the gearshift lever in both models. This TPU accessory TPU is very useful to protect the suede leather from prolonged wear lengthening its life.

Gear selector and rear brake protectors close up on both models.

Interior and fasteners
In both models we find a double internal lining for better comfort and breathability. The padded interior is finished in 3D microperforated fabric that allows foot perspiration and at the same time giving us a degree of padded confort.
Both models have a shoelaces with tongue for further tightening. By the way, this shoe tongue is made of D-Stone fabric in the Dainese Vera Cruz D1, while the Merida D1 opt for microperforated 3D fabric.

Instep zone close up, showing the 3D mesh of the Merida D1 (left) and the D-Stone fabric on the Vera Cruz D1 (right).

The sole on both models is made by the Skywalk, a famed company in sole segment. In both models the rubber compound is the same and both feature a very similar design in their tread pattern with slight differences in ergonomics, adapted for each model.

Both soles are made by Skywalk. This one corresponds to the Vera Cruz D1.

In short, both Dainese models are two different posibilities within the same philosophy: an urban footwear really capable to handle motorcycle users safety to a certain degree. No matter if you prefer the longer shaft of the Vera Cruz D1 or the more classic Merida D1, both are ideal to stop using conventional shoes to go on motorbike, allowing us to switch to a safer option.


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