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The 5 best motorcycle gloves for summer 2023

We compare...

Discover our comparison of the best motorcycle glove of summer 2023! All segments and prices, motorcycle glove, leather glove, textile, motorcycle glove for men, etc. it's up to you to choose from our selection of lighter and more ventilated motorcycle gloves.

Here’s a list for buying the best summer motorcycle gloves in Motocard. If you’re asking yourself which summer motorcycle gloves to buy, which are the best vented gloves of 2023 or which summer motorcycle gloves have the best quality-price ratio on the market, here’s a list with the most successful models. Because riding in summer without renouncing safety is possible.

As regards summer motorcycle gloves, we’re looking for something very light, that allows the air to flow but that doesn’t compromise our safety. And all this can be found in the 7 gloves we’ve chosen.

  • Armure Kerr
  • Tucano Urbano Bob Skin
  • Armure Astrid
  • Five TFX4
  • Dainese Unruly Ergo-Tek – Nou
  • Dainese Mig 3 Air
  • Alpinestars SP X Air Carbon V2

Armure Kerr motorcycle gloves, the most economical gloves


We start this list with the Armure Kerr motorcycle gloves. These are motorcycle gloves that, although not specific for summer, are perfect for medium temperatures as they are very light.

They are made of a combination of leather and polyester mesh, with an Amara leather palm and a TPU knuckle protector.


The inner lining is breathable and the index finger is finished for use with touch screens. It’s a perfect glove for short runs and they’re at a knockdown price.

Tucano Urbano Bob Skin, motorcycle gloves for city use

We continue with the Tucano Urbano Bob Skin gloves, gloves ideal for summer as the entire back of the hand is microperforated and allows air to circulate inside the glove. They are made of leather, the material that best withstands abrasion in the event of a fall, have accordion fabric inserts for greater comfort and the tip of the index finger is finished to allow the use of touch screens.


It is a very versatile glove, without too much fanfare, perfect for short urban journeys and also available in a more “vintage” version, perfect for a classic motorcycle.

Armure Astrid Vented

Another of the best motorcycle gloves for summer are the Armure Astrid Vented gloves, gloves with an excellent quality-price ratio.


In this case, they are made of a combination of stretch fabric, ventilated, leather and the palm is reinforced in suede. These gloves are extremely ventilated, very comfortable and have a short cuff.

In terms of protections, we find a TPU protector on the knuckles with carbon finish and reinforcements on the palm. It is a simple glove, at a knockdown price and available in a lot of different combinations.

Five TFX4, a trail gloves for summer


For lovers of trail bikes we have chosen the Five TFX4 gloves, very comfortable motorcycle gloves, made of Spandex fabric and with a very resistant synthetic leather palm.

It is a glove that is just that: very resistant, thanks to Kevlar reinforcements, soft TPR protections on the knuckles, silicone inserts in the most worn areas and an elastic neoprene band on the wrist.


The glove also has a water-repellent finish on the back of the hand and the index finger allows the use of touch screens. It is available in several different color combinations and at a very competitive price.

Dainese Unruly Ergo-Tek, a top-of-the-range motorcycle glove

We take it up a notch with a summer motorcycle glove with superior features, the Dainese Unruly Ergo-Tek. 

Why do we say so? They are made of a seamless knitted fabric with leather reinforcements on the palm, which makes them very resistant, but also perfect for summer temperatures.


They have a protector with ergonomic technology on the fingers, leather reinforcements, pre-curved fingers and a neoprene-finished cuff.

All this without forgetting the Smart Touch system for use with touch screens and the adjustable cuff strap. Undoubtedly, these motorcycle gloves are among the best in their segment.

Dainese Mig 3 Air gloves, a best-selling gloves

We do not leave Dainese because in the catalog of the Italian brand we also find perfect gloves for summer, the Dainese Mig 3.


They are leather gloves, but with ventilated mesh fabric and polyurethane knuckle protectors. All this with an aggressive sporty look, with a very comfortable adjustable closure, pre-curved fingers and with which we can use any touch screen.

It is a best-selling glove that can be used for both summer and mid-season. A best-selling summer motorcycle glove available in several different color combinations.

Alpinestars SP X Air Carbon V2

Alpinestars has a lot of summer gloves to keep in mind

Now on to two similar options from Alpinestars, but with a short cuff and also a sports touch. The Alpinestars SP X Air Carbon V2 with the carbon knuckle protector, more area in fabric and, why not say so: pretty cool aesthetically. Also, it’s just under 100€, which for a first-class sports glove is a very good price.


Let’s bring this comparison to an end. Which is the best motorcycle glove for summer? Well, as we always say, depends on the type of biker you are. You can see that there is a choice for every segment. Which would you have? As always you can leave your comments in the section below.



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