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The 6 best motorcycle gloves for summer 2019

Comparisons and rankings 26 June, 2019

We compare...

Discover our comparison of the best motorcycle glove of summer 2019! All segments and prices, motorcycle glove, leather glove, textile, motorcycle glove for men, etc. it's up to you to choose from our selection of lighter and more ventilated motorcycle gloves.

Summer, curves, outings with friends….Can you think of a better plan? We neither. But you know, in spite of the high temperatures you have to be well equipped. And choosing the right gloves is basic for enjoying your route, your training or your motorcycle journey, irrespective of what type of biker you are.

So at Motocard we’re offering you a comparative for the 6 best summer motorcycle gloves.

Best motorcycle gloves for summer

We’ll never tire of repeating: What a pleasure riding in summer is! But sometimes, this can turn into a bad day because of the heat, you can read our post about tricks for motorcycling in summer. To beat it, the main thing is to use summer specific gear.

  • Alpinestars Sp Air
  • Dainese Bora
  • Dainese Air Hero
  • Spidi Flash-R Evo
  • Bering Derek
  • Dainese Corbin Air

best motorcycle glove for summerAlpinestars SP Air, Dainese Bora and Spidi Flash-R Evo.

As regards summer motorcycle gloves, we’re looking for something very light, that allows the air to flow but that doesn’t compromise our safety. And all this can be found in the 6 gloves we’ve chosen.

Alpinestars SP Air

We’ll start this ranking with a sports glove, the Alpinestars SP Air, with a long cuff made of full grain leather, with mesh inserts and perforations located for great ventilation.

As for protections, the knuckle protections in injected TPU with air inlets and exit ports to remove the hot air, as well as having an injected TPU slider on the palm.

Motorcycle gloves Alpinestars Sp Air, touch screen compatible.

Some other features: we have the characteristic Alpinestars finger bridge between the 4th and 5th finger to avoid finger twisiting, the index fingertip is touch screen compatible and the main closure is really comfortable.

It’s a high performance glove, to give everything on the bike with superb ventilation. Very comfortable and, by the way, there’s a Lady version for female motorcyclists.

Dainese Air Hero

Dainese Air Hero. No, it’s not the name of a superhero, but another very comfortable, vented glove, in this case with a short cuff, very light and ideal for the hottest days. The main material is cowhide with mesh inserts, the palm is reinforced with goatskin and the knuckle protector is of polyurethane.

best motorcycle glove for summerDainese Air Hero, extremely comfortable gloves for summer.

As I said, these are extremely comfortable gloves, perfect for summer. What’s more, they are quite reduced in price. For really taking in to account. In fact, I confess that they are one of my summer gloves.

Dainese Bora

In the Dainese catalogue there are also gloves with the same concept as the Dainese Air Hero. For example, the new Dainese Bora, short cuff gloves with quite a sports look and that are named the same as one of the brand’s new summer jackets.

In this case the main material chosen is a breathable, stretch fabric with mesh fabric inserts.

Dainese Bora, motorcycle gloves very light and comfortable.

As regards the protections, they are of polyurethane in the knuckle area. We also find microinjected reinforcements in the upper area and on the fingers. And yes; you can use touch screens thanks to the finish on the index finger.

They are very light, comfortable and breathable gloves and are available in various colours.

Spidi Flash-R Evo

And if the design of the Dainese Bora doesn’t convince you, here’s a different alternative with a very similar glove: the Spidi Flash-R Evo. You knew we couldn’t leave out a Spidi glove in this ranking.

As you can see, they are very light, flexible and very ventilated gloves. They’re made of a combination of mesh fabric, stretch fabric and neoprene.

Spidi Flash-R Evo, very light, flexible and ventilated gloves.

In this case, like the previous glove, the knuckle protection is of polyurethane. And as usual, we also find reinforcements, silicone inserts on the palm for better grip and the fingertip is touch screen compatible.

As we said: these are very comfortable, lightweight gloves and they’re available in various colour combinations.

Bering Derek

Let’s change the concept slightly with the Bering Derek. In this case, we also have short cuff, summer motorcycle gloves with a very aggressive design, but in this case they are made of goatskin with micromesh fabric inserts and spandex.

Where surely your eyes have been drawn to is the knuckle protection, a rigid carbon protection. And as regards the protections, we also find padded reinforcements on the palm, with TPR with air inlets on the fingers.

best motorcycle glove for summerBering Derek, motorcycle glove with a rigid carbon protection.

Two more things to take into account: the fingertip also allows us to use our mobile and we have silicone inserts on the palm and the fingertips to improve grip.

A great glove with great protection and it’s available in various colours, some of them very aggressive.

Dainese Corbin Air

best motorcycle glove for summerDainese Corbin Air, very vintage glove.

And if you’ve made it to here, maybe you’ll say: hey, and what about those of us with a Café Racer bike? Well we’ve chosen the Dainese Corbin Air, gloves for men as well as women. Basically, the smaller sizes are meant for the female public.

It’s a very vintage glove, of goatskin and with perforations to stay cool in summer. As regards the knuckle protections, they’re polyurethane. It’s what you see. Extremely light gloves and available in 2 different colours.


Let’s bring this comparison to an end. Which is the best motorcycle glove for summer? Well, as we always say, depends on the type of biker you are. You can see that there is a choice for every segment. Which would you have? As always you can leave your comments in the section below.


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