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Best winter motorcycle gloves of 2023. Which one is the best?

We compare...

We compare the best winter motorcycle gloves for cold weather. Which one is the best? Knowing how to choose some winter motorcycle gloves requires certain skill. Our safety and comfort are at stake and they must be prepared to withstand low temperatures.

Knowing how to choose motorcycle gloves for winter is important. And yes, obviously they have to be waterproof and also prepared to withstand the low temperatures of this time of year. So at Motocard we’ve prepared a definitive ranking of the best winter motorcycle gloves. The cream of the crop.

We’re going to talk about the following gloves:

  • Rukka Thermog + Gore-Tex Gore Grip Gloves
  • Dainese Scout 2 Gore-tex
  • Revit Stratos GTX
  • Alpinestars WR – 2 Gore – Tex Gore Grip
  • Ingvar WP Armure
  • Alpinestars Boulder Gore-tex
  • Alpinestars HT-5 Heat Tech Drystar Gloves

The best motorcycle gloves for winter 2023

The first thing to bear in mind when choosing winter motorcycle gloves is that they insulate against the cold and water, but also that this doesn’t compromise the feel we have with the motorcycle’s controls. It’s no use having warm hands if we’re then imprecise whilst riding and we put our safety at risk. Also, generally, this type of glove must have a long cuff and should integrate a waterproof membrane as well as a thermal lining.

Just to get a quick idea, winter motorcycle gloves can be classified into 3 main groups: those with a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane (or one of its different types), those with a waterproof membrane of another brand, or even, finally, heated gloves that play in a different league altogether.

Armure Faust Long gloves, the best value for money


We start this list with the Armure Faust long sleeve gloves. Equipped with a waterproof membrane, they are perfect for rain. They are basically touring gloves and excellent value for money.

What you should know? They have a very comfortable inner lining and protective knuckle and palm inserts. These are simple, comfortable gloves that are perfect for a winter without too many complications and for which you have a budget 

Rukka Thermog + Gore-Tex Gore Grip Gloves


Another on the list of the best motorcycle gloves for winter are the Rukka Thermog + Gore-tex Gore Grip gloves, one of the best coldweather motorcycle gloves on the market.

They are made of a combination of very resistant elastic fabrics and the palm of the hand is made of leather, the perfect material for good grip and, above all, abrasion resistance in case of a fall.


The important thing about these gloves is that they have the Gore-tex Gore Grip waterproof membrane, which offers high water resistance with minimal thickness. It also incorporates an outer Thinsulate lining and an inner thermal lining, perfect for low temperatures.

Other features include the elastic inner cuff, so that neither cold nor water seep in, the rigid protector on the knuckles and a detail to quickly remove dirt from the screen.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the best winter motorcycle gloves that you can buy with the characteristic quality seal of the Finnish brand Rukka.

Dainese Scout 2 Gore-tex, top selling gloves

The top end Italian brand Dainese has other perfect gloves for low temperatures, such as Dainese Scout 2 Gore-tex.


These are long sleeve gloves equipped with the Gore-tex membrane, best waterproof membrane there is, and a Primaloft thermal padding.

Main material: stretch fabric with goat skin reinforcements, thermoformed protection in the knuckle and in the finger joints and polyurethane inserts in the palm.


Other details that you will appreciate are the pre-curved fingers for greater comfort. Install a Wiper Viewer to clean the helmet screen and the tip of your index finger is compatible with touch screens. Undoubtedly, another great touring glove.

They have just been released Dainese Thunder Gore-tex, and are very similar to the Dainese Scout 2 Gore-tex.

Revit Stratos 2 GTX – with a spirit of adventure


Another of the best motorcycle gloves you can buy are the Revit Stratos 2 GTX, winter touring gloves that, like all those in the list, have a waterproof Gore-tex membrane. They are made of goat leather with PWR elastic inserts on the back of the hand and have a 3M Thinsulate inner thermal lining.

It has a slide in the palm, protector in the. Seesoft 3D knuckles, elastic inserts, index finger finish allows you to use a touch screen, etc. Everything you need in a winter motorcycle glove.

Alpinestars WR-2 V2 Gore-tex Gore-Grip Gloves, ideal for your trips


Alpinestars also has top-of-the-range Gore-tex gloves such as Alpinestars WR-2 V2 Gore-tex Gore-Grip.

As the name suggests (and like the previous gloves), they have a Gore-tex waterproof membrane with Gore-grip technology. In this case, they are made in a combination softshell and leather with the palm of the hand in goatskin. They also incorporate a Primaloft insulation and the knuckle protector is coated in Airshield, a very abrasion resistant material.


Another great touring glove to consider and available in a women’s version.

Alpinestars Boulder Gore-tex, perfect for adventure (Siberian)


The Alpinestars Boulder Gore-tex motorcycle gloves are one of the best options for winter. These are adventure profile gloves, made of 3L elastic Softshell with the palm of the hand in leather. Some materials that, as you can see, are the most common in the high range of winter gloves.

The waterproof membrane is also Gore-tex with Gore Grip technology, reinforcements on the sides, a seamless knuckle protector and Primaloft insulated thermal lining.


It is the best on the market and specially designed to wear with the matching Boulder jacket.

Alpinestars HT-5 Heat Tech Heated Gloves for Extreme Cold

And for the end we have left the Alpinestars HT – 5 Heat Tech heated motorcycle gloves from Alpinestars. These gloves are for extreme cold and made of high-strength goat leather with Drystar waterproof membrane.


They also have PrimaLoft insulation that helps maintain the heat generated by the internal batteries. The fingertips are compatible with touch screens, they have a lot of sliding reinforcements in the palm, etc. and everything you find in a more conventional winter glove.

Which one to choose?


The important thing is to keep in mind what you need. Do I want a short, long cuff winter glove? Where are you going to ride, where are you going to travel, what kind of motorcycle do you have? It’s important to keep all this in mind before choosing your next winter motorcycle glove.




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