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Best winter motorcycle gloves. Which one is the best?

We compare...

We compare the best winter motorcycle gloves for cold weather. Which one is the best? Knowing how to choose some winter motorcycle gloves requires certain skill. Our safety and comfort are at stake and they must be prepared to withstand low temperatures.

Knowing how to choose motorcycle gloves for winter is important. And yes, obviously they have to be waterproof and also prepared to withstand the low temperatures of this time of year. So at Motocard we’ve prepared a definitive ranking of the best winter motorcycle gloves. The cream of the crop.

We’re going to talk about the following gloves:

  • Five WFx Prime
  • Guantes Rukka Thermog+ Gore-Tex Gore Grip
  • Bering Austral Gore-tex
  • Alpinestars WR-2 Gore-Tex Gore Grip
  • Alpinestars Boulder Gore-tex
  • Guantes Five HG 1 Evo

The best motorcycle gloves for winter

The first thing to bear in mind when choosing winter motorcycle gloves is that they insulate against the cold and water, but also that this doesn’t compromise the feel we have with the motorcycle’s controls. It’s no use having warm hands if we’re then imprecise whilst riding and we put our safety at risk. Also, generally, this type of glove must have a long cuff and should integrate a waterproof membrane as well as a thermal lining.

Just to get a quick idea, winter motorcycle gloves can be classified into 3 main groups: those with a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane (or one of its different types), those with a waterproof membrane of another brand, or even, finally, heated gloves that play in a different league altogether.

Five WFx Prime Motorcycle Gloves for Low Temperatures

We start with the Five WFx Prime winter motorcycle gloves. Just in case you didn’t know, the Five brand specializes in gloves, and within its catalog, we find this motorcycle glove ideal for low temperatures.


They are made of Softshell, a very resistant and durable material, while the palm is made of leather. The importance of these gloves lies in their Primaloft insulation of 170 grams, perfect for combating low temperatures, and a really comfortable lining called Bemberg. Additionally, the palm has a Gore-Grip patch, ensuring that, despite being quite bulky, they minimally affect touch.

On the other hand, it includes a laminated waterproof Gore-tex membrane, the best on the market.


Finally, as a good touring motorcycle glove, it has several perfect features for riding in winter: TPR protection on knuckles and fingers, a visor wiper on the left thumb, and a very well-resolved double closure. All this with a finish on the index finger that is compatible with touch screens. Undoubtedly, a great winter motorcycle glove.

Bering Austral Gore-tex Gloves, Perfect for Adventure

We continue with Bering Austral Gore-tex winter gloves. These are motorcycle gloves with a design more focused on the trail segment, with everything you need to travel with low temperatures: waterproof Gore-tex membrane, Primaloft thermal lining, softshell fabric with water-repellent treatment, and a rigid knuckle protector.


These gloves also have a silicone finish on the fingers for excellent grip on the motorcycle controls, even in wet conditions. A glove, as we say, with a design to highlight.

Rukka Thermog+ Gore-Tex Gore Grip Gloves, One of the Top

We continue this listing with the Rukka Thermog+ Gore-Tex Gore Grip gloves, without a doubt, another of the best motorcycle gloves for winter, if not the best. In case you are not familiar, Rukka is a leading Finnish brand offering high-quality motorcycle gear, and these gloves prove it.


They are made of a combination of very resistant stretch fabrics and the palm is leather, a perfect material for good grip and, above all, abrasion resistance in case of a fall.

What stands out about these gloves is the waterproof Gore-tex Gore Grip membrane, which provides high water resistance with minimal thickness. Moreover, as good winter motorcycle gloves, they incorporate a Thinsulate lining on the back and a thermal inner lining, perfect for low temperatures.


To all this, we must add some more features, such as the elastic inner cuff, to keep out even a drop of cold or water, the rigid knuckle protector, and detail for quickly removing dirt from the screen. High-quality gloves, perfect for riding on the coldest days.

Alpinestars Boulder Gore-tex Gore-Grip Motorcycle Gloves

We continue this list of the best winter motorcycle gloves with the Alpinestars Boulder Gore-tex. These are adventure-profile gloves, made of 3L stretch Softshell with a leather palm. These materials are most common in the high-end range of winter gloves.


In this case, the waterproof membrane is also Gore-tex with Gore Grip technology, they have reinforcements on the sides, a seamless knuckle protector, and the insulating thermal lining is Primaloft.

A glove that, as its design indicates, is one of the best on the market and is specially designed to be worn with the matching Boulder jacket with a trail spirit.

Alpinestars WR-2 V2 Gore-tex Gore-Grip Gloves, Another Top Glove

We continue with other motorcycle gloves with a Gore-tex membrane, as Alpinestars also has top-of-the-range gloves like the Alpinestars WR-2 V2 Gore-tex Gore-Grip.


As the name suggests (and like the previous gloves), they have a waterproof Gore-tex membrane with Gore-grip technology. In this case, they are made of a softshell and leather combination with the palm in goat leather. They also incorporate Primaloft insulation and the knuckle protector is coated in Airshield, a very abrasion-resistant material.

Another winter motorcycle glove that will not disappoint.

Bonus extra: Five HG 1 Evo-Heated Motorcycle Gloves, for Extreme Cases

Within winter motorcycle gloves, there is a typology that goes a step further: heated motorcycle gloves. They are perfect for extreme cases, as they include a battery that provides enough energy to radiate heat. An example is the Five HG 1 Evo gloves, one of the best motorcycle gloves in this category.


They have Primaloft insulation, Five’s own waterproof membrane, and most importantly, the Dual Control system to control the 3 temperature levels with the left hand.

There is also a kit to connect them to the motorcycle (very useful for long trips), they have goat leather on the palm, sliders, knuckle protectors, and a host of other features that make them an excellent option.

Which is the best winter motorcycle glove? Opinions of our experts:

What is the best winter motorcycle glove? As you can see, there are interesting alternatives if you are looking for motorcycle gloves to combat the low temperatures of winter. The best ones incorporate the waterproof Gore-tex Gore-Grip membrane, and if it can be laminated, even better. Likewise, heated motorcycle gloves are also a perfect solution for the most extreme cases. As always, you should evaluate your budget and your needs.




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