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Racing gloves comparison: Alpinestars GP Plus – GP Pro

Comparisons and rankings 22 March, 2015

We compare...

The Alpinestars GP Plus and GP Pro are two sporty gloves capables of offering the maximum protection both inside and outside the track. There are many similarities between them but also differences and we will analyze them.


The design of the gloves is very similar because both versions have been designed following a 3D Anatomical System, which offers a pre-curved design that adapts the glove to our hands perfectly.

General view of the two gloves. Despite both gloves share identical lines, the GP Pro (left) features a rigid protector in the shank.

Both gloves use the full-grain leather, so the main material is top quality leather. The GP Plus incorporates cowhide and goatskin, while the GP Pro, apart from these two materials, also incorporates kangarro leather in the palm area. This kind of leather provides excellent flexibility and resistance.

The construction materials are the same in both gloves, with the particularity that the GP Pro has kangaroo leather in the palm.

We find leather reinforcements in the upper of the phalanges and the leather “bridge” between the third and fourth fingers, patented by Alpinestars, that offers great protection of the 4th finger in an event of a fall. There is external sewing in both gloves with kevlar reinforcements.

Both the GP Pro and GP Plus include the leather’s union between the third and fourth fingers. 


There are many protections in both gloves, typicall from sporty gloves. Actually, both share some protectors in Thermoplastic Poliuretane (TPU) in the knuckles and fingers, designed to offering a great protection against impacts and abrasion in case of sliding. Witn the same goal there is a TPU protector located in the exterior side of the palm.

But the man difference between these two gloves is the rigid protection we find on the shank of the Gp Pro. It is a solid protector that encircles the wrist and protects it from impacts and abrasion. 

In the shank there is the main difference between both gloves. The ventilation system is also different, offering the GP Pro a better ventilation.

On the Alpinestars GP Plus, there is a padding protector that combines the leather and the poliuretane. The GP Plus also has a Termoplastic Elastomer protection placed in the external side of the fourth finger.


If we talk about ventilation, we find some differences between these two gloves. On one side, the GP Pro is an hiper-vented glove which its main goal is to evacuate the sweat and the interior heat. On the other side, the GP Plus is a glove that looks for offering a great balance between ventilation and thermal protection.

Both models have micro-perforated leather in some areas -the GP Pro features wider areas- and the fingers’ sides. The GP Pro also has a main air entrance located on the reverse, while the GP Plus does not have such entrance.

The knuckles protectors have been designed to allow the sliding and the energy dispersion on critical areas in an event of a fall.

But the thermal protection is a good point for the GP Plus gloves when the summer ends or the climate is not so good. Of course we are not talking about a winter glove, but it will offer a proper thermal protection in case of thermal oscillation during a journey, so its more versatile.

Closures and ergonomics

Both the GP Plus and the GP Pro have a velcro adjustment in the wrist area and another one on the shank for an optimal adjustment to the jacket.

Detail of the wrist closure on both gloves.

The touch is excellent in both gloves. With these two gloves we can feel the gas handle with any interference and we can to administrate the gas under all conditions. Wearing the GP Pro, maybe we feel in some movements the rigidity of its cane protector. Both gloves feature flexible areas in some places according to allow the mobility when riding.


Summarising, both gloves cover different needs on the same field, the sporty one: whilst the GP Plus want to offer an optimal balance between touch, protection, comfort and versatility, the GP Pro only looks for the best performances on the track.



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