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Dainese winter gloves comparison

Comparisons and rankings 24 February, 2015

We compare...

The Dainese Jerico Evo and the Dainese Scout Evo are two winter gloves which, thanks to the waterproof Gore-Tex layer, are capable of stand the rain and low temperatures in our long jorneys. In this article we analyse how we can get different products from the same material.

Both gloves incorporate the Gore-Tex layer, so the starting point of these gloves is a correct protection against water. The Gore-Tex is a well-known waterproof material and offering a correct breathability. The gloves also have a sinthetic material named Primaloft, which offers an excellent thermal insulation. So, we are in front of two gloves that incorporate the same materials. Now it is time to see what are the differences between them.


The main feature of the Dainese Jerico is its Gore-Tex interior glove. This layer prevents the water from entering and the glove, assuring impermeability. This glove has been designed to resist eventual heavy rain and it is capable of evacuate the water. Proof of that are two orifices placed on the exterior layer which objective is the correct water extraction.

To ensure the correct insulation of the internal layer the glove presents a tongue for a better adjustment. On the external layer we find an elastic to adjust the wrist area with the equipment we wear on that moment.

The Dainese Jerico are a pair of gloves that will protect us efficiently, even in adverse weather conditions. And these gloves offer a good touch as well. Maybe we feel a lack of touch when putting on the gloves on first time, but as we are using the gloves, these will adapt to our anatomy, giving an extra touch sensation.

The Dainese Scout, even using the same materials of Jerico uses, have more typical lines, using the external layers to ensure thermal protection and impermeability, so there is not inner glove or layer. Instead of this, it has elements that optimize this protection, because it is necessary to have proper insulation from the beggining. As an example, we find adjustments that optimises the closure of the glove and the insulation of the interior, as well as flexible areas that give freedom of movements.

The protection level of both gloves is very similar. The Techno inserts placed in the knuckles area is exactly the same in both gloves. We also find individual protections in the fingers area to protect them correctly. In the palm area we find some differences between them: while the Jerico provides goatskin reinforcements, the Dainese scout also features goatskin but with many more reinforcements and also padding reinforcements that give an extra protection in event of a fall.

Closures and other details
The Dainese Jerico Evo have a zipper as adjustment in the arm area, while the Scout Evo has an elastic strap, as we mentioned before. Both gloves are adjustable and fully manipulated even with the other glove on. We also find reflective elements in both gloves, for an increased visibility.

Summarising, there are many features shared in both gloves. During the cold season, both gloves will protect us perfectly from the outside cold. But while the Dainese Scout has been designed to offer a better protection and a versatile use, the Dainese Jerico are designed to ensure that in case of rain/heavy rain water never arrive to our hands, being a perfect partner if we use to do long trips on motorbike and also usable in Spring or Autumn. We should add that the Scout Evo has a Lady version.

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