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Racing gloves comparative

Comparisons and rankings 29 May, 2017

We compare...

There is a wide range of sporty gloves on the two-wheeler market. We bring you a comparative between four models of four different brands: Alpinestars Supertech, Dainese Full Metal D1, Spidi Carbo Track and Knox Handroid.


Like good circuit gloves, these gloves have ample protections and reinforcements. They share a construction designed to offer great security on both sides of the hand, but without compromising flexibility. That’s why we see numerous zones in accordion in the fingers in Alpinestars Supertech, like Dainese Full Metal D1 and the Spidi Carbo Track. The Knox Handroid are different, which have an external exoskeleton; An innovative system that allows flexible movements.

racing gloves comparative

Main material

All these gloves have leather, in addition to incorporating a variety of materials to further improve their abrasion resistance. Alpinestars, Dainese and Knox are made with cowhide but incorporate other type of leather in the palm. Alpinestars and Knox have kangaroo leather and Dainese prefers to use goat leather with microinsertions; All to look for a more precise touch. In contrast, the Spidi Carbo Track are made entirely in bovine leather, but they have a reinforcement of special material in the palm to favor this same aspect.

racing gloves comparative


The rest of materials incorporated are for safety. The Supertech incorporates the Keprotech fabric, easily visible, which increases the resistance to abrasion of the most delicate areas. Inside we find a Kevlar lining integrated. The double density polymer is attached to the knuckle protector and we have TPU in the wrist and fingers. The pinky has an anti-torsion system.

The Dainese have protectors similar to the Alpinestars, but with the particularity that they use the titanium and carbon fiber in the knuckles and the upper of the hand. In addition, Kevlar also exists on the lower edge of the palm, on the little finger and part of the cane.

racing gloves comparative

The Spidi Carbo Track has carbon fiber in its protections, as we can see in the knuckles, but also incorporates Clarino and large TPR panels on the little finger, wrist and the palm.

The Knox Handroid are the most atypical because the protector of the knuckles is also the system that has the exoskeleton. At the base of the palm we also find more rigid protections for the scaphoid and the wrist is reinforced with large rigid inserts.

racing gloves comparative


All these gloves have a double closure, something vital in case of fall at high speed. They have a strip of Velcro with ring that adjusts the glove to the wrist, but in addition the final shank has a second closure. In case the Alpinestars and the Dainese are of a Velcro panel, while in the Spidi is double velcro panel. The Knox are again the discordant note, with a system for a micrometric adjustment.

The four models are very accurate. Perhaps the Dainese are the most rigid, while the Spidi Carbo Track and the Alpinestars are located midway between the Dainese and the flexible exoskeleton of the Knox Handroid.

racing gloves comparative

In summary, these gloves have one point in common: high protection in critical areas such as knuckles, fingers, lower part of the palm and wrist, along with a high level of touch. This is the result of their development in competition: the Alpinestars Supertech are equipped by Jorge Lorenzo, the Dainese Full Metal D1 are the choice of Valentino Rossi and the Spidi Carbo Track are the choice of Marco Melandri. However, the construction and materials are different and makes each one have its own personality. The choice is yours.


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