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Motorcycle gloves: what is the safest glove?

Comparisons and rankings 13 November, 2019

We compare...

What is the difference between a motorcycle glove and a normal one? We show you in this post. The importance of being well equipped when you're riding your motorcycle.

To be properly equipped when riding it’s a must. Helmet, jacket… and gloves too! Because the first thing we do in case of fall is putting the hands on the ground. And yet, many bikers are not enough conscious of the importance of wearing a good pair of gloves.

So, we have carried out a resistance test to show you how important it is for your safety to equip yourself with quality motorcycle gloves, as they are made of highly abrasion resistant materials to minimize damage in case we hit the ground.

Motorcycle gloves. What are they made of?

As usual, there are several ranges of motorcycle gloves classified by segments according to the type of motorcycle: trail or adventure, touring, sport-touring, racing, custom, cafe racer, etc. You can read our top 6 of best motorcycle gloves you can buy today here.

Depending on the type of glove, manufacturers choose one material or another. The most common are usually leather or leather and textiles. Within textiles, the most common are usually synthetic textiles: Cordura, Poly-Fabric, Nylon, etc. Each manufacturer is committed to its composition.

Motorcycle gloves, which are the best?

Take this in advance: there is no definitive answer to this question. If we want to buy some gloves, this question may arise but it depends on several factors:

  • Which materials mare made: leather, synthetic fabric, perforated fabric, etc.
  • If features a waterproof membrane: Gore-Tex, D-Dry, Dry Star, Hipora, etc.
  • How are the protections and their materials: padded, protective knuckles.
  • Specific for summer, winter, half season, etc.

The price, obviously, can be a decisive factor when buying. Is the most expensive motorcycle glove the best? Obviously, the price influences the quality of materials and protections. However, a high-end track glove can be too much sophisticated and uncomfortable to go around the city.

Ideally, before buying a glove, we’ve to analyse our needs: do I want a versatile glove to circulate the all year? Or do I need a waterproof membrane? I want it to be short, long or medium length? From this analysis, it will be easier for you to decide on one or on the other.

What do you think of all this? Do you think it’s important to be well equipped when you go by motorcycle? Tell us what you think in the comments section.


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