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The best 6 motorcycle gloves for women. What options are there?

Comparisons and rankings 3 April, 2019

We compare...

Which motorcycle gloves for women to choose? Discover our best selection: summer women's motorcycle gloves, winter women's motorcycle gloves, motorcycle racing gloves, heated motorcycle gloves. There is something for everyone and for all prices!

In the world of motorcycle equipment, there are not too many choices for women. Whether for female drivers, or for co-drivers, one thing is certain: you must wear a motorcycle glove. For your safety, and also because it’s mandatory.

If the volume of products dedicated to women is smaller, at Motocard we want to offer periodically special content for “women Biker” – In this video, we present you the best 6 motorcycle gloves for women. Which pair do you choose?

Motorcycle gloves for women. What really is important? 

Firstly we will simply remember that the equipment for women has a different pattern. To choose the right size of gloves, measure your hand and consult the size guide.

If your measure is between two sizes, it is always advisable to choose a size a little larger. Which is the opposite for motorcycle helmets.

We would just comment on something before we start analyzing our selection. We get the impression that brands are stopping the production of pink products for women. We have nothing against the color pink, but all bikers do not necessarily want to look like Barbie … As always we invite you to comment just below the description.

Alpinestars Stella Baika Lady

Let’s start now with the Alpinestars Stella Baika Lady, some gloves totally designed for women, short cuff, made of full grain leather, very resistant and very rigid.

We find a TPU protector injected on the joints and EVA padding, spongy material offering great comfort and damping, on the fingers, thumb and the outer part of the hand.

We have here everything we can expect from a sports glove, like pre-curved fingers, a convenient Velcro closure and touch finger to use the smartphone or GPS.

It is a short cuff glove, ideal for summer days, available in black but with 3 distinct colors of the Alpinestars logo.

Alpinestars Stella SMX-1 Air V2 Lady

We continue our selection of motorcycle gloves for women with the same brand Alpinestars. The Italian brand indeed has a good catalog of gloves for women. We chose the Alpinestars SMX-1 Stella Air V2 Lady, short cuff gloves, ventilated and offering an aggressive design.

They are made of a combination of leather and 3D mesh, a choice that makes them very resistant to abrasion at the same time as it offers us good ventilation, something that we appreciate in summer.

As you can see, these gloves offer a carbon protection on the joints, in addition to incorporating padding on the fingers for better comfort and absorption of impacts.

A few more details: pre-bent fingers to reduce fatigue, elastic inserts on the wrist and fingers for greater flexibility, and the same tactile finish that allows us to use smartphones and GPS.

Dainese Tempest D-Dry Long

Now let’s talk about the Dainese Tempest D-Dry Long. Here, maybe somebody is saying: – “These gloves are not gloves specifically designed for women”. Technically, these gloves are unisex. For example, the smaller sizes of some Dainese models are designed for women. It is for this reason that these gloves are part of this ranking.

These gloves are gloves with a waterproof membrane brand-specific, having excellent efficiency, thermal padding, Comfortech protections on the joints, the palm of the hand reinforced, inserts in elastic fabric, with a Visor Wiper to clean the dirt of the visor, finishing of the tactile index, etc.

Extremely comfortable gloves for winter and rainy days. A touring sales top that are also available in short cuff.

Tucano Urbano New Mary Lady

Let’s move on to the third pair of glove chosen: the Tucano Urbano New Mary Lady, motorcycle gloves also designed for winter, and for urban users. As can be seen, these are women’s gloves, with mid-length cuffs, made of elastic fabric.

Like any winter motorcycle glove, they incorporate a thermal lining, a proprietary Hydroscud waterproof and breathable membrane.

There are also D30 reinforcements on the palm and silicone inserts for good adhesion. Gloves with a fitted pattern, with adjustable Velcro on the wrist and are also compatible with smartphones. Gloves perfectly designed to move around the city.

Garibaldi TCS Lady

Speaking of winter glove, we will take the opportunity to talk about heated gloves for women: Garibaldi TCS Lady. Know that in the segment of motorcycle glove for women heating, there is really not much choice. If you want to know more, I invite you to take a look at our comparison of heated glove.

These are gloves made of Nyspan fabric with goatskin palm. Speaking of heated gloves, they equip a rechargeable battery in 3 adjustable heat settings and with a 2 hours and a half of battery life.

In addition to all this, they have a waterproof, breathable and windproof Hipora membrane, also with Primaloft thermal insulation padding, which keeps our hands warm.

The protector on the joints is made of thermoplastic. Silicone reinforcements on the tips of the fingers are also seen to increase control and grip. Finally, the main closure is Velcro.

In summary, we have gloves that we really recommend you if you ride in winter at very cold temperatures and for long journeys.

Spidi STS-R2, a motorcycle racing glove

To finish this ranking, it should not be forgotten that circuits are not only reserved for men. We chose the Spidi STS-R2, sports gloves, made of a combination of goatskin leather, the perfect balance between good ventilation and protection. Two basic features of a sports glove.

These are long cuff gloves, with polyurethane protection on the joints with air intakes, completing the perforations on the sides of the fingers and providing excellent ventilation.

To complete all this, we also find all the protections of a purely racing glove: reinforcement padding on the back and on the side of the hand, a detail to improve the grip on the palm of the hand, a leather yoke on the side of the hand and the strap with velcro on the wrist to avoid losing the glove.

In conclusion. If you are a city biker, touring, sporty or cautious, you have seen that there are gloves for all segments. You only have to choose one of them!


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