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TOP 4 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Gloves

Comparisons and rankings 11 March, 2019

We compare...

Which motorcycle gloves to choose? Discover our selection of the best mid-season motorcycle gloves, between winter motorcycle gloves and summer gloves. Discover them and their best features in this post.

Suddenly the winter motorcycle gloves with long sleeves become so hot and the summer motorcycle gloves are insufficient. To solve this problem we present to you our TOP 4 selection of the best waterproof mid-season motorcycle gloves.

Before starting to talk about our incredible selection, we just remind you in a few words what we are looking for a mid-season motorcycle glove:

Firstly might be waterproof  ( because the weather is the most unstable and that it rains most often appears), without being so hermetic as winter gloves – gloves with short sleeves – and good tact with the controls on the bike.

Alpinestars T-SP W Drystar

So let’s start our great selection with the Alpinestars T-SP W Drystar, gloves with an aggressive and sporty look that incorporate (as its name suggests) the Drystar membrane, patented by Alpinestars.

This membrane is super effective, and also widely used for gloves, but also for jackets, pants, and even boots of the brand. You should know that this membrane “Drystar Performance” is halfway to a solid three-layer structure that reduces the thickness of the glove while providing excellent comfort, tact and sensitivity.

Certified motorcycle gloves have many protections to provide better safety.

On the other hand, they are made with an elastic fabric and softshell with goat leather on the palm. If you do not know it yet, this fabric offers good protection, comfort and good tact on the controls of the bike.

We also have a rigid polymer protector on the seals, a synthetic reinforcement on the side of the palm and the world, a cover for the palm and the thumb for a better freedom of the movements. The particularity we love? The patented Alpinestars protection is located between the 4th and 5th finger, which prevents twisting and finger separation.

The Alpinestars T-SP W Drystar gloves have the trademark patented bridge between the 4th and 5th finger to prevent twisting and finger separation.

It should not be forgotten that these gloves are approved gloves, tactile, and available in 3 different colors.

Dainese Tempest Short D-Dry

There is something that I often say in my videos: if you talk about Alpinestars, you have to talk about Dainese, and vice versa. It’s like Ying and Yang, Pepsi and Coca-Cola, etc.

In this case, we chose the Dainese Tempest Short D-Dry. As the name suggests, these gloves are short-sleeved. It is a very versatile glove, which will be effective for rainy days and made by a combination of elastic fabric. At the level of the palm, one will find reinforcements and a thermal lining.

The Dainese Short D-Dry gloves are short-sleeve motorcycle gloves with the D-Dry waterproof membrane.

As the name suggests, this glove features a D-Dry waterproof membrane patented by Dainese.

If you want to know more about waterproof membranes.

Regarding the protections, we see the Comfortech system on the joints and the palm of the hand is reinforced.

Why did we choose these gloves? What makes them different from others? Pre-curved fingers, making them very comfortable gloves. The tactile finish at the level of the index that allows us to use the smartphone or GPS. The TPR yoke (which Dainese calls Visor Wipe) that allows in a gesture to wipe. A detail that categorizes them as perfect Touring gloves and that we will appreciate enormously for rainy days.

Here, we can the Confortech Protector System.

To finish with his gloves, you will find them available in 3 different colors.

Spidi Mistral H2Out

Thirdly, we chose the Spidi Mistral H2Out. Short cuff gloves, with a nylon 6.6 fabric, very resistant, and H2Out membrane as the name suggests.

What exactly is the H2Out membrane? As for the two previous gloves, this is the waterproof membrane, own brand Spidi. A very effective membrane and present in many articles of the brand.

Spidi Mistral H2Out gloves are very resistant gloves, with a micro-fleece inner lining.

Concerning protections? We can see the rigid protector on the polyurethane joints with variable density, reinforcements on the back of the hand and on the fingers and on the palm of the goatskin reinforcements.

Other details to emphasize? Its thermal lining, a fleece coating to provide a touch of warmth and finger compatible with touch screens. These gloves are available in black and black / gray.

Segura Cassidy

In fourth and last place, we chose the Segura Cassidy, gloves radically different to the rest of the gloves analyzed just before.

Is it possible to get leather gloves in vintage style without giving up the waterproof membrane? It’s gloves are the proof that yes!

The Segura Cassidy leather gloves offer a very vintage look, perfect gloves for Cafe Racer lovers.

The Cassidy Segura are vintage Cafe Racer look gloves, short cuff and made of goat leather. Yes. There is a waterproof and breathable membrane in addition to a polyester inner lining.

Side protections, we have a rigid protector on the joints, reinforcements on the palm, reinforcements in micro-perforated leather on the index finger and the little finger, and elastic inserts on the back of the hand.

Unlike other gloves, the closure of the glove is an adjustable strap with snap buttons and not a velcro. These gloves are available in black, brown and beige.

These gloves offer a waterproof membrane, even if the material is goat leather.


As always, to find out what are the waterproof mid-season gloves to choose it is important to analyze your needs. Rather Touring or rather sporty? For short or long journeys? It’s raining a lot where you live?


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