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2017: The most viewed motorcycle helmets

Comparisons and rankings 11 December, 2017

We compare...

We present a compilation of the most viewed helmets on our YouTube channel this year that is about to end.

The lucky ones are the LS2 Valiant, the HJC FG-70S X-Wing, the Shoei RYD and, finally, the AGV Pista GP R. As you can see, we have four helmets with very different characteristics but with a common denominator; all of them have raised a great expectation among the public.

LS2 Valiant

The LS2 Valiant is a touring helmet approved to circulate both with the chin guard open and closed. The helmet had a great reception among our subscribers. Its design and functionality do not go unnoticed.

LS2 ValiantImage of the LS2 Valiant, a helmet that has become the most viewed of our YouTube channel.

The Valiant stands out, among other aspects, for its peculiar chin opening mechanism.

It is a helmet designed to carry it in all kinds of conditions and whatever your type of driving and motorcycle. In addition, its great value for money makes it a great option for any biker, especially for touring fans.

LS2 ValiantDetail of the opening mechanism of the chinrest and the integrated sun visor.


Another helmet very different from the LS2 Valiant but that also has penetrated deep in the fans to the two wheels is the HJC FG-70S X-Wing jet, with the graph of Luke Skywalker, mythical personage of Star Wars.

HJC FG-70SImage where we can appreciate the Luke Skywalker graphics, emblematic character of Star Wars.

The FG-70S is ideal to move around the city in hot weather and in those towns with a benevolent climate. It is a helmet with a vintage aesthetic but with the latest in terms of safety technology. It is a jet helmet, but its shell is made of multifiber and also has a worked interior.

HJC FG-70SIn the image we can see the interior worh of the HJC FG-70S, very comfortable.

You just have to be careful when riding your bike with your visor lowered so you do not get confused with the mythical Jedi!

Shoei RYD

The Shoei RYD, on the other hand, arrived at the market in the middle of the year. From the Japanese house they were looking for a helmet with a perfect balance between practicality, functionality and aggressive aesthetics. And we can say that they have achieved it.

Shoei RYDThe Shoei RYD is a very functional helmet that combines performance and good value for money.

The RYD is a very versatile helmet that adapts perfectly to small trips around the city as well as road trips and even the odd route.

Despite being the range of Shoei access to the helmet does not lack anything and everything under the good work of the brand, that is always synonymous of quality and safety.

Shoei RYDDetail of the air inlet of the Shoei RYD chinrest.

AGV Track GP R

And logically in this collection could not miss a sports helmet of the highest level. The AGV Pista GP R is the new jewel of the Italian brand.

In addition to its absolutely aggressive and sporty appearance, the new GP R Pista stands out for its hydration system that is now included, the metallic vents developed in MotoGP and the rear spoiler, tested in the wind tunnel and which improves aerodynamic performance and high speed stability.

AGV Pista GP RImage of the AGV Pista GP R, a sports helmet with very low weight.

Those who take this wonder and get into a circuit will feel closer than ever to Valentino Rossi, one of several riders who has already taken it this 2017 MotoGP World Championship.

In short, it is about four helmets of very different style that were already predestined to commercial success and that, with their good response on the YouTube channel, they have done nothing more than demonstrate that the brands have been right with them.

AGV Pista GP RDetail of the hydration system, which is included in the new Pista GP R.

If you want to know more about any of these helmets you can see the detailed review on our channel, where you will find these and much more. And you will always have the possibility of sending the link to a friend who has not yet clear that to give them for Christmas!


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