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Become a superhero with these Marvel helmets

Comparisons and rankings 29 July, 2019

We compare...

These are the best Marvel helmets that you can buy to become a superhero: Deadpool, Spider-man and much more.

We’ll bet whatever you like that with any of these motorcycle helmets you’re going to attract the attention of everyone at the traffic lights. And they are terrific. In case you didn’t know, for some time now, HJC has gone for the Marvel licenses and now recently DC Comics too: Deadpool, Spider-man, Captain America or Batman.

So whoever you’re a fan of, you’ll find a helmet to tickle your fancy. We’re basically talking about two helmets: the HJC RPHA 11 and the HJC RPHA 70.

HJC RPHA 11 with superheroes graphics

If you follow the channel you’ll know that the HJC RPHA 11 is the most racing helmet of the Koreans, a bestseller with a superb price-quality ratio. Main features: Outer shell made of glass fibre, carbon fibre and aramid, with air inlets devised for maximum airflow (something you’ll appreciate seeing as it’s a racing helmet), and double buckle closure.

This helmet is available with various graphics: for example, Spiderman, Capitan America, Deadpool and two that we particularly love: the new Venom graphics and Batman. Brilliant. Exactly, as we said a moment ago, Batman is the new one out of all these helmets.

HJC RPHA 70, a sport-touring helmet for fan comics

The other model available with these graphics is the HJC RPHA 70, this is a sport-touring helmet with an outer shell made of an advanced composite of carbon fibre and a glass and carbon fibre hybrid, with an integrated sun visor, very comfortable interior padding and a double buckle closure. It’s an ideal helmet for your weekend getaways.

And it’s available with the graphics of Wolverine from X-Men and Black Panther. The two are very well done.

Finally, to point out that we couldn’t leave out The Flash, in this case they’ve opted to use a more affordable range, that of the I 70. A helmet made of advanced polycarbonate, integrated sun visor and micrometric closure.


As you can see, HJC is betting heavily on these types of graphics. In fact, there are some characters from the Star Wars universe or Pixar. If you’re curious, you can find them in our web using the filters.

What do you think about these graphics? If you are a fan of comics, I’m sure one of them has made your day. Which one would you keep? As always, you can tell us about it below.


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