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Best motorcycle helmets under 200

Comparisons and rankings 27 February, 2019

We compare...

What motorcycle helmet can I buy for 200 euros? Which motorcycle helmet is the best in that price range? What is the price-quality ratio of a helmet of this type? We tell you in this Top 5 of the best helmets for less than € 200.

In this post we focus on small budgets, but that’s not all, we will also seek quality. Is it possible to have a good helmet for a reasonable price? We present you the 5 best helmets for less than 200 €.

Before going directly into this ranking, I would just like to quickly recall the characteristics that define the price of a helmet. Indeed the prices of the helmets can vary from each type of. The price therefore varies mainly depending on the material used for the outer shell and the accessories.

Best motorcycle helmet under 200€

We compare the best motorcycle helmets under 200.

Generally, in this price range, the helmets have a cap made of thermoplastic resin or polycarbonate. This material makes it possible to offer a cheaper selling price. On the other hand, its lifespan is shorter than helmets approved in fiber. As time goes by, these helmets gradually lose their properties and resistance to impacts.

If we tell all this, it’s because you have to know that a 200 € headset is (often) an input range helmet. A simple helmet, ideal for short trips. On the other hand, one thing must be very clear, no matter which helmet you choose, it must be absolutely approved.

Which one is the best?

Let’s move on to our 5 best motorcycle helmets under 200 euros.

Scorpion Exo-920

Let’s start with the Scorpion Exo-920, a modular helmet that features an integrated sunscreen with anti-fog treatment, ideal for touring or even urban use and has a micrometric closure. Quick and easy to attach. It is a very comfortable helmet, with antiallergic, washable and removable inner padding. It also offers a quick screen removal system without the need for tools, thanks to the system called “Ellip-Tech” by Scorpion. There is one very important thing to consider.

The Scorpion Exo-920 is a modular helmet.

Its weight is 1,550 grams for a size M, but there are not many helmets that have so many features for that price. The good news is that there are many colors and graphics available and comes with the Pinlock included. The anti-fog glass.


Let’s move on to the second helmet. The HJC IS-MAX II, another modular helmet offering excellent value for money. In the same way as the previous helmet, this modular helmet has an outer cap and the chin strap is made of advanced polycarbonate.

One of its main features is its sunscreen (which HJC calls One-Touch SunShield), adjustable in 3 positions, and in addition it is designed for eyeglass wearers. It offers excellent ventilation, a QuickSlide mechanism to quickly disassemble the screen and the interiors are removable.

The HJC IS-MAX II is another modular helmet.

This helmet weighs 1750 grams for a size M and you will find it available in 9 distinct graphics. On the other hand, if you opt for a more worked chart know that the price may slightly exceed 200 euros.

Shark Ridill

Shark Ridill: a full-face helmet under 200.

Let’s move on to a full-face helmet. A good option for this price range: the Shark Ridill, a helmet with an injected thermoplastic cap. A simple helmet. Ideal for moving around the city with good ventilation, a screen with a good field of vision. There is integrated sunscreen and removable and washable padding. His peculiarity its the Easy Fit system for glasses wearers. This helmet weighs 1550 grams for a size M and incorporates a micrometric chinstrap. You will find this headset available in 12 different graphics, which can vary slightly the price.


Fourth, we chose the HJC C70. A helmet that fits perfectly here, in the best helmets less than 200 euros. It is an integral motorcycle helmet already presented on our channel. I leave you the link of the right analysis here. This helmet meets all the needs that a moderate biker asks for a helmet at this price.

The HJC C70 also has a solar viewer.

It offers good ventilation, an integrated sunscreen, a quick extraction system of the viewer without the need for tools. Finally, we appreciate its padding very comfortable and removable interior for easy washing. Oh, we should not forget to comment on its jugular micrometer and it is perfectly designed for wearers of glasses.


We could not finish this ranking without including an AGV. We then chose the AGV K-1, the new K-3, a full-face racing helmet. In fact, the sportiest of this list for 4 reasons: the rear spoiler that really offers this side Racing, the double-D chinstrap, required to enter circuit, transparent screen to offer the widest possible field of view in sports position. And finally the lack of indoor sunscreen.

The rest is more or less similar to the others: easy extraction system of the screen, breathable interior padding, removable and allowing the use of glasses. It weighs 1490 grams for an MS size.


In summary. Here are 5 super helmets well complete for a price more than full for a very competitive price.

Keep in mind that these are helmets with a thermoplastic cap. If you are a regular biker, it may be worthwhile to save a little money and opt for a fiber helmet directly. Well, I do not know, it’s you who see. It’s just a detail to consider.


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