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The best motorcycle helmets under 300 euros

Comparisons and rankings 24 October, 2018

We compare...

Buying a motorcycle helmet is one of the most important purchases there is. Go, can become one of the most important in your life and decide for one or another can mark (and much) the difference.

Motorcycle helmets under 300€

We have decided to make a series of articles on the blog with the best helmets and for all pockets and budgets. So take paper and pen because as the title says, we are going to present the six best motorcycle helmets for less than 300 euros.

You have to know that although we move in a very defined price range, we must be clear about the main differences between all these helmets.

There are two great types of motorcycle helmets according to the material of the shell: those that are made of fiber and those that are made of thermoplastic resin.

Generally, having a fiber helmet is better since they have a greater resistance to impacts and are usually lighter. However, resin helmets include many more features, such as the sun visor, for example, and they have a more adjusted price than fiber and allows you to add all these benefits. So, to choose a helmet for less than 300 euros you must take into account the material and benefits offered by the helmet and that best fit your needs.


AGV K-5 SImage of the AGV K-5 S with the sun visor activated.

We start with the AGV K-5 S, a very versatile sport-touring helmet that is one of the most sold in Motocard. It is a helmet with an excellent value for money because in this case, we put together the two factors that we mentioned: we have a helmet with a shell made of a combination of carbon and fiberglass, but also equips several features to consider.

For example, we have an integrated rear spoiler, a large ventilation system, a renewed chin and interior covers and, above all, it incorporates a solar visor and Pinlock. An excellent option for about 240 euros.


We don’t move from AGV because the Italian brand also has in its catalog the K-1, a slightly more sporty style helmet with some differences with the K-5 S. This is the access and novelty model of the AGV range. For example, the outer shell is made of high strength thermoplastic resin and is very light.

AGV K-1The AGV K-1 is the helmet of introduction to the range, with a very sporty style.

In this case, we continued having a rear spoiler but we don’t find the solar viewer. All these features make the price also more competitive. This K-1 has a price of 150 euros. The most competitive price of the helmets that make up this ranking.

And so that there are no misunderstandings, the price of a helmet varies according to color and graphics. Although the helmet is the same, one smooth, monocolor, always have a price more adjusted than another that has a graph. It’s like when you go to buy a car: depending on the color the price varies somewhat.

Scorpion Exo-710 Air

We are now talking about the Scorpion Exo-710 Air, a fiber helmet with a TCT structure (Thermodynamical Composite Technology), which provides excellent protection against impacts but without subtracting lightness. In addition, the chin bar is covered in EPS. It is a very light and very aerodynamic helmet. Although this helmet does not equip solar visor it is also a great option with a good quality/price ratio. You have it from 179 euros. An excellent price for a fiber helmet.

Scorpion Exo-710 AirThe Scorpion Exo-710 Air is very versatile and has a very low price.

Scorpion Exo-510 Air

In the Scorpion catalog you also have another very good option with other features: the Scorpion Exo-510 Air. It is a helmet with an outer shell made of a polycarbonate compound, more compact than the Exo 710 and with a more modern design.

Apart from the material, the other big difference is that it equips the Speedview solar visor of the brand. The interior, the chin guard and the chin rest are the same. The price is also similar: from 179 euros.

Scorpion Exo-510 AirImage of Scorpion Exo-510 Air chin rest ventilation.

In the case of these two Scorpion helmets, is the clear example of what we said at the beginning: a fiber helmet and another that is not but with more benefits than the previous one.


One of the top sales in the price range that we move is the HJC FG-ST, a helmet with the outer shell made with an advanced fiberglass composite. Very compact and very light.

HJC FG-STThe HJC FG-ST has in its simplicity its best virtue.

It is a helmet that perhaps does not stand out due to the exterior design of the shell, it is not as updated and has a less sporty style than other motorcycle helmets in the range, but it is a killerhelmet of its range. Without great luxuries, it offers excellent protection.

It is available from 233 euros.

Shark Skwal 2

And for the end of the video we have left one of the most striking helmets and with more swag of the market: the Shark Skwal 2. It is the first helmet on the market that includes a LED system that allows us to be more visible and why not, that the people look at you at traffic lights.

It equips an outer shell of injected thermoplastic resin, a spoiler redesigned with respect to the first generation and a good ventilation system. It is the only one in the ranking that equips micrometric closure.

Shark Skwal 2The Shark Skwal 2 is the first helmet on the market with LED lights.

What we spoke at the beginning of the video: it is a helmet with features that no helmet has although the material chosen for the shell is not fiber. The LED lights are an obvious demonstration.

You have it with a starting price of 223 euros.


There are many motorcycle helmets in the market. Especially in this price range. In fact, on our website you will find a lot of motorcycle helmets. You just have to use the filters. You already know that in this price range you have to put on a balance benefits and materials without forgetting your budget.

Nothing else. We hope you found this post useful. We have tried to throw a little light in case you are thinking about renewing your helmet.

By the way, we want to make this type of content on the blog with another price range. How about? As always, you can give us your opinion in the comments section.


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