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TOP 4 Best Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets. Which one do you prefer?

Comparisons and rankings 29 April, 2019

We compare...

Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Dameron Poe, Storm Trooper, Boba Fett, or Kylo Ren? The HJC motorcycle helmets has make a tribute to Star Wars and has presents a line that will appeal to all fans of the saga. Are you looking for an integral motorcycle helmet, modular or jet? There is something for all tastes and for all prices.

May the force be with you! Maybe you know what we are referring to, right? Today we are actually going to talk about the one of the most famous saga in the world: “Star Wars” through these selection of Star Wars motorcycle helmets! Awesome!

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Our Best Star Wars Selection

  • Full face helmet HJC CS-15 Storm Trooper
  • Open face helmet HJC FG-70S Poe Dameron
  • Open face helmet HJC FG-70S X-Wing Fighter Pilot
  • Full face helmet HJC RPHA 90 Dark Vador

HJC CS-15 Storm Trooper Star Wars, full face helmet

General view of the HJC CS-15 Stormtrooper, a full face helmet with a very elaborate design.

Let’s start with the look of a Stormtrooper with the HJC CS-15, a helmet made of polycarbonate offering a good value for money. To drew an outline, this helmet offers a good ventilation system, a comfortable interior, a space for glasses and a micrometric chinstrap as a closure system.

The most important point here is obviously his incredible imitation of the famous Stormtrooper. We can see here how the  details have been worked, as the effects used as a real Imperial soldier. A successful result. As always, we await your reactions in the comments.

In this picture, you can see the air outlets on the back of the HJC CS-15.

Features and prices

  • Outer shell made of CAD polycarbonate
  • 2 outer shell sizes
  • ACS Advanced Vent Line System
  • Clear screen with UV protection and Pinlock predisposition
  • Fast Quick Release screen extraction system
  • Nylex interior padding removable and washable
  • Space for glasses wearers
  • Micrometric Jugular
  • Price and availability

HJC FG-70S Poe Dameron Star Wars, open face helmet

HJC FG-70S Poe Dameron motorcycle helmet from Star Wars.

Let’s move on to another mythical character in the saga: Poe Dameron, having the reputation of one of the best pilots of the Resistance … maybe by wearing this helmet you will also be the best motorcycle rider, who knows?

We are now looking at a jet helmet, which one without the colors of Poe Dameron offers a look very rock and biker. This is the HJC FG-70s, a helmet with an outer shell made of an advanced composite of Kevlar and fiberglass. The details are also awesome.

This helmet HJC FR-70S Poe Dameron weighs 1100 grams for a size L.

Features and prices

  • Outer shell made of advanced Kevlar compound and fiberglass
  • Inner shell made of double layer EPS
  • Interior upholstery in Silvercool fabric (antiseptic, breathable, and anti-odor) totally removable and washable
  • Integrated anti-scratch sunscreen with UV protection
  • Micrometric Jugular
  • Price and availability

HJC FG-70S X-Wing Fighter Pilot, open face helmet

FG-70S X-Wing Fighter Pilot jet motorcycle helmet (Luke Skywalker).

That’s not all for this helmet! There is actually a version of this HJC FG-70S with the colors of an even more mythical character: Luke Skywalker.

As for this range of HJC that pays tribute to the saga, this helmet has details that we love: the symbol of rebellion, the combination red and yellow, and especially, a yellow sunscreen.

Regarding the rest of the features, everything is exactly the same as the helmet we just commented.

[peu]This motorcycle jet is the best option if you a Luke Skywalker’s fan.[peu]

Let’s finish with Luke’s father, the Darth Vader motorcycle helmet. A beautiful helmet that fans of the Dark Side will appreciate. It is the RPHA 90, a high-end modular helmet brand having a cap made of carbon fiber and hybrid fiberglass and carbon fiber.

Like any good modular helmet, it has a very comfortable interior, a functional slatted chin rest, a sunscreen, etc. In addition to all this, we can also comment that it includes a Pinlock series and incorporates a micrometric closure. A very complete helmet offering excellent value for money.

[peu]HJC RPHA 90 Darth Vader Star Wars, modular helmet.

Features and prices

  • Outer shell made of advanced carbon fiber composite and hybrid fiber (glass and carbon) 2 outer shell sizes
  • Ventilation system: air inlet to the chin guard and another on the top and rear adjustable area outlet
  • Screen offering a wide field of vision with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment
  • Pinlock lens included Integrated sunscreen with anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment
  • Multicool interior, removable and washable
  • Micrometric chin strap
  • Nose and neck cover included Space available for Smarth Bluetooth by Cardo communication system (sold separately)
  • Price and availability

The chin guard and ventilation system of the HJC RPHA 90 are very practical to operate.

Conclusion of the comparison

In addition to these 4 helmets, be aware that you will also find available that of Boba Fett or that of Kylo Ren.

In summary, you have here our Top 4 HJC helmets of the range Star Wars. If on the other hand, are you a Marvel’s fan? Would you like a comparison of Spiderman, Iron Man, Punisher, Venom, etc?


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