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Fox helmets comparison: V1 vs V2

Comparisons and rankings 10 March, 2015

We compare...

The basic helmets line of Fox for the off-road practise offers an excellent value for money, making them two of the most popular helmets in the MX and Enduro users. 


The material used on the shell construction is the main difference we find between these two helmets. While the V1 has an injected policarbonate shell, the V2 features a fiberglass shell construction.

Obviously, that difference is a good point for the V2, that offers a light weight and great resistance in an event of a fall. This is also reflected on their price: the V2 is about 100 euros more than the V1. In both helmets we find a double density EPS.

Both helmets have three different sizes on their external shell and four different sizes of EPS. To this manner, Fox offers a wide range of sizes so we will find the helmet that fits better to our head. These two Fox helmets passed European safety standards and have double ring closure.

Vision and accessories

Because of its design, the Fox V2 offers a greater field of view and a greater space between the helmet limits and our eyes. We also find that the rubber that encircles this area features a water and dust deflector, for a better eyes protection. There is also a striped area for a better grip of the goggles and the helmet.

On the other hand, we find that the V1 has a closer design and the rubber that encircles the vision’s area is more simple. In both helmets we find a nose protector.

Despite the design varies from V1 and V2, their differences are minimum. Both helmets have the same fasteners and screws.


A very important point in an off-road helmet is its ventilation. While the Fox V1 offers seven air inlets and four air outlets, the Fox V2 increases this point to ten air entrances and mantaining the same air outlets we find also in the V1.

The V1 air inlets are located in the upper front of the shell (4), other two on the sides and the last one placed in the chin. In the V2 there is an extra air entrance in the upper shell, where is the union between the visor and the shell; other two on the sides and the last one in the chin, with a wide entrance and other two smaller.

The chin of both helmets have been designed according to allow the air entrance and, at the same time, avoiding the dust and water to the interior. In that area we find two filters: the external one as grating and the interior a sponge membrane, both removable and washable.

So, we have a superior ventilation system on the V2 helmet, which also features a turbulators on the back area of the helmet, that help to mantain the freshness on the interior and evacuating the hot air from the inside.


The design of the V2’s EPS offers a different padding distribution, especially on the cheeks area. As a result, we find that the padding hold better all the cheeks area, while the Fox V1 holds our face on lower points. Summarising, we find a greater holding of the helmet to our face in the V2, being more complete.

Tha padding are removable and washable in both helmets. The Fox V2 features the AeroCool, designed to control the interior’s humidity.


One of the main characteristics of both helmets are the attractive and aggressive lines and graphics. Actually, their users admitt that one of the reasons for buying a Fox helmet is its graphics and lines. The V1 and V2 colours can be combined perfectly with all kind of equipment and our bikes colours. We have to highlight the Rockstar graphics and many others, that are included in the V1 and V2 helmets range, more typical of Premium helmets.

Summarising, the construction between the Fox V1 and V2 features a similar design, sharing main objectives and their difference is on its shell construction and some details. The V1 is a very popular helmet, designed for off-road begginers, while the V2 introduces more features more typical of a competition helmet, for those who want a racing helmet mantaining a lower price.


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