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Comparative convertible helmets: Shoei Neotec vs Schuberth C3 Pro

Comparisons and rankings 24 July, 2014

We compare...

There are things in which we have to bet heavily and without any doubt. Security and confort are two things very important when we are riding a bike and we should give them all priority. And this is a mission for our guests on this article: the Schuberth C3 Pro and the Shoei Neotec, two helmets that have been designed to offer the best on the touring segment.

Both helmets are the most precious product of each brand and offer best innovative features on the convetible helmets’ segment, offering a very reasonable weight (4,3 pounds). These are two helmets that have been designed to makes the life easier when we are in the middle of a traffic jam in a big city or in a long journey, but each one with its own features.


Both helmets offer a multi-composite shell, made of fiber and EPS material that assures high levels of absorption and stiffness. The Shoei Neotec maximizes the security and the user’s confidence with a five layer’s shell, where the first and the fifth are fiberglass, the second and the third ones are organic fiber and the middle layer is a 3D organic fiber. Something similar is what Schuberth offers to the users: a fiberglass with a special resin compressed on high pressure, geting an optimum resistance and also flexibility. This method is called S.T.R.O.N.G.

Detail of the internal shell of both helmets

In the case of the Neotec, we can see that the shell has been designed according to fit the solar visor.


The Schuberth and the Shoei are good friends of communication. So both helmets integrate in their shell the antenna, for an optimum communication with different devices, like GPS or intercom via Bluetooth (Cardo has concrete versions for both helmets). In the case of the C3 Pro, it can be installed the Cardo SRC intercom, designed specially for this helmet. On the other hand, we can install on the Neotec helmet the Cardos’ system SHO-1. Both Intercom have similar functions and the only difference is the area where the control gadget is placed.

Cardo offers the option of getting specific intercom packs for the helmets


We also see that there are differences in the way the helmets fight against wind’s pressure. According to this, the Schuberth C3 Pro includes on its chin’s lowest area two air, while the Shoei fights against the wind with the Vortex Generator, a system that creates a low turbulence just in the chin, avoiding the air entrance and the noise as well.

On the other hand, we see some differences on the chin’s opening system. The C3 Pro has a system that is placed just below the chin, more hidden. In the Shoei Neotec, its opening system is placed just in front of the chin, easier to work even with the gloves on.

The chin’s opening system is easy and we can use it with the gloves on


We are in front of two helmets leaders on the touring category, so the interiors are pleasing with an excellent touch and both give the sensation we are wearing the best of the category. The interiors are removable to be washed easily, including the closing chin protectors.

Detail of the interiors of both helmets

It seems that the neck’s area is more covered on the C3 Pro, getting an optimum noise reduction on this area, decreasing the noise activity in the interior to lowest levels (82dB). The Schuberth helmet also includes two reflectant areas to become more visible. On the other hand, the Shoei offers the interior’s design according to the brand’s line that we find in all the helmet’s range, this time with widder paddings.


In this kind of helmets which have been designed for a touring use, it is very important the level of ventilation as the air flow and the options of adjusting it. We can use these systems with the gloves on, being an another important aspect when we talk about ventilation. Obviously, both helmets incorporate air entrances located in the chin and the frontal area of the shell -with three differents adjustments- but only the Shoei presents an exit in the back of the shell, optimizing the helmet’s ventilation. On the other hand, the Schuberth incorporates an exit placed at the end of the helmet, between the pads and the shell. Both helmets want to offer the best ventilation and the optimum isolation; the Shoei optimizes the first one while the Schuberth maximizes the second one.

Detail of the air entrances placed in the front of the shell


A good visor must offer perfect adjustment according to not allow the air entrance and, at the same time, has to be easy to opening and closing it. So Shoei is faithful to its visor system and offers the opening system located on the left side of the visor. On the Neotec, Shoei features an optimized visor that offers more isolation (CNS-1) and with a better vision’s area respect its antecessor.

On the other part, the Schubert C3 Pro provides an opening system located in both sides of the visor, allowing to open it by the left or the right side. The Germans have studied how to get the best isolation on the helmet and they got excellent results.

The visor of both helmets achieve an optimum isolation and a bigger vision range

The Shoei and the Schuberth present as included accesories the Pinlock screen and the solar visor.

Both helmets integrate solar visors with anti scratch treatment

Other features

There are details that make these two helmets the best touring products on the market. Shoei incorporates a micrometric fastening system designed with steel. On the other hand, the C3 Pro has a traditional micrometric fastening system made of hard plastic, even if offers same rigidity levels.

Detail of the micrometric fastening system of both helmets

The Schuberth offers as well a system of belts called A.R.O.S. (Anti Roll Off System) that fixes our head in case of accident, reducing the contact between the helmet and the chest and the seriousness of injuries.

The Shoei Neotec has breath deflector, Pinlock visor, silicone oil, helmet’s cover and the user’s manual as included accesories, while the Schuberth C3 Pro includes the visor covers, user’s manual and the Pinlock visor. 

Both helmets offer many visors as optional components and shell’s colours.


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