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5 helmets for Naked motorcycle

Comparisons and rankings 1 August, 2018

We compare...

In this post we are going to compare five helmets that are an excellent option if you are a user of a naked motorcycle. What do we look for in a helmet if our motorcycle is of this type? Well basically two things: good acoustic insulation and comfortability.

Indeed, having a naked motorcycle means that we do not have protection against the air or against the elements. So choosing by a helmet or another is something important because we need that this helmet fulfills some specific characteristics. In this post we bring you 5 Naked motorcycle helmets that can become your next acquisition.

Good acoustic insulation depends on the aerodynamics of the outer shell, the type of helmet (a modular will always be somewhat noisier) and that the ventilation system is optimized and designed for noise reduction. The key is to find a midpoint between ventilation and noise reduction. There are some helmets that, in addition, add some features especially to improve the acoustic isolation.


It is also important that you know that if you are looking for a silent helmet, you have to avoid racing helmets, as they are designed to allow a large air flow through their vents and designed to offer high performance in circuit or road, being a little noisier than the ones we present below.

Shark Spartan Carbon

We started this ranking with the Shark Spartan Carbon, a helmet made of a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber. It is a very comfortable helmet, with a ventilation system designed to reduce noise thanks to the front air inlets and the double spoiler on the back with integrated air extractors.


As I just told you, there are some helmets with some features designed for noise reduction, and the screen caps of this Spartan Carbon have a special seal, (which Shark calls Shark Skin) to prevent air leaking and get a great reduction of noise and whistling when we ride with a motorcycle without protection. A great solution without a doubt.


Other features that must be taken into account: clear screen with anti-scratch treatment, the possibility of disassembling it without tools, which has an integrated sun visor, double buckle closure and the inner side paddings are designed to wear glasses thanks to Shark’s Easy Fit system. Very complete. You have it available in several graphics and in a version with fiberglass outer shell.

Arai QV Pro


Another option to consider is the Arai QV Pro designed with the latest technology of the RX-7V, the top of the range of the brand. In fact, it shares the same outer shell (although the vents are different), and is made of a combination of Super Fiber and synthetic fibers.

Regarding the ventilations, they facilitate the air flow without this having an impact on the acoustic insulation. This is achieved in part thanks to the barrel that blocks the entry of air from the turbulence and increases the negative pressure to expel air and reduce noise. No air enters where it has to leave.


Another point to keep in mind is the good adjustment to the head of the inner padding thanks to the “Peel Away” system that also help to have a good comfort by allowing some customization of the helmet adjustment.


A top range helmet with double buckle closure, the sun visor outside and with many graphics available. Arai is always a guarantee of great benefits. You can see the review if you want a more detailed analysis.

Shoei NXR

In this ranking could not miss a helmet of Shoei. In this case we have chosen the Shoei NXR, a helmet top sales and which we have also offered a review on the channel. The outer shell material is made of organic fiber and a multi-layer composite of multilayer fibers.


But the point where we focus on this video is that of isolation. The NXR equips a central 3D padding for maximum adjustment as well as padding on the ears to reduce the noise that, together with the barbell and the ventilation system with 4 entrances and 6 extractors, provides us with this acoustic isolation that we are looking for if we are a user of a naked.


A great helmet with double buckle closure and you have many graphics available.

Schuberth R2

Another brand that could not miss is Schuberth. The German company always puts special care in that their helmets are silent, and this Schuberth R2 is no exception. A very versatile helmet, made of fiberglass and with a very aerodynamic design that also helps us to fight turbulence and interior noise.


In this case, we want to highlight the ventilation system with air inlets on the forehead and chin bar and a multichannel system that gives us good acoustic insulation. It is a ventilation system very well integrated and works really well.


Things to keep in mind: like the other helmets on this list, it is a very comfortable helmet and one of its strengths is its lightness and it also has a double buckle closure.


Another one of the helmets that you have to take into account in this sector of naked bikes is the HJC RPHA 70, with a price, compared to its competitors, something more adjusted.


It is a very versatile helmet, very light and made of carbon fiber and hybrid fiber glass and carbon. The ventilation system is also very worked, with few air intakes: one in the chin bar and two more in the upper part plus 2 extractors in the back. This allows us to have good acoustic insulation together with the chin guard.


It is another option if you are looking for a helmet with integrated sun visor, with double buckle closure and with many available graphics.


We have tried to make a good selection in case you have a naked one and you are looking for a helmet that offers a good soundproofing. They are light, versatile and very comfortable helmets. 5 options to consider. What do you think? Do you decide on one?

As always, you can comment on what you want in the comments section.


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  1. Barry

    You have not considered the agv sport touring which is a fantastic helmet and really stable on a naked bike. I know as I have both. Sport touring glossy carbon and a gsxs1000.

  2. Barry

    Nor have you considered the GT Veloce, again a truly excellent helmet with great ventilation class 1 optics etc etc