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Looking for a new carbon helmet? LS2 FF313 Vortex Carbon y LS2 FF397 Carbon

Comparisons and rankings 11 February, 2019

We compare...

Full face helmet LS2 FF397 Vector C Evo or modular helmet LS2 FF313 Vortex? Which LS2 Carbon motorcycle helmet to choose? Here is a comparison of two LS2 Carbon helmets, on one side an integral helmet, and on the other hand a modular helmet? Is the chin strap in KPA the only thing different?

Which motorcycle helmet to choose? or rather, what kind of LS2 motorcycle helmet do I want? Today we are analyzing the LS2 FF397 Vector C Evo full face helmet and the LS2 FF313 Vortex. Two carbon motorcycle helmets while offering a competitive price! We love it and you ? Do not miss this special comparison “carbon helmet at the best price“.

LS2 helmet, Motocard review

Before starting the LS2 special analysis, have you just noticed the incredible evolution of LS2 in recent years? It’s really impressive … This brand of helmet is evolving more and more in the market of helmets in France. More and more, this motorcycle helmet gets noticed!

It is offering good quality, efficiency and practical helmets at a very competitive price that the LS2 brand meets more and more the needs of our bikers. What we mean with this is that little by little but surely, LS2 is a brand that will pamper more and more.

General view of the LS2 FF397 Vector C Evo full face helmet made of carbon.

Common features between these two LS2 helmets

  • Outer shell made of carbon,
  • The inner padding “Magna-Tech” very comfortable,
  • Emergency extraction safety system,
  • Reflective elements,
  • Air inlets on the upper and chinrest adjustable for ventilation,
  • Adjustable rear air outlet,
  • Pinlock lens (anti-fog),
  • Sunscreen offering a quick extraction system without tools with anti-scratch treatment and UV protection.

Overview of the LS2 FF313 Carbon Vortex Modular Helmet.

Full face helmet LS2 carbon, the FF397 Vector C Evo

The LS2 helmet FF397 Vector C Evo is an integral motorcycle helmet with a cap made of carbon fiber, this will then offer our riders a lightweight full helmet due to its manufacturing materials. One could also say that it presents itself as a modular helmet without removable chin, since it has characteristics similar to the modular helmet LS2 FF313 Vortex.

Here, we can see the sunscreen of the LS2 FF397 Vector C Evo which makes it special, we can also see the raised visor.


  • 3 sizes available for the cap
  • Sunscreen with integrated blue iridium,
  • Emergency removal security system,
  • Closing: double-D chinstrap,
  • Weight: 1200 g for a size M,
  • Price: 350 € more or less. Prices are variable.

In the picture, we can see the free space for the branches of the glasses.

Modular helmet LS2 carbon, the FF313 Vortex

The LS2 FF313 Vortex is a very comfortable and lightweight carbon modular helmet (for a modular helmet), with a removable chinrest system very easy to use. As for the interior, its ergonomic cutting fabric is breathable, anti-bacterial, and totally removable for deep cleaning. What I like the most ? The sunscreen removable, something surprising and that, by the way, is not present on the LS2 FF397 Vector C Evo.

In this picture, we can see the system that allows to engage or not the sunscreen.


  • Chinrest made of KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy),
  • Removable sunscreen,
  • Double approval P / J, Closing: micrometric jugular practice,
  • 2 different sizes of cap,
  • Pre-arrangement for Linkin Ride Pal 3 Bluetooth intercom kit (not included)
  • Side air inlet,
  • Weight: 1400 g for a size M,
  • Price: 360 € more or less. Prices are variable.

Here we see the lifting chin of the LS2 FF313 Vortex modular helmet.

What is a modular helmet?

When we say “modular helmet”, one thing often comes back: double homologation. So yes, this helmet counts well the double homologation P / J which will allow to circulate as much with the open chin guard as closed. If you are interested in this subject (certification, certification, etc.), it’s really good because we are preparing a video about it. So stay very attentive to our blog or do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter.

Here, we can see the double homologation P / J modular helmet LS2 carbon.

Conclusion of the comparison

So let’s finish this analysis with a mini conclusion. Here, the LS2 Vector C Evo FF397 and the LS2 Vortex FF313 are two very good headsets with characteristics that are frankly high-end. Carbon motorcycle helmets at a mid-range price. The perfect cocktail that could be perfectly like your first carbon helmet.

What do you think ? Let us share your thoughts in the comments just below.


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