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The 4 most exclusive (and most expensive) helmets in the world!

Comparisons and rankings 23 January, 2019

We compare...

Like everything in life, in the world of motorcycle helmets there is also glamor and the most "premium". And in this post we want to talk about the most exclusive motorcycle helmets and, why not say, expensive in the world. The caviar of the helmets! The cream of the crop! Discover them below.

The most exclusive motorcycle helmets

What is the best motorcycle helmet in the world? Interesting question, is not it? So, we dedicate this post to four helmets that are not suitable for all pockets and some of them, you will discover it by reading the post, only available to very few. All of them top helmets that we analyze below.

The four models that we present have been developed for track: have the best materials, the most advanced construction techniques, the best interiors developed for the leading riders, the best metal for the buckles… and so we could be up to morning. The best of the best!

The four helmets have been created to offer excellent aerodynamic efficiency but without giving up being able to be carried on the street. As if they were a Ferrari: designed for track, enjoyed many times on the street! Here goes the first one.

Shark Race-R Pro GP Lorenzo

The Shark Race-R Pro GP is made of Carbon and Aramid.

We started this ranking with the Shark Race-R Pro GP, the Jorge Lorenzo’s helmet. In this post we bring you the graphic that the Mallorcan premiered in the Winter Test of 2018.The helmet does not go unnoticed, especially due to the rear wing. It’s a helmet born by and for the circuit and is the result of Shark’s years of experience in MotoGP and SBK.

This Shark is a helmet made of carbon fiber and Aramid. It is a very light compound and ensures excellent shock absorption. The chin bar area is made of double density expanded polyurethane and also incorporates a removable antipollution filter.

This is a the helmet with the most technologies that the french brand has ever made.

This helmet equips a clear optical class 1 screen with variable densities, possibility of incorporating tear-off and a padded interior “Alvotech” for maximum breathability. A helmet with the best technologies of the French brand.

Maybe it is not the best helmet for your day to day, but if you are looking for a helmet for circuit, this is on of the best.

You have it available for almost 1,000 euros. Of course, this design is only for fans of 99, although it is also available with some more graphics such as those of Zarco or Scott Redding.

Shoei X-Spirit 3

The Shoei X-Spirit 3 is the best helmet of the japanese brand.

We do not leave the circuits. We crossed the box because we have to talk about the Shoei X-Spirit 3, Marc Márquez’s helmet. As you probably already know, it is a top-of-the-range helmet, also of competition and the maximum exponent of the Japanese brand at the moment.

The outer shell is manufactured in AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix). That is, organic fiber and multi-composite multilayer fibers. In addition, we find everything you expect in a helmet of this type: double buckle closure, EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) and the designed screen to install a Pinlock and Tear-Off sheets.

It costs around 835€.

It is an amazing helmet, ideal for track although we can also take it during our day to day.

Currently, the price of Márquez’s graphics is around 835 euros, although you can find it at a more competitive price with another graphic or with a plain color.

Keep reading to know the most expensive helmet in the world. You will hallucinate!

AGV Pista GP-R

The AGV Pista GP-R is the Rossi’s helmet.

Now we talk about a helmet that exceeds the line of 1,000 euros: the AGV Pista GP-R. It is a helmet also impressive.

It’s the Rossi’s helmet, the maximum exponent, the definitive helmet of the Italian brand and designed for the maximum competition. The shell and design draw a lot of attention: it is 100% made in 3K carbon fiber and the shape of the helmet has been designed to favor the aerodynamic efficiency and an excellent coupling with the racing suit’s hump.

It integrates an hydration system.

We could spend hours and hours talking about this helmet: that if it has the integrated hydration system developed in MotoGP, that the screen offers a field of view of 190 degrees, that if the spoiler has been developed in the wind tunnel, etc. It’s amazing!

You have it available from 1,200 euros.

Arai RX-7V RC Carbon

The Arai RX-7V RC Carbon is the most exclusive helmet of the market.

And now, we are telling about the most exclusive (and expensive) helmet of the moment. The cream of the crop. It is the Arai RX-7V RC Carbon, the best helmet of the Japanese brand to date.

It is handmade. It is the culmination of all the years of Arai’s experience concentrated in a helmet. Another fact that you should know is that the technology of this RX-7V RC comes from the GP-6 RC developed in F1.

It’s made of CFC (Carbon Fiber Composite).

The outer shell is made of CFC (Carbon Fiber Composite), a mixture of high quality carbon used in aeronautics; in airplanes and rockets. It is an extremely resistant and lightweight material.

As for the ventilation system, in the upper part we find the rigid diffusers that work together with the Air Wing rear for better stability. The upper air inlet offers 11% more ventilation compared to the previous generation and the incorporation of the new chin guard prevents the entry of turbulence inside the helmet.

It is an amazing helmet. Impossible to go unnoticed.

The paddings are also up to a top of the range. Thanks to the FCS (Facial Contour System), they adapt like a glove.

Its price? Surely you burn with desire to know it. Well, 3,200 euros. No more no less. This is the most exclusive helmet on the market and the price, indeed, is up to it.

If you know of a more expensive helmet or that could well sneak into this ranking, you can comment on it in the comments section.


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