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Comparative: Shark Drak vs Scorpion Exo Combat

Comparisons and rankings 7 August, 2017

We compare...

The Shark Drak and the Scorpion Exo Combat are two atypical helmets with a provocative design, ideal for the most daring bikers looking for a unique and aggressive style. The Drak is one of the helmets that has been the most expectation and comments since its appearance. And now the Exo Combat of Scorpion is joined to compete in this segment so singular.

Design and shell

The first big difference between them is that the Shark Drak has a shell made of TIS-Lexan injected resin, while Scorpion Exo Combat features a shell made of advanced polycarbonate compound. Both the one and the other are marketed in two sizes of shell.

The chin rests are removable in the two helmets, although each uses a different system. While the Drak has off-road goggles along with a rubber facial mask that attaches to the glasses through four attachment points, the Exo Combat features a detachable rigid chin rest, plus an integrated sun visor.

Scorpion Exo CombatImage of Scorpion Exo Combat, with sun visor and detachable mask.

To move without chin rest, in the case of the Shark we can raise the whole mask/glasses, as if it were a modular helmet, or disassemble the chin rest easily through the points of attachment. The Scorpion has buttons on each side of the helmet to remove the chin rest.

It is very important to be clear that the Scorpion Exo Combat and Shark Drak masks offer a safety plus versus a traditional jet helmet but without reaching integral or modular helmet.

Shark DrakImage where we can appreciate the Shark Drak shell, made of thermoplastic resin.

The weight of the Drak is 1050 grams for a M size. The Exo Combat is somewhat heavier and is about 1250 grams for a M size.


As for the ventilation system, the Exo Combat has an air inlet in the front area. In addition, the chin rest has holes to maximize the air flow.

Shark DrakDetail of the holes that are in the mask of the Drakto improve the ventilation.

For its part, the Drak has a ventilation system through air ducts and diffusers. Its only air inlet is located in the upper area and has an on-off closure. The Drak also has small air inlets between the goggles and the front edge of the shell, as well as perforations in the mask, with a microperforated foam that acts as a filter.


We also see differences between the two helmets. The glasses of the Shark Drak, formerly Raw, are the visor itself, as if it were a motocross helmet. The glasses attach to the helmet thanks to an elastic straps, which have an anchorage for it in the side covers.

Scorpion Exo CombatThe Exo Combat features an easily actionable smoked sun visor.

The Exo Combat, however, we see as equipped a slightly smoky Speedview interior sun visor, easily replaceable and with anti-fog treatment on both sides. This is lowered and raised thanks to the tabs. In addition, the helmet includes a dark sun visor.

Interior and closing

The two helmets are really comfortable, like wearing a glove for the head. The Drak has foams with natural fibers and its distribution is designed for a great ventilation. In addition, it has hollow to wear conventional glasses.

The Exo Combat has an interior padding called Kwikwick2, and unlike the Drak is made with anti-allergy treatment and is removable and washable. The two helmets provide micrometric closures, easily manipulable.

Scorpion Exo CombatDetail of the micrometric closure that equips the Exo Combat. The Drak has the same locking system.

Another detail that has in favor the Shark, in this case, is the predisposition to install the Sharktooth communication system, although it must be purchased separately.

In summary, the Shark Drak and the Scorpion Exo Combat are two helmets with aggressive aesthetics and very unique, so it is difficult not to be noticed. Two models ideal for those that you move by city throughout the year. You already know the differences and the strengths of each one. Now, the choice is yours.


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