The 8 lightest motorcycle helmets of the world

Comparisons and rankings 18 February, 2019

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What is the lightest helmet in the world? Who weighs the least? The weight of a helmet (integral, modular or jet) is an important feature for our comfort, our fatigue on the bike. What are the factors to consider for the weight of a motorcycle helmet? carbon fiber ?

Arai? Shoei? Shark? X-lite? Scorpion? Who will win this competition for the lightest helmet in the world? If you are so many to expect this ranking is surely because the lightness of a helmet directly affects comfort, less fatigue, and worse … avoid the occurrence of neck pain. That said, let’s get out of the balance and show you the 8 lightest motorcycle helmets in the world.

First of all, do you know what the weight of a helmet depends on? It depends mainly on 3 very related factors:

  • The materials, you just need to know here that a carbon fiber helmet will be lighter than a helmet with an outer shell made of thermoplastic resin.

  • The accessories, the rule is simple: the more accessories (visor, sunscreen for example), the more the helmet will be heavy.
  • The type of helmet, generally, I say “generally”, a modular helmet will weigh more than a full-face helmet circuit.

Here we can see the outer shell made of carbon fiber of the Arai RX-7V RC Carbon.

It is therefore by following this logic that we present our selection of the 8 lightest helmets in the world by categorizing them according to the type of helmet.


Let’s start this ranking with two modular helmets, a type of helmet that knows every time more successful, having found his audience very faithful. Indeed, motorcycle Touring users who like to travel many miles love it, especially for its comfort and versatility.

So we have on one side the X-Lite X-1004 Ultra Carbon and on the other side the AGV Sportmodular. Two M size helmets with a carbon fiber cap.

X-Lite X-1004 Ultra Carbon Modular Helmet – Weight: 1600 grams

X-Lite X-1004 Ultra Carbon Profile. A modular helmet offering double homologation.

Let’s start this Italian duel with the X-Lite X-1004 Ultra Carbon. A very complete modular helmet:

  • Sun screen,
  • Comfortable interior,
  • Neck protector and neck protector,
  • Double homologation P / J which allows to circulate as much with the open chin guard as closed
  • Space available for the N-Com intercom of the brand.

Of course, if we talk about this headset in this video is because its weight is 1600 grams, a weight more than consistent for a headset that is completely GT.

AGV Sportmodular Carbon Adjustable Helmet – Weight: 1347 grams

AGV Sportmodular with the particularity of offering a reversible interior.

On the other side for this duel, we have the AGV Sportmodular, a modular helmet already featured in several of our blog> Top 7 Best Motorcycle Helmets.

This modular helmet is also very complete:

  • Aerodynamics very worked with a rear spoiler,
  • Sun screen,
  • Comfortable interior like his opponent,
  • Reversible inner padding. Something very nice, especially in summer,
  • Includes a Pinlock 100% MaxVision 120. Great, but you do not know what it is?

Finally, know that this AGV Sportmodular wins the X-Lite X-1004 since its weight is 1347 grams more or less! A very good result for a modular helmet.


Finally, let’s move on to full sport helmets. A very nice selection, for my part obviously! I will be very happy to have your opinion, just below the comments.

We have the AGV Pista GP-R, the Arai RX-7V RC Carbon, the Shark Race-R Pro Carbon and the X-Lite 803 Ultra Carbon and the X-Lite 803 Ultra Carbon. All these motorcycle helmets are in size S.

According to you, what are we looking for a full-face sports helmet? That it is extremely resistant, and especially when one speaks about high speed; that it offers the best aerodynamic possible, an excellent ventilation, that it is light, and to finish it must offer necessarily a double-D chinstrap.

So let’s start this competition of the lightest helmets on the circuit, not forgetting that they must send heavy on the circuit of course.

Shark Race-R Pro Carbon Sport Helmet – Weight: 1305 grams

The Shark Race-R Pro offers a very elaborate aerodynamics.

Let’s start with a headset that offers a really cool color. The Shark Race-R Pro that Jorge Lorenzo tests at GP 2018 in Catalonia.

A helmet that releases its sports side in all directions:

  • Very light,
  • Very stable,
  • Compact,
  • Carbon fiber,
  • Double height spoiler
  • Cervical protector,
  • Interior made with active carbon filaments for better perspiration extraction. Etc. We could continue the list of its sporting characteristics a long time.

This helmet weighs 1305 grams, a very good result!

Arai RX-7V RC Carbon Sport Helmet – Weight: 1416 grams

L’Arai RX-7V RC Carbon est le casque le plus haut-de-gamme de la marque japonaise Arai. Un casque “handmade”.

Let’s go to the second competitor of this range: the Arai RX-7V RC Carbon, the best motorcycle helmet so far of the Japanese brand. Moreover, you will also find this helmet in our selection of the most exclusive helmets in the world, simply because it is a helmet. Yes, yes you heard, this helmet is handmade!

Its outer shell is made of a carbon that is used in the aeronautical world, a carbon fiber very resistant and very light. This one weighs 1416 grams. Shark is the winner.

AGV Sport Helmet Pista GP-R – Weight: 1430 grams

L’AGV Pista GP-R replica Rossi, offre un spoiler arrière détachable en cas d’accident.

Let’s go to AGV Pista GP-R. I think we will all agree here that his colors are incredible! This is a limited edition that Rossi is testing in Mugello in 2018. Very patriotic colors, besides this race was held on June 2nd, Republic Day, with the famous Rossi’s Soleluna and a small detail referring to Simoncelli.

I also remember that this helmet is the most sporty helmet of the Italian brand:

  • Outer shell made of 3K carbon fiber,
  • Highly efficient aerodynamics that seeks to minimize interference with the bump of the suit,
  • At the back of the helmet, be aware that the rear wing is detached in case of a fall.
  • The ventilation system promotes excellent air circulation,
  • Hydration system included.

All this for a total weight of 1430 grams. Not bad, not bad.

X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon Sport Helmet – Weight: 1249 grams

The X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon is the lightest helmet in our rankings.

Let’s finish sports helmets with the X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon, a helmet with the latest technological advances and worn by many super pro riders, both for MotoGP and World SBK> More info on the World SBK 2019?

His lightness in hand is pretty incredible. We have here a carbon fiber cap, much more aerodynamic its the previous version (the X-802RR), with a new chin strap, and inner padding also made with active carbon filaments.

Warning ! I have in my hands the winner of the lightest sports helmets since it weighs only 1249 grams!

Is this helmet the lightest helmet on the market? Stay with us, we still have two touring sport helmets to discover. The Shark Spartan 1.2 Carbon and the Scorpion Exo-1400 Carbon Air.


Touring Helmet Shark Spartan 1.2 Carbon – Weight: 1313 grams

The Shark Spartan 1.2 Carbon, the evolution of Shark Spartan has excellent soundproofing.

Not long ago we made a review of this sport touring helmet! This Shark Spartan 1.2 Carbon helmet is the evolution of Shark Spartan, with a carbon fiber outer shell and a new interior.

Scorpion Exo-1400 Carbon Air Touring Helmet – Weight: 1260 grams

The Scorpion Exo-1400 Carbon Air is the lightest touring motorcycle helmet in our rankings.

And the Scorpion Exo-1400 Carbon Air? As the name suggests, it’s a very light, carbon fiber helmet. The peculiarity of this helmet is inside, at the level of the cheek.

There is actually a bomb to inflate the padding of the cheeks for the best fit possible. In addition to all that, we have here a very compact helmet, with an integrated sunscreen and usually comes with a smoke visor.

So you have our selection of the lightest helmets:

  • 8 – X-Lite X-1004 Ultra Carbon – 1600 grams
  • 7 – AGV Pista GP-R – 1430 grams
  • 6 – Arai RX-7V Carbon RC – 1400 grams
  • 5 – AGV SportModular Carbon – 1347 grams
  • 4- Shark Spartan 1.2 Carbon – 1313 grams
  • 3 – Shark Race-R Carbon Pro – 1305 grams
  • 2 – Scorpion Exo-1400 Carbon Air – 1260 grams
  • 1 – X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon – 1249 grams

The X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon is therefore the lightest helmet full motorcycle sports helmets but also among all types of motorcycle helmets. And you, do you like ? We are waiting for your feedback in the comments below.


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  1. Schultz

    You forgot about Uvex Onyx Carbon & Uvex Onyx Carbon GP which are both lighter than any of those above!

  2. Nic

    Shoei NXR ? 1300G

  3. Heather

    Also, the Touratech AVENTURO CARBON 2 Dual Sport is 1430g for a size Medium in ‘Travel Mode’ (all parts installed – peak and visor.) Just ‘Street’ mode (no peak) it’s 1330g.
    The LARGE is 1480g (for ‘Travel’ mode.) ‘Street’ is 1380g.)
    So, definitely deserving to be on this list both as it’s a Dual-Sport (this list only seems to reflect street) and it’s still lighter than some helmets on the list….

  4. James McGuckin

    The Nexx Diablo X1R weighs just 1200 grams

  5. Lutalo Madzimoyo

    Nexx XR2 Carbon is not included? It weighs 1250 grams. That’s as light as the lightest helmet that you featured here.

  6. Atul upadhyay

    What is price in Indian rupees??

  7. Kevin jegelewicz

    Where was the Lazer Monaco EVO 2.0 pure carbon ?

  8. Jack

    forgot agv k6?

  9. Seth

    Bell scout is a lot lighter around 930 grams.