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The best quality-price motorcycle helmets of 2024

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Which motorcycle helmet has the best quality/price ratio? We have made a selection. There are ones from all segments and for all budgets. Discover them in this post.

Which is the best motorcycle helmet with the best quality-price ratio of 2024? At Motocard we want to answer one of the most frequently asked questions when we want to renew our motorcycle helmet. As we’ve said many times, knowing how to choose a suitable motorcycle helmet for you is primordial for your safety, but also for your comfort.

To this end, we have made a selection of motorcycle helmets with the best quality–price ratio. There are ones from all segments and for all budgets. Discover them below.

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Best quality-price motorcycle helmets. Which is for you?


For this listing of the best motorcycle helmets with the best value for money, we’ve chosen modular and full-face helmets, as we believe they offer the highest level of safety.

Here’s our selection.

  • 130R Showa P/J
  • By City R-2 Helmet
  • AGV K-1 S
  • Shark Spartan RS
  • Shoei NXR 2

130R Showa Modular Motorcycle Helmet, a modular helmet at the best price


We kick off our rankings with the 130R Showa modular motorcycle helmet. This is a flip-up helmet from our own brand, made of polycarbonate, and designed by us at Motocard. It’s a comfortable helmet, featuring a sun visor, and a micrometric buckle, and most importantly, it comes with dual P/J homologation allowing you to legally ride with the chin guard open.

A helmet is available at a knockdown price and in 3 different colors.

By City R-2 Helmet, a perfect helmet for classic motorcycles


Another helmet with great value for money is the By City R-2, a helmet with a classic, radical design and, above all, very competitively priced. The Spanish brand By City is known for its commitment to the classic motorcycle sector, and this R-2 is a prime example.

It’s comfortable, made of fiberglass, features a double buckle closure, and has an attractive design. All this comes in 3 different colors and the latest ECE 2206 homologation.

AGV K-1 S Helmet, the most affordable sports helmet


You’re probably already familiar with AGV, one of the iconic brands in the motorcycle world. Not for nothing has it equipped and continues to equip some of the best motorcycle riders in the world. The AGV K-1 S is the brand’s most affordable helmet. It’s a sports motorcycle helmet with an excellent value for money, featuring a double buckle closure and a wide range of graphics and colors. Some even from the great Valentino Rossi.

Your first sports motorcycle helmet at the best price.

Shark Spartan RS Carbon Helmet, the best sport-touring helmet?


Another helmet with a good value for money is the Shark Spartan RS Carbon helmet. This is a high-end sport-touring helmet with great interior insulation, very comfortable, and with everything you need in a helmet for traveling and everyday use.

All this comes with the quality seal of the French brand: excellent interiors and the possibility to include a motorcycle intercom, sun visor, and an outer shell made of carbon fiber. A great motorcycle helmet at a very competitive price compared to its competitors.

Shoei NXR 2 Helmet, the most versatile motorcycle helmet


Finally, we’ve chosen the Shoei NXR 2 motorcycle helmet. It’s the most versatile helmet from the Japanese brand, as it allows you to use it both as a circuit helmet and for your everyday life. It’s a high-end helmet that offers the best at a quite contained price considering we’re talking about one of the best motorcycle helmets you can buy.

Some features to note: it’s made of top materials, very comfortable, versatile, and available in a myriad of graphics and colors. It’s a perfect helmet that you won’t regret choosing and that will last for many years.

Which is the best motorcycle helmet with the best value for money?


Obviously, choosing one of these helmets depends on many factors: what type of motorcycle I have, how I use it (daily or not), what I need, and, above all, what budget I have. All these details influence the choice of a motorcycle helmet. If your budget is a bit more flexible, remember that both on our blog and on our YouTube channel you will find the comparison of the best motorcycle helmets you can currently buy.




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