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These are the 15 best Valentino Rossi’s helmets. Awesome!

Comparisons and rankings 30 July, 2019

We compare...

We wanted to offer you a different content, a content that more than a video is a piece of motorcycling history: these are the 14 best helmets of Valentino Rossi. Which one do you prefer?

Because, apart from what it means sportingly for the world of competition, Valentino represents many more things. Changed the world of merchandising. In fact, it is almost impossible to collect the 72 Rossi helmets that Valentino has worn in his career because some of them have not been commercialized. This is our list:

  • AGV Pista GP R Rossi 20 years (1996)
  • AGV K-1 Rossi Gothic 46 (2006)
  • AGV K-3 Rossi Wake-Up (2010)
  • AGV K-3 SV Pinlock Rossi Five Continents (2011)
  • AGV K-3 SV Pinlock Rossi Misano (2014)
  • AGV K-1 Rossi Soleluna (2015)
  • AGV Pista GP R Rossi Misano (2016)
  • AGV Pista GP R Rossi Project 46 3.0
  • AGV AX-8 Evo Rossi Ranch
  • AGV Pista GP R Rossi Winter Test 2018

The best Valentino Rossi’s helmets

To give you an idea, in Motocard we have 41 helmets with Rossi graphics distributed in seven different models of AGV: from the replica models to the helmet worn by Rossi on the track, passing through a motocross helmet or a jet. So, if you want a helmet of the Valentino universe you can have it regardless of what type of biker you are or what modality you practice.

So as you see, we have selected 14 helmets that represent different stages in his career and we will explain the meaning of each of them. And watch out, because we have a surprise for the end of the video for the real fans.

AGV Rossi 20 YEARS (1996)

We started at the base, at the foundations of Rossi’s history with the impressive AGV Pista GP R, the most exclusive helmet of the brand that you can buy today, a Racing helmet, made of carbon fiber, very light, spectacular. It’s a limited edition that AGV launched at the beginning of last season to celebrate Rossi’s 20 years at the World Cup.

Rossi first helmet

This helmet is the replica of the helmet that was wearing by then the famous Soleluna graphic: the moon and the sun that represents duality: good evil, night and day, ying and yang, a condom, the letters Japanese behind that means “Forward Rossifumi”, in honor of one of his idols, Noriyuki Abe and a commemorative logo on the chin guard.

This helmet took him to his jump to 500cc where he suffered some small retouching. Although it is true that Soleluna has been maintained until now with modifications. As I say, it’s the graphics where everything started and the first one made by his friend, the designer Aldo Drudi. A relationship that is currently maintained. As a curiosity, tell you that Valentino finished his first season in the 125cc world championship in ninth place and that Aoki won. It has not rained since!

Gothic 46 (2006)

We skipped 10 years, until 2006, the last year of the 990cc in which Vale ran with the Yamaha painted with the colors of Camel. That year he took the yellow version of the Gothic 46 that, attention, you can only find currently in Motocard. In fact, it is one of the best sellers in our stores. In this case it is the best selling K-3 of AGV, with an excellent good value for money.

Gothic 46

Wake Up (Misano 2010)

We jump until 2010, but we do not change the model. This is again an AGV K-3 with the Wake Up graphics that took in Misano 2010. As you can see, with a graph of a clock sounding with a big 46 and his pets in the back of the helmet.

This helmet has two meanings; first, it is a joke of Vale with his friends because he is always late to all the places and in second, because it was time to win races again. As a curious note: the clock shows 14 pm which is the time of the race.

Rossi 'Wake Up'

If you are a sleeper, this can be a good option.

Five continents (2011)

Before his jump to Ducati, Rossi took a very illustrative graphic of what the MotoGP World Championship represents since it is a championship that is present in the 5 continents. Precisely, the name chosen by the Italian rider was this: five Continents, a variation of the characteristic sun and moon. In the back we found his number 46.

You can also find this graph in the AGV K-3.

Rossi Elements helmet

Winter test (2012)

After two seasons, Valentino returned to Yamaha, where he has not moved since. At the end of the season Winter test 2012, Rossi chose a graphic that he named Kendo and he was created by Masao Furusawa’s wife, Yamaha’s chief engineer .

It is a graph with the “metallic” Soleluna, a big 46 in the front and in the back, and we find the Kendo symbol, which in Japanese is used to express a very strong feeling of desire. It is clear that after the last two years, Rossi wanted to return to Yamaha.

Rossi Kendo helmet

In this case, you have the Winter test 2012 on the K-3 SV model, a revamped version of the original K-3, and the K-5 jet.

Give us a hand (Misano 2014)

We travel to Misano 2014. There he presented this graphic titled “Give us a Hand”, asking the tifossi to lend a hand. Hence, all the marks of the hands and tracks of his close people: friends, family, mechanics and two kisses on the sides: of his girlfriend at that moment and of his mother. He even has the prints of his cat and his dogs!

Give us a hand

In the lower part of the chin guard we find the legend “Misano ci dá una mano”, that is, Misano gives us a hand, helps us, a phrase adopted from an Italian advertising jingle of the 80s. And the truth is that it helped him because he won the race in front of his audience. His victory 81 in the queen category.

This curious design is available in the versatile K-3 SV.

Soleluna (2015)

Rossi took the 2015 season for the third consecutive year this Soleluna chart with small modifications. The Sun ahead and the Moon behind. You have it available on the AGV K-1 model, the successor of the K-3.

Soleluna 2015

Soleluna (2016)

But after 3 years with the same graphic, Rossi decided to change the design but keeping, of course, his Soleluna, this time in the front and in the back. It is a graphic very groundbreaking, very geometric and with the characteristic colors that have accompanied the Italian rider in his career. It is an amazing Soleluna.

Soleluna 2016

And this Soleluna 2016 you have available in the AGV Pista GP R, the same that he uses in racing. An authentic work of art that I love. It is also available in the AX-8 Evo.

Blue Brothers (Misano 2016)

And we did not leave 2016 because that year Rossi presented a very iconic graphic in Misano’s race: “Blue Brothers”, inspired by the movie-musical, one of his favorites with his inseparable friend Uccio. One of the main songs of the movie is Sweet Home Chicago, replaced this time by “Sweet Home Misano”.

Blue Brothers

That you know that this graph you have it available also in the formidable Pista GP R.

Hayden Tribute (Mugello 2017)

In 2017, during the Mugello race, Valentino presented another graphic, very emotional, reminding Nicky Hayden that he had recently died in a bicycle training.

Hayden Tribute

In fact, Valentino wanted to pay tribute to Francesco Totti, the ex-player of Rome who had just announced his retirement and who is intimate with Vale. Hence the caricature on the top of the helmet and the legend that “there is only one captain” on the back. But with the accident of Hayden, Rossi at the last minute decided to incorporate the 69 on the sides of the chin. A very curious design that you have available also at the top of the AGV range.

Casco Rossi Project 46 2.0

And if you are a Valentino fan but do not dare to wear these designs so … so … Valentino and you are more discreet, you can also do it with the second version of the AGV Pista GP R with the Project 46 graphic, with a very nice Carbon finish and with the benefits of a racing helmet. It is evolution of a prototype design that Valentino used while AGV developed the Pista GP, hence the technical data printed on its shell, and then it has been taken to the market.

Rossi Project 46

AGV Ax-8 Evo Ranch

And this does not end here because if you love motocross, you can also equip yourself with one of the best helmets, the super light AGV Ax-8 Evo with a graphic inspired by Valentino’s motorcycle Ranch that has its Tavullia’s hometown and where he practices off-road and Dirt-Track with friends and the kids from his academy and teams. It is a helmet also top of the range with a total Rossi design.


AGV Fluid

And finally, we did not want to forget about that user of a scooter, of short and urban routes that look for a cool jet. We have chosen the AGV Fluid with the graphics that Rossi premiered in Valencia in 2003 and inspired by the hippie movement. In fact, it was Rossi’s last race with Honda and Motociclismo magazine made a contest open to fans to decorate his bike.

AGV Fluid

Winter test (2018)

And what you promised is due. We bring you the latest release to date of a Valentino Rossi graphic: the Winter test from the beginning of this season inspired by the symbols and colors of the Mexican popular tradition. According to AGV, Valentino went on vacation to Mexico and was inspired by this trip to create this new graphic designed almost by hand. It’s a helmet that I love, very exclusive and that you have available on top of the Pista GP R shell and that you can buy right now.

AGV Pista GP R


Well, we have done a good review of some of the best and most curious graphics that Valentino Rossi has taken throughout his career. We hope you liked it.


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