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The best 5 open face helmets that you can buy now

Comparisons and rankings 28 August, 2019

We compare...

Open face helmets are undoubtedly an ideal alternative for the hottest months of the year. Although integral helmets are the safest in the market, the reality is that open face helmets become a very comfortable and practical option for short trips when the heat is squeezing.

Among the rankings of the best-selling helmets there is always a jet helmet. You know, a type of motorcycle helmet very popular in cities, for short trips and that leave the face exposed. The “perolo” of all life.

There are motorcycle racer motorcycle helmets, vintage, somewhat more versatile, with screen, etc. So in this post we are going to offer you a comparison of the best jet helmets of today :

  • AGV K-5 Jet
  • Shoei J-Cruise
  • Shoei J.O
  • Shark S-Drak Carbon
  • AGV X70

Open face helment ?

In agreement; Now that nobody hears us: open face helmet must be recognized that they do not offer the same degree of protection as full-face helmets. As soon as you can, from Motocard we always recommend that you equip yourself with an integral motorcycle helmet.

But you can get to understand the popularity that these helmets have achieved since they are generally used for short trips, at low speed in the city. And they have their pros: they are very comfortable, do not take up too much space, usually allow to wear prescription glasses and on hot days it is appreciated not to have a chin guard to fight the high temperatures.

That’s why I tell you: since we’re going to buy a jet, let’s try to make it the best possible. That said, we start with our comparison of motorcycle jet helmets.

AGV K-5 Jet

We started with a helmet that we could almost classify as a classic among jet helmets: the AGV K-5 Jet. It is a concept of a jet helmet with a large screen with anti-scratch treatment and that helps us so that the air does not slip through the part lower. And in which, in addition, we can install a Pinlock (anti-fog sheet) to combat fogging.

The outer shell is made of composite fiber and the design makes a nod to the sports spirit of the brand with the finish of a small rear spoiler. How could it be otherwise reminds us of a K-5 but without the chin guard.

The interior is extremely comfortable, has a sun visor and the closure is micrometric; Quick and easy to operate and that the urban user will appreciate. You have it available in several graphs, some by Valentino Rossi.

Shoei J-Cruise

We continue with the same concept of jet motorcycle helmet: with a multifiber shell (organic fiber and multi-composit fiber) and with a huge screen to fight the air and the cold. In this case, it has an edge that helps us to operate it comfortably.

The J-Cruise is one of the best in its segment for the quality of the materials and their finishes, something that, on the other hand, we are already accustomed with the Japanese brand.

Some examples: the micrometric closure is 100% stainless steel, the sun visor is excellently integrated in the shell, very easy to operate with gloves on, etc. You have it available in several different colors.

Shoei J.O

We don’t leave Shoei because the Japanese also have another option in the market: the Shoei J.O, a helmet with a very successful retro aesthetic.

It is a helmet with a clear visor instead of a screen. In fact, it is a visor practically the same as the one found in the Ex Zero, the retro helmet of the brand and that we can regulate in 3 positions. By the way, there is the smoked and yellow visor. Of course, they are sold separately.

More things. External shell made of AIM, the brand’s own fiber composite, a very careful interior where we find some finishes made of leather and the retro detail par excellence: the tape to incorporate classic glasses if you want to go without the transparent screen.

Shark S-Drak Carbon

Following this cafe racer / retro / vintage line, there is another helmet to consider: the Shark S-Drak Carbon, which, by the way, you have a complete review on the channel.

Despite the mask it incorporates, do not fool yourself: it is a jet helmet with a personality that few helmets have and that the French brand started with the Shark Drak. There are two versions regarding the shell material: fiberglass and carbon fiber. We also have a clear viewfinder for the eyes, the mask to attract all eyes at the traffic lights, the Shark Easy Fit system to wear prescription glasses and predisposition to install the Sharktooth communication system.

It is a Premium jet helmet with a lot of personality. You have it available in many different graphics and with a more “brother” adventure: the X-Drak, also with a lot of graphics available, although only available with the outer fiberglass shell.


And finally, we return to the origins of jet helmets with the AGV X70, another helmet with an unmistakable retro style. Know that AGV was the first brand that launched the first jet helmet made of fiberglass in 1954.

In fact, the Italian brand has designed this helmet with the same shape and the same colors as that first helmet but with current materials and technology.

In this helmet, details have also been carefully taken care of, such as the interior leather padding, suede fabric and the brand logo. By the way, they are removable and the closure is double buckle.

There are a lot of different graphics, all of them with an unmistakable vintage style.


Let’s go to the conclusion. Although we must recognize that in Motocard we prefer an integral or modular helmet in front of a Jet, there is still a great demand for this type of helmets and many users continue to bet on it. What do you think of all this?



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