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Vented jackets comparison

Comparisons and rankings 3 May, 2015

We compare...

Today we analise three summer jackets which feature an internal windproof layer. We are talking about the Richa Summer Breeze, the Dainese Super Speed Tex and the Alpinestars T-GP R Air. Three jackets, one goal: offer a correct ventilation and thermal protection in summer. Because even in summertime, there are thermal changes, especially by night and in the morning. So, we’re going to review three different jackets designed for this function.

Richa Summer Breeze

The first jacket of our review is the Richa Summer Breeze, a lightwieght fabric jacket that combines two materials: the Oxford 300D, a mesh fabric desinged to offer an optimal ventilation in the hottest days thanks to its big air flow capacity, combined with windstopper fabric in external pannels for thermal protection in the coldest hours. Inside, we will find a mesh lining pleasant to touch. It is a very light jacket.

Richa Summer BreezeFront view of the jacket (left) and velcro adjustment placed in the wist (upside right) and the neck (downside right).

The jacket have two outter pockets, high visivility bands in the back and arms along remobable shoulders and elbows protections. In the back ther’re a foam protection but we can change it for a back protector (not included with the jacket). And if you want the entire gear, you can buy the Richa Summer Breeze pants, also avaliable for woman, and attach to the jacket.

Detail view of the elastic elements of the jacket (left) and the different materials which is composed by.

Dainese Super Speed Tex

The second jacket in our review is the Dainese Super Speed Tex, a jacket with more sporty lines adopted from the Dainese Super Speed model. This jacket combines two different materials: Boomerang and Duratex fabrics, both with elastic fibbers insert to increase our freedom of movements on bike. The Dainese have an inner windstopper membrane totally removable, totally different compared with the Richa system using panels. This allows removing it in the hottest hours of the day and put it in the pocket thanks to its folding easiness.

Dainese Super Speed TexThe inner is removable and very thin, so it can be stored easily.

The Super Speed Tex includes the Dainese signature aluminium shoulder inserts plus homologated elbow protectors. Dainese does not include the back protector in the stock pack for the Super Speed Tex but the jacket is prepared for the use of a type G back protector (Mannis or Wave models) and even the Thorax chest protector.

Dainese Super Speed TexFrontal view of the jacket (left) and detail of the external protectors (upside right) and the velcro wist adjustments (downside right).

We’ll find two outter pockets and an inner one. The collar, cuffs and waist are adjustable thanks to a combination of Velcro and buttons. There are also high visibility and reflective bands. Finally, we can attach this jacket to the Dainese New Drake Air Tex pants thanks to an inner zip connection.

Alpinestars T-GP R Air

The third and last jacket of our review is the Alpinestars T-GP R Air. The main fabric is the polyurethane polyfabric, which is a high resistance abrasion material. This material forms big mesh pannels for a better transpiration in critical heat points of our body. In the back we find accordion panels in order to facilitate our movements on the bike. The inner side features another mesh fabric of soft touch and with high transpiration properties. Like the Dainese, the Alpinestars T-GP R Air includes a wind-cut inner membrane, which is thicker and therefore, offers better thermal protection.

Alpinestars T-GP R Air

This jackets also offers elbows and shoulders –these made with double density polymer- protectors and there is space for back and chest protectors of the Nucleon family or also Bionic Air inserts, not included in the pack. On both areas we will find a foam protection.

Alpinestars T-GP R AirThe Alpinestars jacket also provides a thermal inner (left), internal pockets (upside right) and reflective elements (downside right).

As details we have to highlight, the jacket features reflective elements for low light situations. The sleeves have been pre-curved to better adapt to our body and there are also neoprene areas for an optimal touch to our skin. As adjustment elements, we find a combination of velcro and buttons adjustments, that fits perfectly the jacket to our body. There are two zip pockets, another two velcro pockets and a last one which is waterproof. We can also connect the jacket to the Alpinestars pants (that it is not included with the T-GP R Air) and we can also find the lady version.

Alpinestars T-GP R Air

These three jackets want to offer different solutions for the summer time. From the main aim, that is to offer a great ventilation, the Richa Summer Breeze offers less thermal protection, while both the Alpinestars and the Dainese include a thermal inner that provides a better thermal protection in the coldest hours of the day.


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