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Ventilated Jaquets Special

Comparisons and rankings 1 July, 2014

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You can’t even begin to imagine to what point garment technology allows us to be comfortable during the hottest months without jeopardising our own safety. In this report find out how ventilated bike jaquets work.

The importance of being well ventilated

Just like all cars now come with air conditioning as standard, comfort on the bike is something we very much have to take into account. By having our body well ventilated we can concentrate on riding the bike or scooter, as well as being able to react rapidly to any traffic incidents. The ventilation of a jacket can vary depending on its type and the use it’s destined for. Some jackets have a ventilation system with air inlets on the front and outlets on the back. This system allows an airflow which provides optimum ventilation and minimises the flapping of the jacket.

But the system that best adapts to the hottest days is the jacket designed exclusively for summer use on the bike. A garment that that provides the protection we need and also allows the air to pass through it as if it was a cotton shirt. In this report we’ll analyse all the properties of the ventilated jackets, while in this link you can check all the ventilated garments available in our online store.

Alpinestars Viper Air

The Viper Air is the expression of modernity in a bike jacket. It is a garment made of highly technical materials based on layers of mesh that provide different levels of body temperature control. Thanks to this method, comfort on the go is excellent. On the outside we find a 600 Denier poly-fabric layer reinforced with PU, very abrasion resistant, whilst the outer panels have been made of a double mesh on the front and back.

Summer jackets must also provide a protection plus for those times when temperatures drop or the sun doesn’t show it’s face. In these cases, most jackets have the option of installing a windstopper inner lining. This type of lining takes up very little space and is very useful at certain times of day. In the Viper Air, the lining has a Velcro pocket, is attached to the jacket via a zip and has stud fastenings.

The windstopper lining has Velcro pockets and stud fasteners

As regards the protections, these are of the Bio Armor type and are removable and adjustable. They are on the shoulder and elbow areas and have European certification. The back has padding that can be optionally replaced by a Bio Armor back protector, the same goes for the chest area (Bionic Chest). These two protectors are acquired optionally.

Well aware that in summer we are usually scantily dressed, summer bike jackets should have an excellent feel, as it’s likely that under the jacket we’re only wearing a simple T-shirt. No problem. The Viper Air has a padded 3D mesh collar for comfort and perspiration. The neoprene finishes on the collar and cuffs optimise this pleasant touch sensation, apart from offering a longer rear profile (with Velcro adjustment) for greater comfort on the go. The jacket’s sleeves are pre-curved for an optimal riding position.

Detail of the neoprene finish of the collar, as well as the breathable 3D mesh

The external elements include zipped pockets as well as reflective details on the chest and back for better visibility at times of poor light. The main zip is YKK with an automatic blocking system. The brand’s logos are printed and embroidered, as well as having a zip to connect the pants with the jacket.

The reflective elements of the Viper Air are to be found on the chest area and the sleeves

Dainese Super Speed Ventilated

This jacket uses the leather Super Speed pattern and its sports genes to offer a technical summer jacket with all the protection that a bike jacket should have. It has protections homologated by the European Union (1621-1) on elbows and shoulders. These protections are removable and can be attached via Velcro, so we can adapt them to our shape or riding style. Also, on the outer part of the shoulders, we find aluminium inserts. For the back, the Super Speed Ventilated has a space for coupling, as an optional element, the Manis back protector of the same make. This back protector (also homologated according to EU normative 1621-2) covers all of the back and the lumbar region. In the same way, the Thorax chest protector can also be included.

Detail of the compartment for inserting the additional chest protector accessory

The materials used to make the Super Speed Ventilated vary with respect to its more sporty and midseason counterpart (Super Speed). Whilst the latter is made of leather, the summer version is made of Duratex and Boomerang fabric with stretch fabric inserts. These fabrics ensure maximum comfort on the go, freedom of movement and great protection.

The Dainese jacket has two outer and one inner pocket. The collar, cuffs and waist are adjustable, as well as including a Dainese trouser connecting zip. The Super Speed Ventilated also has reflective inserts for optimum visibility at times of poor light.

This jacket comes with the option of installing Dainese pants as an additional complement

The Super Speed Ventilated has also thought about the cooler hours and the areas where we find a greater contrast in temperatures: in these cases we can easily install a windstopper inner lining, which will protect us from the cold air and, as the temperatures rise, we can remove it and fold it up, as it takes up very little space.

The windstopper lining takes up very little space and is very useful when the temperature is still low

Alpinestars GP Pro Air

Another jacket designed to provide maximum comfort in the warmest season is the Alpinestars GP Pro Air. As regards the Viper, this one provides mores sports details and finishes, like the reflective bands on the sleeves and a ventilation area limited to the area of the chest, arms and elastic inserts in the areas that need more movement. There are mesh panels on the torso, as well as on the sleeves. The interior is made of a breathable mesh fabric which also provides great ventilation.

As mentioned in the other products, the windstopper lining is also present in this jacket. It is detachable and has pockets.

Details of the outer pocket and the inner pockets of the lining

The main material of the GP Pro Air is polyester, very abrasion resistant and long lasting. As regards the protections, these are Bio Armor on the elbow and shoulder areas, all with their corresponding CE homologation. The back and chest have foam padding that can be replaced for elements not included with the jacket, Bionic Chest and Bioinc Air/Bio Armor (for the back). All the protections are perforated and located in mesh compartments to significantly increase ventilation performance.

Detail of the waterproof pocket

The GP Pro Air is designed to provide maximum comfort on the go and to reduce fatigue. To this end they have pre-curved sleeves for a sports riding position, as well as accordion elastic inserts in the elbow area to give a good freedom of movement. The elastic panels on the jacket’s sleeves also contribute to this.

Other details, whose function is to provide maximum comfort when wearing the jacket, are the internal confection of the collar and cuffs in 3D mesh. The wrist fasteners combine Velcro and zips, whilst the waist has elements to regulate its width. The coverage of the lumbar region is another of the aspects that the GP Pro Air has not overlooked, as well as having an Alpinestars trouser connecting zip.

Elements for adjusting the jacket in the waist area

Lastly, mention that the jacket has various inner pockets (one waterproof), as well as two outer zipped pockets.


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