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The best vented motorcycle jackets of 2019

Comparisons and rankings 13 May, 2019

We compare...

Summer is coming, good weather and already there’s not enough time to go out on our “ride”. Winter just drags on! So we’re going to compare the best vented motorcycle jackets that you can currently buy.

Well, as we always tell you: when going out in summer and the heat is on, being well geared up will allow us to be more protected and more comfortable as vented bike garments will provide a very good airflow. The best of the best for being well protected and nice and cool in summer :

  • Blouson Dainese Estrema Air Tex
  • Blouson Air Frame D1 Tex
  • Alpinestars AST Air
  • Spidi Solar Net Sport

Similarly, we’re looking for a garment that isn’t too heavy and this is achieved by using textile materials. Abrasion resistant fabrics are used, made with special material, reinforced in the most exposed parts.

Dainese Estrema Air Tex

We’ll start this ranking with one of the novelties for 2019, the Dainese Estrema Air Tex jacket. It’s what you see: a jacket with a sports design made of very light materials: Mugello fabric and high tenacity mesh fabric.

For temperature regulation, there’s a removable windproof membrane, an inner lining of mesh fabric which allows for transpiration and areas of perforated mesh fabric to be well “cool”.

But your eyes will be drawn to the aerodynamic hump it has, which, together with the removable protectors on shoulders and elbows and the aluminium plate in the shoulder area, are the protections it incorporates.

Afterwards, as always, you can increase this protection with a back protector and a chest one which, as always, are not included.

And finally, as you would expect from a vented jacket, it is extremely comfortable thanks to the elasticated inserts, the drop tail for a sports position, it has 6 pockets, connecting zip for pants from the same brand, adjustable waist, collar and cuffs, etc.

It comes in various colour combinations.

Dainese Air Frame D1 Tex

And now from a novelty to a well consolidated jacket: the Dainese Air Frame D1 Tex. Why is it called Air Frame? Basically because it is a type of ventilation “frame” as the large majority of areas are of perforated fabric.

It is also a very light and very comfortable jacket. In this case, the material used is QuickDry and a mesh fabric for great ventilation. This jacket is for users that ride in high temperatures: it is a jacket for those that like to travel or ride with little baggage.

Even so, we find a removable windproof membrane, above all for the cooler hours, and a perforated Sanitized inner fabric to facilitate breathability.

As to protections: removable protections on elbows and shoulders and, in this case, it only allows you to add a back protector. And then, well you also have what makes a good summer motorcycle jacket: 3 pockets (1 interior), connecting zip for the pants, adjustable waist and cuffs, etc.

Another option of the Italian brand is, Attention!, you also have it in a women’s version, tailored more tightly to the female form and, obviously, with the same features.

Alpinestars AST Air

For this ranking we have chosen the Alpinestars AST Air jacket. It’s a jacket made of poly-fabric, also very durable and abrasion resistant. As you can see, there are large mesh panels on the front, back and arms.

It’s the ideal jacket for riding around hell as it is exactly what you can see. We just have a perforated inner lining, without a windproof membrane.

As regards the protections, these are Bio-Armor, reliable, Alpinestars’ trademark, on shoulders and elbows. And yes, albeit being very light, they allow us to include a chest protector and a back one.

Apart from this, the other difference is that it has a waterproof inner pocket. As we say, all the features are focused towards comfort. For example, the rear profile is longer so as to cover the kidneys, we can regulate the sleeves, waist and the rest. Another good jacket with some interesting differences.

Spidi Solar Net Sport

And finally, to bring this comparison to an end, we cannot forget another great manufacturer: Spidi. In this case, before us we have the Spidi Solar Net Sport jacket, another novelty to bear in mind.

We could say that this jacket is like a Lego set, as if it was a construction toy. Why? It’s a summer sports jacket made of polyester with ample mesh panels for staying cool. Up to here, no different from the rest.

What’s important about this jacket is that it allows you to include an X47 waterproof membrane and a L30 thermal lining, both from Spidi which, mind you, are not included. But this gives you a lot of freedom and makes it a very polyvalent jacket for those places where winter isn’t too rough.

As for the protections, all are removable: Warrior Lite on the shoulders and Force Tech on the elbows. And if you still want more protection, you can include a back protector.

And yes, the rest is practically the same as the others: 3 pockets, adjustable waist and cuffs, etc.


And the big question: which one do I get? Difficult choice as all 4 are guarantees. As we usually say: first analyse your needs: do I need a jacket just for summer or do I live in an area where winter isn’t very cold and I want something more versatile. As we say, in this case, we’d choose the Spidi jacket.

If, on the other hand, you need something extremely cool for the hottest days: the two from Dainese and Alpinestars, the latter only if you live in a place that always has good weather in summer, as there’s no way of incorporating a windproof membrane.

As always, remember that in the Motocard web you can use the “Summer” filter to search for this type of jacket. You have a lot to choose from, not just these 4 that we propose.


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