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The 5 best touring motorcycle boots of 2020

We compare...

We’re going to talk about touring motorcycle boots. There are tons of models, nearly all of them black and similar amongst themselves….so one has to ask: which do I choose? What’s the difference?

We’re going to talk about touring motorcycle boots. There are tons of models, nearly all of them black and similar amongst themselves….so one has to ask: which do I choose? What’s the difference?

Well, in this post we’re going to see a full range of touring boots that reflect all the buying options you have. The best of their segment.

  • Dainese Fulcrum GT Gore-Tex
  • Alpinestars Air Plus V2 Gore-Tex XCR
  • Dainese X-Tourer D-WP
  • Dainese Aurora D-WP Lady
  • Alpinestars Ridge V2 Drystar

 The best touring motorcycle boots: waterproof and comfortable

We’ve selected five different touring motorcycle boots that represent various options as regards style, features and price.

Apart from the colour black – which although maybe very typical, is a practical colour that conceals the dirt accumulated on the boots – all have in common that they’re devised to provide full comfort on the motorcycle, without forgetting that they have to protect us against the elements.

To this end, all these boots are waterproof. And we believe that this should be one of the features that you should demand from touring boots: nothing more uncomfortable and also unhealthy and dangerous than riding with wet feet.

Dainese Fulcrum GT Gore-Tex

We’ll start by showing you the first model precisely because it is superb in water: the Dainese Fulcrum GT motorcycle boots with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane.

Yes mate, Gore-Tex is the best waterproof membrane on the market, thanks to it withstanding humungous amounts of water and also because it is fantastically breathable.

Because the Fulcrum GT are top of the range boots, of the best to be found. Not just for the Gore-Tex, but for the full grain leather, of the best possible quality.

You can see this at first sight and feel. Like the rest of the boots we’ll see, there are internal protections in the ankles, toe box, heel and anti-wear elements, like the brake and shifter protectors.

So, take home message: Fulcrum GT Gore-Tex, an example of Premium boots, the best and the ones you should get if you’re the type that when the holidays come around you load up your cases on your hog and ride to the ends of the Earth. A hundred, five hundred, a thousand kilometres…doesn’t matter. You’ll be comfortable, safe and dry, always.

Alpinestars Air Plus V2 Gore-Tex XCR

Okay, but if now you were to say: that’s just what I’m looking for, a boot for long distances, but where I’m going it’s devilishly hot but it might also rain. You know, summer holidays, coastal routes, 30°…I can’t wear thick boots.

And, you know what? Alpinestars agrees with you. Here are the Air Plus V2 Gore-Tex XCR. They are Premium boots just as we saw before, but with greater ventilation.

How do they do it? Look, we have full grain leather also, but microperforated, and also they alternate the leather with areas of mesh fabric, that lets even more air pass inside. And, also, we still have the Gore-Tex membrane, because there are storms in summer. Perfect touring boots for spring-summer, or even all year round if you live somewhere where winter isn’t too harsh or rains often.

Dainese X-Tourer D-WP

Up till now we’ve seen two top boots. And of course, you’ll say, “hey, haven’t you got anything more affordable?” Of course and without leaving the good brands behind: the Dainese X-Tourer D-WP. Mid-range boots, we could almost call it a standard for the touring motorcycle boot.

It has everything necessary: waterproof membrane (the WP –waterproof-initials tell you so); evidently it’s not as good as Gore-Tex, but in normal rain they’ll protect us. With internal heel, toe box and ankle protections, as well as exterior TPU ones.

The outer material is microfiber, very abrasion resistant. And also less demanding to clean and look after than leather. Basically, more practical. There are some areas with fabric and features shared with high range boots, like the flexible areas of zip closure. In summary, a great product if you’re looking at the quality-price ratio.

Dainese Aurora D-WP Lady

Let’s not forget the female bikers, we’ve also selected some women’s touring motorcycle boots: the Aurora D-WP Lady. These boots have the same features as the X-Tourer boots. Microfiber, waterproof membrane, protections, etc., and an aesthetic that lends it a sports touch.

Alpinestars Ridge V2 Drystar

And finally we’d like to close with the Alpinestars Ridge V2 Drystar. These are the most different boots we’ve seen till now as they have a short shaft. Look, they’re not booties, they cover a bit more, so they’re safer at this point.

Why mid-shaft? Well, there are bikers that don’t like to wear a high shaft, for whatever reason. Tastes, for the pants they use, because they have a wider calf. The case is that Alpinestars offers this option and does not renounce safety: we still find the vital heel, toe box and ankles protections and the exterior TPU reinforcements. Safety is not forsaken in a not so tall shaft.

As for the rest, they’re also mid-range boots: with a waterproof membrane called Drystar (Alpinestars own) and made of resistant microfiber and perforated to enhance ventilation. Very polyvalent touring boots with the particularity that they’re not of high shaft.


So you can see, there are many options: from travellers boots with premium leather and Gore-Tex, to more affordable models and for a more polyvalent use; we have everything at Motocard.

Advice for choosing? Well precisely that: what are you going to use them for (long trips? a lot? A little?), when will you use them (summer? winter?), where do you live, etc., and the answer will present itself. And don’t forget to give us a like and a comment with your opinion.




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