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The advantages of riding a bike

Planet Biker 17 June, 2014

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Still driving a motor? Ever thought of getting a motorbike or scooter? It’ll change your life!

A bike takes half the time of a car: in the big cities, a bike takes half the time of a car to get to the same place. Work it out: how much is your time worth? How many hours do you spend in your car every day? Why…because we believe that a bike could make you rich!

With the bike, you can park anywhere: forget about going round and round trying to find a parking spot for your car. With a bike, you just need a minimum amount of space to park it properly. And if you’re not convinced, look at it from a capitalist point of view: think of the money you’ll save on car parks!!

Bikes produce just 1% of the pollution generated by road transport: the pollution generated by traffic is one of society’s great problems today and one that we’ve been dragging out for too many years. Bikes generate just 1% of the total pollution from road transport, making it a great ally for those who worry about the environment.

A bike is cheaper than a car: in general, when buying a new vehicle, a car is more expensive than a bike. A medium range utility car can cost around 15,000€, whilst a comfortable scooter with a minimum load capacity costs around 3,000€.

Also, generally speaking, a bike uses less petrol than a car. For repairs and maintenance, a bike is usually cheaper than a car.

Bikes help to improve traffic flow: the bike takes up less space than a car, which apart from giving it more mobility, contributes to the rest of the traffic being more fluid.

The feeling of freedom: Riding on two wheels gives you a feeling of freedom that few vehicles can give you.


 Still not convinced? Time, savings, autonomy, freedom….think a bit because however you look at it, it’s worthwhile…so…Take the plunge!!


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