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Jorge Lorenzo analyzes the HJC RPHA 10 Plus helmet

Planet Biker 21 December, 2014

We talk about…

Jorge Lorenzo is one of the best racers in MotoGP class and his driving skills points him as one of the most spectacular racers in the last years. The two times MotoGP World's Champion, Jorge Lorenzo, came to Madrid Motocard store to visit us and to talk about the design and graphics of some of his helmets, the HJC RPHA 10 Plus.

Jorge, thanks for coming to Motocard store. We are going to talk about the helmet you have been using during all the season and its graphics, the HJC RPHA 10 Plus, because that is a very important thing for you, isn’t it?

– That’s true. I consider myself as a very creative person, since I was a child. I still mantaining the imagination and I try to reflect it on the designs of the helmets. Every year I do some designs, two or three, depending of the sponsors and HJC.

If we start with the standard helmet of 2014, we can see the Espartan logo, which is the image of my fan club. The “outside” logo means a very difficult overtaking, because it means you have to be faster by the outside if you want to overtake the racers who are on the inside. Its origin was in the Brazil GP, when I did an overtake to Pedrosa and Lorenzo in 125cc. class.

¿What can you tell us about the Ghost version?

– I used this version in GP of Aragon and Jerez. It is a helmet in which we find the black as the main colour, but in this case we use the matt black. The “outside” logo is not red, as usual, but matt grey and it has an effect like the wind has moved the paint. Monster’s logo here is also matt and I find it more alternative. The Spartan logo has been re-designed and it offers to the helmet a modern view.

We move to the HJC Graffiti, a helmet designed by you and with the collaboration of Anna Vives. It must have a special meaning for you…

Exactly, I met Anna four years ago and last year we decided to do a special design for the GP of Catalunya. We tried to show the awareness that people with Down syndrome are very capable of doing many things. I gave to Anna some ideas or keys in order to do a striking helmet, with fluor colours and the sensation of hand painted effect.

On the helmet we included the typography that designed Anna and we used motivational sentences and words that help me during the season and also keep me motivated and competitive. As example of that, we can find on it mentions about Mallorca, the island where I am from, and other statistics ar data about my professional career or personal life.

– We can see on it that the Spartan logo is different from other helmets…

Yes. The Spartan logo and the “outside” logo are different on this helmet because we wanted to show the logos as it would be  hand-painted by Anna. On it we can find flour red paint and the “X” with a reflective colour.

– Many thanks, Jorge!


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