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Interview to Luis Salom

Planet Biker 25 June, 2015

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Luis Salom visited Motocard’s Dainese D-Store in Barcelona the Thursday before the Catalan Grand Prix. Luis is a Dainese rider since 2010, and talked with us about his season, his relationship with Dainese and much more. Here you have this exclusive interview for Motocard:

Hard season opening for you, but is the fifth place at Mugello a sign of you find the lost path?

In Qatar I burn the clutch several times and in the race someone thrown me out and the same occurred in Texas’ race. In Argentina I started at 18th position and finish in eleven place. In Jerez, after many problems on the qualifying, I finished the race in seventh position after starting 20th. In Le Mans I was fighting for the fifth place when I was thrown out again, but in Mugello I managed to finish in this position.

Is not the place we want to be, we seek to be at the front and we know we can, but lucky was not in our side in this beginning of season. I’m convinced good results will come soon.

What do you expect form Catalonian GP and what are your goals here?

This weekend we want to be at the front, Montmeló is a circuit that I really like and I hope it doesn’t rain. I’m pretty sure we can manage a good result.

[Note: Luis finished in 5th position at Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona]

And your goal for the rest of the season?

We’ll do our best and be with the front guys every race. I can’t define a proper goal, like finish the championship in fifth position for example, because we had very bad season start. It’s a pity, with a better start we’ll be able to get thinks clearer.

You’re Dainese rider…how started your relationship with the brand?

When I started competing in the World Championship, I haven’t a lot of gear: I used to race with just one suit all the weekend, until in 2010 I started talks with Dainese and at half season begin to use its products. In Assen I was able to use for the first time a Dainese suit and I loved the leather, the ergonomics…really awesome.

I was really excited; for me Dainese is one step beyond the other brands and always support riders and its security. With the airbag they have done a very good work, and also with other protections, evolving to be better and better. They always have helped me and I’m very satisfied with them. I’ve worn other brands but since 2010 I wanted to stay with them: Dainese work is exceptional.

Which Dainese products you wear?

I have the complete gear: Axial Pro boots, Full Metal gloves, D-Air Racing suit and the latest protector evolution out there, algong with the AGV Pista GP helmet.

Now I’m wearing a brand new D-Air system, a bigger one: it’s the same airbag used by other riders but bigger, looking for protection in all the rib cage, including chest and ribs. From 2012 Dainese keeps evolving this suit and always want to improve, step vby step. In the future we’ll see all the riders wearing integral airbags.

Have you noticed any evolution all along these years?

The leather quality and protections have evolved a lot. They’re always looking for top quality and improve things like aerodynamics, lightness and endurance… They improve in every area.


Tell us, which are the main advantages of the elbow slider, a novelty for 2015 Dainese products?

The elbow sliders are a better system than the previous one. For example, in Barcelona the kerbs are higher than other tracks and the last year I finished the weekend with holes in two suits. With this slider we avoid rubbing this zone with the leather, keeping it safe from abrasion. Now all the riders slide with the elbow.

Your cousin David Salom rides in Superbike World Championship and is Dainese rider too…

Yes. He always has been pushing to the maximum and when he entered Motocard family, with the Kawasaki Racing Team, he had the luck factor he missed all other years. Since 2012, he had the opportunity to show his talent and he do it, always been in the top10, first in Supersport and then in Superbikes.

Do you train together?

With the current season calendar, I only make shorts stays in Mallorca. Furthermore, he rides in SBK and I in MotoGP, so the racing dates don’t help too. When we where children it was a lot different: we played and raced always together.


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