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The best international motorcycle rallies

Planet Biker 12 March, 2019

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We have made a selection of the most prestigious biker rallies from the entire world. Because there’s nothing better than sharing our passion, no matter the country nor the bike we ride.

We’re pretty sure you know some of these gatherings, but there’re are others that aren’t massive events, true gems for bikers searching for new experiences. If you think otherwise, make us know it in the commentary section below!

Elefantentreffen (Germany)

Traditional date: first weekend of February
Duration: 3 days

One of the oldes bike rallies in Europe: since 1956 thousands of bikers cross the Old Continent to attend this freezing event. In the beginning was celebrated in the Solituderenner track (at Stuttgart) and changed places many times, including other legendary tracks like Nürburging or Slazburgring. Now the meeting point is in Loh/Thurmansbang-Sola, a bavarian town close to the border with the Czech Republic. For many European bikers, it is THE appointment to go at least once in your life.

Celebrated in February, the road to the ‘Meeting of the Elephants’ is long and the snowy weather is present anywhere in central Europe, especially approaching the Alps, so wear the best possible gear! Once there, the camaraderie among bikers and a log fire will warmth you!

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Daytona Bike Week (United States)

Date: mid-March
Duration: 10 days

The Daytona Bike Week in the always-sunny Florida state is the most motley and festive biker gathering in the United States. Traditionally it’s celebrated during the ‘Spring break’, a holiday period for university students where they head down to US southern states. This makes the Bike Week a short holiday for all those who attend Daytona Beach in search of motorcycles, fun and racing – the latter celebrated in the famous oval speedway, with popular events such as Daytona Supercross or the 200 Miles.

If you’re coming from outside America, you have two options: either you can get a ship container for your bike and send it to the United States – not a bad idea if you’re planning a big trip through the States – or you can rent one bike there… but get a bike anyway!

mejores-concentraciones-moteras-Daytona-Bike-WeekThe Main Street is the central place during all the Bike Week. (Image: Wikipedia Commons)

International Concentration Faro (Portugal)

Date: mid July
Duration: 3 days

Faro is the largest summer gathering in Europe. Held in July, the Portuguese event means non stop party in summer hot weather, a very festive atmosphere. Every night there are rock gigs, the bars are open 24 hours and there are tattoo competitions, biker flea markets and many other shows.

In fact, Faro stands outs by the big central stage, more typical of a music festival than for a motorcycle rally. In this 2019 Faro will celebrate its 38th edition and for many it is still the perfect excuse to go on holidays to the beautiful Algarve region, full of beaches and attractive roads.

mejores-concentraciones-moteras-Faro-InternacionalThe Moto Clube Faro awardes prizes to the best bikes in the rally after a massive poll among all the crowd. (Image: Facebook Moto Clube Faro)

Stella Alpina (Italy)

Date: second weekend of July
Duration: 2 days

There’re different stories according to the origin of the “Alpine Star”. One of them says was the result of a challenge between two Italian friends on which mountain summit had higher point for motor vehicles: the Stelvio or the Coll Sommeiller. Both friends ventured to explore it finding that the Coll Sommeiller is the highest one. And since then, they organized a bike rally in its foothills, close to the town of Bardonecchia – right on the border between Italy and France.

This makes the Stella Alpina different from other motorcycle rallies: once we reach Bardonecchia, we have to ride a forest track to the camp located on a high plateau in the Alps. Then, those who would like to get the meeting’s medail, can ride to the very summit of the Sommeiller. A magical place that has been hosting the event for half a century, marked in red on the calendar of many owners of adventure and dual-sport motorcycles.

mejores-concentraciones-moteras-Stella-AlpinaThe Stella Alpina landscape is probably on of the best in the world thanks to the Alps’ wild nature. (Image: Flickr.com Scouse_and_Jules)

Annual Sturgis Rally (United States)

Date: first half of August
Duration: 10 days

Sturgis is the largest gathering in the world: for a fortnight, this small town of 6,000 inhabitants of the state of South Dakota receives up to half a million attendees over the course of a week! It all started in 1938 when a group of Indian bikes owners met in this town and the event grew to unsuspected limits.

But beware, not all motorcycles are not welcome here: Sturgis is the mecca of chooper and all kinds of customs bikes. You will not see two identical motorcycles in their streets; an event ‘100% Made in the USA’ that represents in its maximum exponent the genuine North American motorcycling culture.

mejores-concentraciones-moteras-Sturgis-RallyThe rally is a total revolution for Sturgis, totally changing the nature of this little village. (Imagen: Wikipedia Commons)

Pingüinos (Spain)

Traditional date: second weekend of January
Duration: 4 days

Spanish Pingüinos is the first big rally of the year, traditionally kicking off the European bike rallies calendar. And these meant is a winter event: maybe Spain is associated with sun and hot temperatures but in Valladolid, the place where Pingüinos develops, is freezing cold with 0º Celsius and below in mid-January, sometimes with snow too; in fact ‘Pingüinos’ is the Spanish words for penguins… enough said.

Is also the most massive winter bike rally, gathering around twenty thousand bikers from all kind of countries. It features many activities and has its own prize ceremony (The Golden Penguins), which is very popular in Spain, being awarded to anyone in the country who has contributed to motorcycling, from associations to professional riders and even politicians.

mejores-concentraciones-moteras-PingüinosAmong the activities in Pingüinos, one of the most popular is a parade in tribute to fallen fellow bikers. (Imagen: Wikipedia Commons)

Wheels and Waves (France)

Date: third week of June
Duration: 5 days

Each bike rally has its style. If the Yankee Sturgis is the home of the custom, Waves and Wheels has become the world reference among lovers of cafe-racer and scrambler bikes. Held in the French city of Biarritz, very close to the border with Spain, Waves and Wheels is much more than a motorcycle rally, it is also an event to celebrate the culture of surfing and skateboarding.

This mix of underground pop culture, vintage looks and motorcycles makes it unique, both in its crowd style and in the motorcycles that you will see there. And for the 2019 edition, Wheels and Waves goes from four to five days… an extra day of fun without an increase in the price!

mejores-concentraciones-moteras-Wheels-and-Waves1‘Punk’s Peak’ is one Wheels and Waves races: it give the owners the opportunity to seek the limit of their machines in a real race. (Image: Facebook Wheels and Waves)

Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​(United Kingdom)

Date: first weekend of July
Duration: 4 days

The Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​is not a biker meeting properly speaking nor a sporting even too, not even a gathering for classic bikes… it’s all in one! This event was born in 1993 as a hill climb for classic cars but soon became the world’s largest gathering of vintage vehicles, both for racing and standard production cars and bikes.

The two and the four wheels go hand by hand, sharing stories and admiration among motor enthusiasts: a place where you can watch ancient Formula 1 champions talking with the latest MotoGP champion. Nowhere will in a single place you find so many of the most legendary machines that man has created and the heroes that have rode them.

mejores-concentraciones-moteras-Goodwood-FestivalGoodwood is a unique event where you can meet two and four wheels leyends in the same place. (Image: Yamaha Motor Corporation)

Krystall Rally (Norway)

Date: mid-February
Duration: 3 days

This gathering is only for the bravest of the bravest: celebrated in the town of Gol, about 200 kilometres north of Oslo and in the middle of Norwegian winter, the temperatures can reach easily 20º Celsius below zero. The organizers recommend carrying the best winter gear against the cold, stud tires (allowed in Norway) and insist in checking previously the state of the roads whose condition is unpredictable because of the snowstorms, not forgetting that daylight hours are very limited in that part of the year… in short: total adventure on ice and snow.

The Krystall Rally only allows limited places, up to 200 participants and you can only be part if going by bike or sidecars, any other vehicle is forbidden. Krystall Rally organizers wish to maintain the original spirit of the biker gatherings and this gives an air of secrecy and mysticism to the rally. Few bikers have managed to achieve the feat… Nevertheless, Krystall Rally will celebrate its 48 ​​edition in 2019!

mejores-concentraciones-moteras-Krystall-RallySidecars are rarely seen in other bike rallis, but in the Krystall Rally is common to see them along their proud owners; they are really ‘the few’ of the motorcycling world. (Image: Facebook Ramón X-Man)

And for you, which is the most popular or the best bike rally?


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