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Review: Alpinestars MX 2016, Racer VS Techstar

Reviews and tests 26 August, 2015

We analyze...

The Alpinestars MX 2016 range is here. The Italian manufacturer offers two different sets of equipment for off-road practise that looks for maximum quality and sportiness. Two versions that share some features, despite each one being designed for different needs.

Racer vs Techstar

As we analyzed on the Alpinestars MX 2015 comparison, the Racer equipment is more versatile because has been designed for a “track and trail” use, that will allow us to use it on raids, enduro tracks and general off-road. The Techstar range has been designed exclusively for the MX track, offering a great ventilation and wide areas of flexibility. Let’s see their details of the 2016 season.

General overview of the Alpinestars Techstar 2016 equipment (left) and the Alpinestars Racer 2016 (right).


The sublimation graphics are very attractive. They include from agressive designs to other more classical, so each rider can find the most suitable one, according the bike or the riding style. We also find more presence of the logo of the “starry A” of Alpinestars and some variations which offer a very good-looking. In the Racer pants, the logo “Racer” now is missing.

Detail of Techstar (left) and Racer (right) shirts, with different textile composition.


The Racer’s main feature for this 2016 is the polyfabric textile, which offers a great touch and its composition makes a more breathable T-shirt, very similar to a microperforated textile. According to this, the jersey offers now more ventilation.

Detail of the different textile on the Racer T-shirt 2015 (left) and 2016 (right).

On the Techstar 2016 jersey there is also a change on its textile composition: the microperforated areas disappear and instead of it we find a very light material, similar to the Racer shirt, but it combines vented fabric that helps to ventilate. These areas are placed on the sleeves, neck and sides. There is also a padding area on the elbows’ outside.


The first main feature on the pants is the sylicone inner band, which now it is placed around all the pant, offering to the jersey a great grip on the pants. More silycone area means more grip.

On the pants we find a silicone strip that helps to mantain the jersey inside the pants. On the knee area there is reinforcement and 3D padding. These offer us elasticity and ergonomics. Actually, Alpinestars has focused its efforts on this area: the materials we find on the knee are very resistant, designed for a prolonged use of orthopaedic knee guards. Meaning resistance, durability and no deformation of the fabric. Also in that area we find protectors for the exhaust system on the inside leg.

The Techstar pants combine protection and flexibility, thanks to designed areas and flexible reinforcements strategically placed.

As we find on the Racer, the Techstar pants has a closure system composed by buttons and a zip, with Velcro strips for a better adjustment. There is also a small pocket to store keys or coins.

The Techstar pants include a wide sylicone inner area according to offer greater grip with the shirt. We find a practical small pocket on its inside.

With all these changes, Alpinestars improves both equipment according to offer two main points: transpiration and breathability.

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