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Review: Alpinestars Racer VS Alpinestars Techstar

Reviews and tests 20 January, 2015

We analyze...

The Italian manufacturer offers two different sets of equipment for off-road practise that looks for maximum quality and sportiness. Two versions that share some features, despite each one being designed for different needs.

Alpinestars Racer

Alpinestars defines its Racer product as an attractive and bold equipment. And at a first glance, its graphics and design confirm that. It has been made with poly-fabric, a light and resistant material where the graphics can be inserted by sublimation, a system that is efficiently wear resistant in continous use. The microperforated areas that we find on the Racer equipment maintains a good balance between ventilation and thermal protection.

The jersey offers other nice details: it has a longer area on the back, so it optimises its fit to the pants. The sleeves are finished with a rubber on the wrist to hold it in place on the go, but without causing excess pressue on the wrist. On the neck area we find a microfiber fabric that offers a pleasant feel when riding.

The Alpinestars Racer and Techstar equipment have been designed to satisfy different user’s needs. But both garment are very technical clothing.

The pants are made of nylon and poly-fabric, for better resistance, especially on the areas that suffer high wear. We also find reinforcements on the interior of the legs for better protection against the exhaust system and also knee reinforcements and elastic fabric that offer better elasticity.

An interesting point is the pre-curved lines of the legs; meaning that the pant keeps the shape of the “attack position” when we ride the bike. All the designs take into account our riding position.

The pants’ closure is composed of buttons and a zip, while the fine adjustment is via Velcro strips. There is a very small pocket, very useful if we want to store keys or coins.

Alpinestars Techstar

The Alpinestars Techstar is a more sporty equipment than the Racer; that means it is the optimum equipment for competing or practising MX on the track. It shares many details with the Racer garments, like the “attack position” design and its graphics, but there are other details designed exclusively for this equipment that make it more technical.

The microperforated area is wider in all the Techstar garment, so we have a more ventilated product. Especially we find more microperforated area in the jersey, basically because we need optimal ventilation when wearing the neck brace. The jersey includes a drop tail that helps to keep the jersey in the pants, and also foams on the elbows’ inside.

Detail of the Racer (up) and Techstar (down) sleeves

On the pants we find a silicone strip that helps to mantain the jersey inside the pants. On the knee area there is reinforcement and 3D padding. These offer us elasticity and ergonomics. Actually, Alpinestars has focused its efforts on this area: the materials we find on the knee are very resistant, designed for a prolonged use of orthopaedic knee guards. Meaning resistance, durability and no deformation of the fabric. Also in that area we find protectors for the exhaust system on the inside leg.

Detail of the Alpinestars Racer and Techstar pants

The pants construction is one of the more distinctive elements we can find on the Techstar equipment. There are two different textiles that are linked by the inside, offering an extra flexibility when riding. Those separate parts also give more ventilation to the legs.

As we find on the Racer, the Techstar pants has a closure system composed by buttons and a zip, with Velcro strips for a better adjustment. There is also a small pocket to store keys or coins.

The pants closures are similar on the Racer and the Techstar: there is a combination of buttons and zips, while the Velcro strips located on the sides are designed for a better adjustment.


The Alpinestars racer follows the philosophy of “track and trail”, so we are talking about a general off-road. Racers like Marc Coma use this equipment, because it’s wearable during different seasons and where the climate varies. That is why we need a versatile product that offers us thermal protection as well.

The Alpinestars Techstar is aimed at a specific user who needs equipment exclusively for track use, being the equipment of racers like Justin Barcia, Eli Tomac or Jeffrey Herlings. Its use is more limited and its great ventilation system forces us to use it only when the weather conditions are good.



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