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Review: Fox equipment, 360 versus 180

Reviews and tests 13 January, 2015

We analyze...

The Fox equipment has been designed to cover all the users needs. And we will try to reveal all the details so as to know which is the most suitable for us.

As we find in many sports, the MX practice -and the off road as well- includes different levels of users and different profiles. And the market reflects exactly that demand. That is why we will present two off road equipment ranges from Fox which offer protection and many features.

Detail of the microperforation of both jerseys

Fox 360 equipment

We have before us one of the most exclusive and sportive equipment from Fox, whose its main features are optimum ventilation and maximising the off road feeling when we ride the bike. The jersey has many details that helps to optimise this: looseness and short sleeves, to avoid pressure on the wrists, or the elongated back that helps to maintain the jersey inside the pants, even with the most extreme movements.

If we have a look at the pants, these have been designed to offer a precurved form to adapt better to the attack position. These pants include elastic panels in specific areas which in adition are joined to the inside of the outer fabric of the pants, thus allowing for better movement and elasticity. The Fox 360 pants have been designed to allow for housing an orthopaedic knee-guard, and to allow all off road movements with guarantee.

Detail of the elastic panels on both pants: linked to the inner part of the fabric in the 360 and single piece on the 180

As seen in the jersey, the 360 pants have also been designed to optimise the ventilation and proof of this is the microperforated fabric located in areas that need a continuous air flow, taking advantage of the textile union points as air inlets as well.

180 Fox equipment

If we have a look at the 180 Fox equipment, it offers great off road sensations, similar to the 360, but is for users who need better thermal protection and a more versatile product. We’ll explain.

Conscious that in the off road world there is much more than just the Racing competition, Fox has created an equipment range focused on the public who needs less sportive equipment but at the same time, are looking for quality and a versatile product. The 180 range offers a similar protection, with many details that help to our driving skills and offers less ventilation, which makes the equipment suitable of being worn during nearly all year round.

Both jerseys have textile finishes in the neck area for a pleasant feel 

The jersey has less microperforated areas and its orifices are smaller than the 360. It also presents a design for optimum adjustment when riding. The drop tail helps keep it inside the pants.

As for the pants, these include flexible areas integrated into the external fabric of the pants, being the main difference between the 180 and the 360 pants versions. The material has been designed to offer less ventilation so as to offer greater thermal protection which means we have a more versatile equipment but a bit less sporty.

The two pants have micrometric fasteners and a silicone waist to hold the jersey


The main differences between both sets of equipment are in some of the details and not just their design and graphics. The 360 Fox equipment has been designed for an off road practice very sporty, more suited to maximising our sensations when on the bike. That is why many racers like to wear the 360 Fox equipment in different championships or competitions, like the Dakar or the AMA Supercross.

On the other hand, the 180 Fox equipment wants to offer thermal protection and versatility to a public who want to enjoy off road during all year round and where competition is not on the agenda. The 180 Fox equipment guarantees high quality for all its components and materials, the only difference is the purpose of each suite.



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