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Review: 2017 MX Alpinestars range, Techstar vs Racer

Reviews and tests 3 August, 2016

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Alpinestars has already presented the 2017 version of its off-road jerseys. As usual, Alpinestars divides its off-road range into two products: Techstar and Racer.

The Techstar kit consists of some technical products focused on the competition. The Racer kit is designed for more versatile use. Of the latter, one must differentiate Braap range, which includes a more striking and youthful graphics and Supermatic, with more classic designs, although the structure and materials of both ranges Racer are exactly the same.

Vista general de la equipación Alpinestars Racer 2017.

Techstar Shirt
The Techstar shirt features three types of fabric Poly-fabric different, depending on the area of the shirt: we found a tissue in the front, while the sleeves, neck and back have a ventilated fabric with the same preparation of Racer. The third type is located on the sides and inside of both arms, where we have fully perforated fabric for optimal ventilation holes with very generous. We can also see that the t-shirt design offers pre-curved lines to offer maximum comfort on the bike.

Vista general de la equipación Techstar 2017 de Alpinestars.

Compared with the gear Alpinestars Techstar last season, it has increased this micro area of ​​the shirt, which was previously only focused on the underarm area. Also, Techstar ’17 shirt no longer has padded reinforcement on the elbows, gaining in lightness, and removed the posterior silicone band. The bottom edge has double hem and embroidery.
Techstar pants
The Techstar pants 2017 has also received changes from the previous version. Most notable is the external protection of the knees, made of polyurethane and which now features ventilation holes as inputs. Continues to maintain the internal padding and padded panels on the thighs. It also has leather panels on the inside of the knees, as well as numerous areas and micro-elastic fabric on the outside. Inside, the fabric is a generous grating for ventilation, while there is a generous waist silicone band for extra grip with the shirt. The closing of the pants zipper and still push button together with Velcro straps to adjust its setting. Remember that these pants offer the necessary space for an orthopedic knee pads and maintain these pre-curved lines for comfortable driving. The independent elastic zone found in the waist also allow us to avoid sudden movements that the trousers down or be moved.

Detalle de las protecciones de la rodilla en los pantalones Techstar.

Racer Shirt
The Racer shirt is made from Poly-fabric and has a construction that mimics the tissue perforated to win ventilation. In addition, tissue thickness depending on the area, which we won in ventilation in those areas where we most need varies. The only area that does have perforations is the neck, which is made of an elastic fabric and on the sleeves, which have the same tissue. The advantage is that we better grab the sleeves, preventing climb as we go on. The Racer T also offers details that offer greater resistance to wear, such as embroidery double bottom.

Detalle del acabado en el cuello en la camiseta Racer.

Racer pants
The Racer pants differ from the version 2016. Now its main closure is micrometric, with plastic buckle, and are complemented by Velcro straps at the waist. In addition, it increased protection at the knees thanks to the fact Alpinestars logo embossed polyurethane and the inner foam padding acting against possible shocks.

Detalle de la zona de las rodillas en los pantalones Racer.

Apart from these developments, pants keep inmates in the thigh area padded panels and an internal grid area for optimum ventilation. We also find elastic bands at the knees, inside of the legs and waist and a leather reinforcement on the inside of your knees to avoid abrasions. And as with the Techstar, pants offer a silicone band for grip with the shirt.

Detalle del cierre de los pantalones Techstar 2017.

While the Racer kit focuses on versatile use for all types of tracks and in different seasons, shirt and pants clothes Techstar are increasingly technical, airy and focused on an audience looking for maximum performance in motocross circuits.

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