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Review: Shift 2018 gear, Black Label & White Label

Reviews and tests 30 August, 2017

We analyze...

Shift has launched its new off-road equipment. If a few days ago we introduced the brand new Blue Label, today we introduce two more gears from the Fox's group group: the Black Label and the White Label.

While the Black Label is aimed at users looking for maximum performance, the White Label is a more versatile and targeted to a wider audience. Let’s see the differences between the two models below.

Shift Black Label jersey

The Black Label range has received a complete redesign from previous collections. Now, the new gear offers maximum freedom of movement and stands out for being very light and elastic.

If we focus on the jersey, it’s made of breathable polyester. This fabric favors mainly the rider in two ways: on the one hand, it fits perfectly to the riders’s movements, and on the other, it offers an excellent regulation of the body temperature under extreme conditions of race, extracting the sweat of the interior towards the outside of jersey.

Shift Black LabelThe Shift Black Label jersey has received a complete redesign. It stands out for being very light and elastic.

After testing it, the feeling of freshness is optimal and we have hardly noticed that the shirt is stuck to the skin. The mesh panels on the arms and the lower part of the torso are well blamed, areas where ventilation is especially appreciated when riding.

Also emphasize the opening of the neck in a single panel for a greater fit and lightness and the fist in microfiber with an innovative opening that eliminates all type of restriction.

Shift Black LabelThe graphics of the Black Label are stamped by sublimation, being resistant to wear.

As for the graphics, these are stamped by sublimation, being resistant to wear. In addition, the silicone is of high quality and the aesthetics is great, as we have accustomed the brand.

Black Label Shift pants

The Shift Black Label pants combine 600D polyester, a very sturdy and an elastic fabric at the front and back for added freedom of movement. We notice this flexibility we notice especially when we ride the bike and the pants at all times adapts to our body, whatever the position of this.

As in the jersey, the Black Label trousers have perforations distributed at the waist and legs. One of the great novelties with respect to the previous model are the air vents, which offer much more air circulation towards the interior.

Shift Black LabelThe Shift Black Label pants combine polyester 600D, very resistant, and an elastic fabric in the front and back for freedom of movement.

The outer panels in leather on the inside of the knees stand out against the abrasion and heat that the motorcycle gives off. In addition, the area of ​​the knee has three layers to also favor the resistance to abrasion.

Inside we find a mesh lining for comfort. In the lower part of the leg this mesh is even lighter and elastic and with the boots on it shows its function, since it does not disturb at all and we can be concentrated in the riding of the motorcycle.

Shift Black LabelThe Black Label pants have an inner silicone strap to keep the shirt attached.

Also important is the silicone waistband to prevent the jersey from leaving the pants.

Shift White Label jersey

The White Label equipment is designed for users of moderate intensity, and versatility is it strong point. The jersey is also made of polyester and offers high durability, as well as regulating body temperature. The White Label has an ergonomic and generous cut that offers optimum comfort, although the edges of the shirt are not worked as in the Black Label. Of course: in the White Label the graphics are screen printed, both on the shirt and pants.

Shift White LabelThe Shift White Label is focused on a wider audience, with versatility being its strong point.

White Label Shift pants

With regard to pants, its minimalist design is thought to gain flexibility, ventilation, weight reduction and durability.

Another difference from the Black Label is the construction of the knee. In the White has padding that improves flexibility and durability. And on the inner side, we only find a skin panel inside the right knee, designed for the engine manifolds, which usually exit on the right side.

Shift White LabelOnly the right knee of the White Label pants has a leather panel to combat abrasion.

Finally, the perforated foam pads on the hip, which are attached by Velcro, provide comfort and safety, being an element that does not include the Black Label as standard.

In short

After testing, we have found that the Black Label is valid for both professionals and off-road users. Whether it’s for enduro or motocross, Shift’s Black Label kit is the perfect fit to focus on 100% riding.

In contrast, the White Label is looking for a less competitive segment in terms of performance but is optimal in terms of value for money. It offers everything necessary for our off-road trips, with no more pretension than enjoying our motorcycle.


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