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Review: Fox Flexair, the gear of the future

Reviews and tests 2 June, 2015

We analyze...

Fox is the brand leader on the offroad garment. And with its new Flexair gear, the brand wants to keep being the number one. We have in front of us an MX gear created and designed from innovation and the results are excellent.

Fox warned us telling that the new Flexair gear would be one step forward than other brand’s equipment and this is completely true. We have a shirt and a pant, both tested by world champions like Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey. This project was so secret that we did not know that actually they were wearing the Fox Flexair when they won their championships (2014 National Motocross by Roczen and 2015 AMA Supercross by Dungey).

The World Presentation took place ten days ago in two different places. While Roczen and Dungey were presenting the new equipment at Glen Helen circuit (USA), Evgeny Borrishev and Gautier Paulin did the same in UK (Europe), where the MX World Championship was taking place).

Fox Flexair Shirt:

Its main feature is the weight: the L size only weights 170 grams! Also, it combines the lycra material with an excellent ventilation. This T-shirt is very flexible and allows all the movements we can do on the bike.

Another of the main features is the breathability. There are orifices by laser which provide to the racer en excellent ventilation on critical areas. The textile Tru-Dri also offers a good ventilation and keeps the moisture far away.

The result is a shirt which offers a good ventilation and the maximum comfort, what means the racer can focus his/her mind on racing and nothing else.

Fox Flexair Pants:

On the pants, Fox has changed completely the philosophy of construction. The brand has used flexible material instead of the rigid one as a main textile. On the areas where the rider needs more protection, there are inserts of more rigid material. Until now, the construction mehod was completely different: the rigid material was the main textile while the flexible one was a secondary material.

Another challenge of the brand was to find a flexible material resistant to the time, so after testing 89 different materials, Fox found the Tru-Motion textile, which is resistant to the use and the washing.

The pants have narrow lines, so this gear adapts and fits perfectly to all kind of racers and what is more important, are so flexible we can insert orthopedic knee protectors. This flexibkle capacity allows us to ride with comfort and with a great movements freedom.

If we talk about protection, the pants feature a frontal area against the wear. On this area we find a less ventilation, so the  brand adds orifices through laser according to get the breathability need when we are riding. On the knees area we also find a flexible material in accordion and some protectors and a ventilation mesh as air inlets. This mesh is placed in the back area of the pants to optimize the ventilation. There are two leather protectors on the inside according to offer protection against the hot engine of the bike.

As a premium MX pant, the Fox Flexair features other details, like the silicon wrists on the inside which ensure the optimal grip of the shirt and an elastic panel on the back of the pant, that will allow all the movements on the bike. The pants closure is made with a zipper and a micrometric closure, both ensures the perfect fitment of the pant.


Both clothing garment  use new materials according to get more flexibility and comfort when riding. Tested by Ken Roczen and Ryan Dungey (and others) we must to admit we are in front of a garment that are two steps forward than the competence in flexibility, breathability, protection and comfort.


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