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Review: Shift Blue Label, revolution in motocross

Reviews and tests 23 August, 2017

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We introduce the Shift Blue Label gear, a real revolution in the field of motocross. Developed with a single objective in mind, pure perfomance on track, and focused on a fully professional use, the Blue Label of Shift is perhaps the most advanced motocross equipment on the market nowdays.

From the lab to track

The Blue Label gear has been developed by Fox Lab, Fox’s R&D department, which is the company that owns the Shift brand. A high level development that has had the collaboration of some of world’s best MX riders: Ken Roczen, in the AMA Supercross and Gautier Paulin, in the MXGP championship.

Shift Blue LabelImage of the Shift Blue Label gear, one of the most advanced equipment on the market.

The unique objective in mind of Blue Label developers has been to look for the maximum performance in terms of flexibility, comfort and lightness. Everything has being design to do not disturb us when riding. And this helps us to focus on track and our riding limits.

But it is also true that the Blue Label, loses in versatility: it isn’t made for enduro or other off-road adventures, it’s just designed 100% for motocross track action, the only place where we can take full advantage of its performance, putting it on a par with Fox’s Flexair gear. For those looking more versatility or a softer approach, Shift brand has the Black Label and White Label ranges.

Shift Blue Label jersey

Let’s start with the Blue Label jersey to understand more this revolutionary design. The first thing that strikes us is the low weight and flexibility of the fabric. We had never tried a shirt with a fabric as elastic as this. To achieve this, Shift boys use tow types of fabrics: TRUMOTION, the most elastic of them and used in the sleeves, and TRUDIO fabric, used in the trunk, which enables perspiration thanks to its particular construction.

Shift Blue LabelDetailed image, front and back, of the Shift Blue Label shirt..

In addition, it is easy to see that ventilation is a key element in the design: the fabrics of the back and back has a plait that allows the passage of air, while the sleeves are profusely perforated.

Shift have reduced the seams to the smallest expression, in order to reduce friction with the skin, and the edges of cuffs and neck have a special finish. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Blue Label jersey features a back design that prevents the shirt from leaving the pants.

Blue Label Shift Trousers

If the jersey surprises by its low weight, the Blue Label pants are a real featherweight compared to others of the market. They are mainly in elastic nylon cord, which means that they weigh little but also that there is freedom of movement. Cordura is also a very durable material, so it withstands wear correctly.

It is a positive surprise the advanced internal construction that offers the feeling a continuous, single fabric panel, very comfortable and pleasant. There is only a small microperforated mesh that surrounds the waist and that covers and the inner side has silicone to prevent the shirt from getting out of the pants. In addition, all inner seams have been sealed to prevent discomfort.

Shift Blue LabelThe Shift Blue Label pants have the latest technical innovations. On the right we see the leather panel of the knee to combat abrasion. On the left we see the perforations to improve the air flow.

On the inside of the knees we have a skin panel to protect us from exhaust system abrasion. And if we go to the lower zone, here the nylon it’s replaced by perforated elastic woven fabric, similar to the sleeves of the shirt. The goal is to reduce the thickness of this part of the pants, which goes inside the boot, and also improves ventilation of the whole pants.

The closure of the trousers is double: micrometric system with Fly-Cam buckle and zipper in the fly; the zipper is diagonally disposed: according to the experience of Fox Lab, this improves the ergonomics of the trousers. Finally, the logos are printed in silicone relief, providing an aesthetic and quality touch to this fantastic set.

Shift Blue LabelThe closure of the pant is very practical and easy to use.

Only for cross

The Shift Blue Label jersey and pants are a real step forward in motocross gear. The difference with other gears is notable; the feeling it gave is remarkable. The weight is very light, total flexibility and allow us to make all kinds of movements. In fact, it’s like wearing regular sports clothes and not a motorcycle gear! That’s why the Blue Label has been created just for motocross most demanding users and professionals.

Shift Blue LabelImage of the Shift Blue Label pant is inside the motocross boot, in this case a Fox Instinct.


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