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Review: Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar

Reviews and tests 23 March, 2016

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The Alpinestars Corozal Adventure are the boots designed for a combined use of road and trail, thanks to an excellent combination of touring details on an offroad base. And all this, completed with thye waterproof Drystar layer.

Construction and materials

We find three main materials used on these boots on the external area. The first one is the bycast leather, that is placed around the boot and it features an external Polyurethane treatment, according to offer a better resistance against the wear, also a prolonged use and provinding an easy-cleaning. we also find microfiber inserts in the front and the back areas and doeskin inserts in the shaft. 

General overview of the boots, with the internal and external sides.

As we told before, the Corozal Adventure feature the Drystar layer, by Alpinestars, a waterproof material that ensures protection against the rain and provides breathability. On the inside, there is a micrperforated textile with two different textiles for a proper comfort and perspiration.

The structure is similar to the offroad boots, and we can take the Alpinestars Tech’s family: the protections dsitribution is very similar and we can also find the ‘flexi-blade’ structure, a flexible area in accordion in the shaft. But the materials used are nearer from a touring boot than the offroad ones. Thanks to this, the Corozal boots allow a combined road and trail use, but these boots are not the most suitable ones to do Enduro or MX. 

Detail of the internal side, for optimal protection to the engine’s heat (left) and the accordion flexible area in the back of the boot (right).


The protections are divided on external and internal. The first group are rigid protectors, made of TPU and are visibles on the front shaft area, the boots’ sides and the closure’s area. There is the same material in the instep area.

Detail of the toecap, reinforced with TPU material.

On the inside, we find double density protectors on the ankles area and padded inserts around the internal shaft and ankles. On the toecap and heel there are internal protectors that increase the boot’s resistance and protection.


The sole is made from rubber and it has been built on a steel structure. We see two different grooves, designed for combining grip to the stirrup and also a correct water evacuation. The internal sole has an anatomical design, is made with EVA foam and it is removable.

The sole features different designs to offer proper water evacuation and correct grip to the stirrup.

Closures and details

The Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar boots have closures made of TPU with two side lockings, while in the shaft there is a wide Velcro closure that fits better the boot to our leg and foot, offering proper isolation.

The internal layer we find inside the boots isolates correctly the boot from the water or cold.

There are other details, like the reflective areas, for being seen in low light situations and the rubber bands between the sole’s rubber and the leather.

The Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar are boots that allow us to practise motorcycling in different environments. Suitable for those who have  trail bikes, scrambler vintage or even quads, these boots ensure water protection and excellent resistance.



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