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Review: Alpinestars Fastback-2 Drystar

Reviews and tests 13 September, 2017

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The Alpinestars Fastback-2 Drystar is a motorcycle shoe that is halfway between a conventional sneaker and a motorcycle boot. Designed to be used throughout the year thanks to the Drystar membrane, they are especially comfortable for intercity routes during your daily life. They are a novelty of Alpinestars for this 2018 and an evolution of its successful model Fastback WP.

Construction and materials

It is important to say that the Fastback-2 are CE certified. The exterior of the Fastback-2 is made of microfibre with a rubberized finish for maximum durability and resistance. In addition, this microfiber gives it an aggressive look that still makes it more attractive.

Alpinestars Fastback-2 DrystarThe Fastback-2 is a perfect boot for daily use, such as from home to work.

The accordion panel in the rear area improves the flexibility both on and off the bike.

On the tab and neck of the boot we find paddings that improve comfort, the fit around the ankle and above the instep.


In terms of safety, this Alpinestars offers optimal protection, but without reaching the levels of a touring boot.

The TPR, a high-quality thermoplastic rubber, predominates in most Fastback-2 protections. For example, at the ankle we see a protector of this material, which offers strategic protection at a key point.

Alpinestars Fastback-2 DrystarDetail of the TPR protection that is in the ankle.

The boot also has a lateral TPR slider on the outside and a protector also in TPR in the gearshift, designed to avoid the abrasion in case of fall and to improve the grip with the gearshift of the motorcycle.

We can find reinforcements in the toe and heel located under the top layer, achieving a cleaner design, as well as reflectors located at the back and the outer side for low light or drive at night.

Alpinestars Fastback-2 DrystarDetailed image of the toe, where we can find some reinforcements.

After testing them we can assure you that the sensation is to wear a street shoe rather than a motorcycle boot. The ease of moving the foot is total, although the area of ​​the ankle is well secured thanks to the protector in TPR.

On top of the bike, its clean design and textured TPR inserts allow us to have a really good gear change feel. In addition, the padding of the instep reaches almost to the fingers, so that the feeling of comfort is maximum all the time.


The inner lining in highly breathable fabric makes it a boot that can also be worn in times of greater heat.

Alpinestars Fastback-2 DrystarOn the left we can see the construction of the back of the Fastback-2. To the right, we can see the the tab padding of the boot.

As for the Drystar membrane, it is 100% waterproof and breathable and is located between the outer layer and the inner lining that we have discussed. This type of membrane, without reaching the levels of the Gore-Tex, offers an excellent performance in adverse climatic conditions.

Closure and sole

The sole is made of an advanced rubber compound molded to the top for stability, grip, support and excellent walking comfort.

As for the closure, it consists of laces and an adjustable velcro strap, which acts at the same time as a shin guard.

Alpinestars Fastback-2 DrystarThe Alpinestars Fastback-2 Drystar sole is designed to be very effective both on and off the bike.

With the Alpinestars Fastback-2 we have aggressive design boots with Drystar waterproof membrane and protection at strategic points, with versatility being their strong point. A really comfortable boot both on top of the bike and out of it and a guaranteed success for Alpinestars for the 2018 season.


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