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Review: Alpinestars Faster 2 full range, urban generation

Reviews and tests 2 May, 2016

We analyze...

The Alpinestars Faster 2 are urban footwear suitable for urban and communting riding. Designed to allow city motorcycle users wear the same footwear both on and off bike, the Faster 2 make everydays life more comfortable and safer, providing the minimum protection needed to move on two wheels, yet they are surprisingly light and comfortable shoes.

Materials and construction
The Alpinestars Faster 2 are the new version of the popular Alpinestars Faster boots. Many elements have changed in its construction, and although aesthetically maintain the same line, you can see the differences in materials.

General view of the three Faster 2 versions available on the market: Faster 2 (left), Faster 2 Vented (center) y Faster 2 Lady (right).

The contructio main material for these boots is the microfiber. Alpinestars uses microfiber leather substitute in much of its range of motorcycle boots because it is a more flexible, less delicate and easier to care for material. Microfiber found in three different finishes: one with leather-like touch in the ankle, tongue and heel; another with suede-like on the outside and a third mimicking the carbon fiber in the inner face touch.
In the Lady version (named Stella, feminine collection of the Italian brand) carbon microfiber style has been replaced by one that imitates snakeskin.

Lateral view of the Faster 2 standard version (left) and close up detail of the exclusive “snake skin” finish on the Faster 2 Lady (right).

Inside, the ventilated 3D mesh fabric ensures correct breathability of our feet. For those who prefer it, the Faster 2 are available in Vented version, which features micro perforations on the side panel and the tongue of the boot.

Close up featuring the microperforated outter pannel from the Faster 2 Vented version. 

Protections have evolved considerably between and Faster Faster 2. Now TPR reinforcements, one type of elastomer, are present more noticeable lateral slide way and on the outside of the ankle. On the inside, there is a protective interior and dual density foam.

TPU slider detail from the standard Faster 2 version.

The heel and toe have been reinforced over the previous model. The sole of the boot is extended in the heel area, to provide structural rigidity plus of it and minimize unwanted movement of the ankle.
Sole and close
Precisely the sole is another element that features changes in this new version. Now presents a complex pattern of grooves that improves grip on wet ground and on the footboard of the motorcycle. The insole, made of EVA foam and lycra lining, has ergonomic design that fits perfectly with the new heel, more rounded for convenience and better tread.

All Faster 2 share the same sole, featuring this patern and with the same rubber compound.

These boots have laces, inspired by systems used in sports shoes tie used in motorsport, and a tongue with Velcro adjusting the set.
The Faster 2 continues the legacy of Faster family, a bestseller among the public that moves in motorcycle or scooter daily by the city or the suburbs. Their secret is comfort, lightness and protection, so when we go on the bike and when we got it.



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