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Review: Alpinestars Faster 3 and Faster 3 Rideknit, the best motorcycle shoes for your day to day?

Reviews and tests 17 June, 2019

We analyze...

Review Alpinestars boots : Alpinestars Faster-3 and Faster-3 Rideknit, the third generation of the best seller motorcycle boots.

The boot segment for urban bikes is on the rise. Alpinestars and Dainese have some interesting options. They’re the type of boots you can use all day long (in the office, in class, wherever yo u are) but they also allow you to wear them for an outing now and then.

In fact the Alpinestars Faster-3 and their “sister” the Faster-3 Rideknit have reached the third generation and it’s sure they’re going to be real best-seller boots of the Alpinestars 2019 collection.

alpinestars faster 3Alpinestars Faster-3 Black, best seller motorcycle boots.

Alpinestars Faster-3, best-seller boots

At Motocard we have analysed several urban bike boots, ideal for moving around town, but that allow you to also get out on the weekends. For example, the Dainese Metropolis and Persepolis and the Dainese Dinamica.

But, in this case, the Alpinestars Faster-3 as well as the Faster 3 Rideknit-3 have a very aggressive, sports design. What you see is what you get: this is very comfortable footwear and with warranted protections, which has made them very popular. Especially if you’re one of those that like to wear medium shaft boots.

alpinestars faster 3 rideknitAlpinestars Faster-3 Rideknit, perfect for summer.

Alpinestars Faster-3 vs Alpinestars Faster-3 Rideknit

The main difference between the Faster-3 and the Faster-3 Rideknit is the main material of each: the Faster-3 are made of microfiber and the Faster-3 Rideknit in microfiber, mesh fabric and seamless thermowelded microfiber.  So the latter are especially indicated for the hotter days of the year.

Alpinestars Faster-3, main features

alpinestars faster 3 drystarAlpinestars Faster-3 Drystar with waterproof membrane.

But apart from this great difference, their main features are very similar: ankle protectors, strategically placed padding and reinforcements, TPR side slider, ergonomically designed heel counter and an asymmetric design of the toebox to reinforce the shifter area.

To afford maximum comfort, we find padding on the tongue and the neck for an enhanced fit, a replaceable anatomical EVA insole with Lycra lining and single piece strap with Velcro on the instep.


As we said at the start; these are very comfortable boots, perfect for day to day use, or for outings and which, by the way, are also available in a waterproof version and a Lady version for women. All of them, of course, with CE certification. A very interesting novelty from Alpinestars and one that is going to sell a lot of pairs.


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