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Review: Alpinestars Faster shoes, motorbike’s casual shoe

Reviews and tests 7 September, 2014

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A light and sports styled shoe that blends with all types of garments, the Alpinestars Faster has a very anatomical profile that stylishly combines safety for the biker’s feet with comfort worthy of the best footwear.

Something as simple as wearing shoes that are comfortable for walking around all day long and at the same time provide high levels of safety for riding a motorbike is quite difficult to achieve. But not for the superb Alpinestars Faster, that bring the previous Fastlane up to date and come in a wide range of finishes and colours to adapt to any season and the tastes of all types of bikers.


Two things particularly stand out with the new Faster: extreme lightweight for bike footwear and a nice design that transmits quality in all its finishing, for the stitching as well as the materials. To start with, the 3D microfiber textile lining, with the appearance of carbon fibre, on the outer face of the shoes stands out. The incorporation of this material in the new Faster immediately transports us to the world of competition, which is why these shoes give off race airs.

Detail of the outer 3D fabric of the Faster, with the insertion of the Alpinestars logo on the back.

On this same side we can see the Alpinestars logo in the ankle and a little relief in the shift area, both strategically placed to avoid slipping as, actually, they are the areas of maximum contact with the bike. The Alpinestars logo can also be found on the outer side, as well as some sliders very well integrated into the design. To all this you have to add the presence of reflective inserts, ideal for improving visibility under conditions of poor light, placed in strategic places, such as the lace area or the heel.

Detail of the reflective bands located on the heel

Apart from the detailing and the great sensation of quality to the touch that these new Alpinestars Faster transmit, it’s worth pointing out the great differences in personality offered by the rich variety of models and colours.

Alpinestars also offer a fresher and more ventilated version of these shoes, ideal for the summer months: the Faster Vented. Basically, this model differs from the standard by incorporating a vented mesh in the sides, which allows much more air to flow, as well as having some perforation in the collar and tongue in order to ensure a greater air flow than the standard version. The women’s version of the Faster does not have its vented version, at the moment.

The Faster Vented include microperforations for optimum ventilations of the foot.

Comfort and fit

The Alpinestars Faster are shoes in the form of a low cut boot, that is, half way between common or garden street shoes and touring cut bike boots, although its lines are clearly sporty. This very condition, together with the aggressive design so common in competitions like the Formula 1, allows great flexibility and mobility when walking, as the rear part of the heel is not contained thus allowing for complete bending and, therefore, a natural movement of the foot. And not just this, but the high quality of the fabrics inside the boot, of technical material, transmit a very pleasant sensation of comfort, apart from an optimum breathability.

The insides of the Faster provide ventilation and grip as well as a correct breathability of the foot.

Nevertheless, the commonest lateral movements that occur when we miss our step or in a fall, are more limited in the ankle area in order to ensure a good level of safety and hold, thus giving the biker a sensation of confidence.  Evidently, we are not talking about a boot for sports or touring use, which is why these boots have not been designed for the track or for long trips, but are very suitable for everyday use thanks to their versatility. The Velcro fastener gives us a great fit for riding the bike, which we can loosen when walking; herein lies some of its merit as a polyvalent shoe.

Apart from the laces, the Faster have a Velcro fastener on the top part, increasing the sensation of fit.


The sole of the new Faster, made of flexible rubber which easily adapts to our natural movements when walking, is also very firm and resistant to lateral torsion which occurs when riding the bike or in the event of an accident. That is to say that, the toe area allows for a certain degree of bending which helps us to walk comfortably, yet the sole in the heel area provides an excellent rigidity thanks to the integrated steel shank.

The sole has been designed to provide maximum grip on dry as well as wet surfaces.

On the other hand, the rubber sole stands out for its rough surface that provides an excellent grip, even on wet surfaces. To this end, a laser cutting technique (LASER ABLATED GRIP) has been used in order to maximise the sole’s grip. Also, in the heel area, a PU midsole is included which maximises the comfort sensation and is easily recognised as it dyed a different colour. Lastly, to mention that the insoles, made of Lycra and EVA, are removable and replaceable and have an anatomical design in order to give us comfort and a good support when walking. These insoles are common to all the Faster versions.

The design of the insoles take into account the ergonomics and ventilation of the whole surface of the foot.


As mentioned above, the Alpinestars Faster, although their design is clearly inspired by the world of racing and some riders have worn them publicly on the track, are not shoes with a maximum level of protection. Despite this, not only are they designed to show style and good taste, but they also provide a more than acceptable level of safety and abrasion resistance, vitally important factors when riding a bike.

Both sides of the ankle are conveniently reinforced and protected by lateral TPU protectors, which in this case also stand out for the inner foam padding disks that provide, apart from protection, a pleasant sensation of comfort. Nevertheless, where they provide the highest level of safety with the hardest protections is in those more delicate and exposed areas of the foot, such as around the Achilles heel or the outer edge of the toes, which is an area which could come into contact with the asphalt when leaning.

Detail of the protection in the form of a slider on the outer edge.

All together, and with the help of a flexible but rigid sole, quality abrasion resistant materials and a nice design, we have a pair of shoes that, apart from providing high levels of protection, stand out for their casual style and their comfort, making the Alpinestars Faster shoes apt for everyday use, albeit on the bike or away from it.


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