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Review: Alpinestars Monofuse Gore-Tex

Reviews and tests 28 October, 2015

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The Alpinestars Monofuse Gore-Tex are pure long distance Touring boots from Alpinestars. Featuring Gore-Tex membrane , which make them an ally against bad weather, but we also provide innovative solutions, as their particular micrometer fastener.

Materials and construction

The Monofuse Gore-Tex is a good quality product and as such are made of grain leather, the highest quality type of leather which can be obtaines of a single leather piece. Added to this, the Monofuse featuer Gore-Tex technology, with the membrane fully integrated into boot’s leather. Inside, Alpinestars has outfitted the Monofuse boots with a breathable fabric, while in the top of the shaft there’s a mesh insert – also breathable – which perfectly fits with our calf.

The Monofuse boots’ feature a generous microfiber accordion panel in the instep area and in the heel’s upper too for optimal comfort, even when we got off the bike. Precisely is in this area where we can see the boot’s characteristic micrometric closure system, that acts as an outer protector to the accordion panel, leaving free the instep, thus resulting in a greater freedom of movement, especially when we walk.

General side view (left) and central accordion panel close up view (right).

On the shaft of the boot we can differentiate two flaps. One is integrated in the closure system of the boot, providing a correct adjustment of the set; while the top flap, located in the shaft high zone, has two functions: it acts as shin protector, while its wide Velcro flap fits boot on its top, providing fit and sealing.

Boots rear view (izquierda) and rear boot shaft with the Velcro closing system (right).

In the back of the shaft we found a microperforated area, which provides a correct perspiration inside the boot.


In addition to internal shin protector found in the shaft top flap, there’re other internal protections located at the toe and the heel of Monofuse Gore-Tex boots. The ankles have a double-density protector inside, while the micrometric fastener system and the flap of this system make an extra protection in these critical areas of the foot.

There’s too an external reinforcement in the instep of the boot: a TPU protector that facilitate our gearshifht operation and, at the same time, protect the boot from shift’s wear.

Boot internal side (left) and gearshift protector (upper right) and rear reflective insert close up (lower right)

The sole is also very flexible, along with the ergonomics of the rest of the boot in order to seek for comfort. Its unique rubber compound designed by Alpinestars looks for grip, especially on wet. The shaped pattern, similar to ha central spine, channels the water flow of water from inside to outside.

Boot’s sole general view.

Inside the boot there’s a removable anatomic insole, made in dual compound material (EVA foam and Lycra) which improves the ergonomics of the sole.

Closures and details

The Monofuse Gore-Tex innovative closurer system offers a smart solution thanks to the micrometic fastener system. Designed to be used even with winter gloves, the closure is formed by a toothed belt with an alloy buckle. Once we close the boot, the buckle allows us to personalize the fittment via a handle, similar to the fastener systems of snowboard boots. The buckle also feature a release button, which allows us to loosen the belt.

Micrometric fastener system close up. We can see both buckle – featuring a release button (in black with the logo of Alpinestars) and toothed belt.

As detailed, the  Monofuse Gore-Tex incorporate a reflective insert in the back of the heel.


In short, the Alpinestars Monofuse Gore-Tex boots are a premium boots intended for those making long routes and weekend tourism. Thanks to its excellent comfort and waterproof membrane, the versatility of these boots are complete.


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