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Review: Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex, summer touring boots

Reviews and tests 21 December, 2015

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The Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex are the result of a constant search by Alpinestars to find specific and technical products suitable for different seasons. These tourist boots are focused on Spring, Summer and Autumn periods thanks to a Gore-Tex layer and its efficient ventilation system.


The main material is the full-grain leather, that provides high levels of thermal and wear resistance. This leather is placed in the toecap, in the external side of the boot and the upper velcro closure. There are also microperforated areas that provide optimal ventilation to the inside.

General view of the Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex boots, with the leather as the main material.

Combined with the leather, we find a 3D breathable mesh, which offers a great freedom of movements, as well as comfort and ventilation. This mesh is placed on the instep and the rear area as accordion. On the inside we find the Gore-Tex layer. It provides 100% waterproof resistance and breathability. This layer is escellent in periods when the weather is changeable.

Detail of the interanl Gore-Tex layer, that covers all the foot and leg areas.

On the upper area there is a transpirable material which will offer a great comfort. The boots also feature an internal and padded area in the ankles, also for a higher comfort..


If we analyse the Multiair protections, we see areas of the boot which ensure the proper rigidity against unnatural movements of the leg and foot. These areas are the toecap and the heel. In the inner side of the ankles we find a double density protector, while in the upper area of the toecap there is a reinforcement in TPU (Thermoplastic Poliuretane). The closures of the boots also provide extra protection to the foot and the leg.

Detail of the boot’s micrometric closure, that also provides protection to the external ankles.


The sole of these boots are made with an exclusive compound by Alpinestars which optimizes flexibility and grip. The grooves have been designed to evacuate the water to the external side of the boot.

General view of the Alpinestars Multiair XCR Gore-Tex sole.


The Alpinestars Multiair Gore-Tex boots feature two different closures. On one hand, we find a velcro strap which covers and protects all the upper area of the boots’ cane. This closure offers a great adjust on the calf area, according to offer correct isolation. On the other hand there is a micrometric closure that ensures the proper adjustment in the boot’s medium cane area. This closure has a mechanism that allows us to adjust the closure point by point and a release button.

Detail of the boot’s micrometric closure system.

These boots have reflective inserts for greater visibility.



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