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Review: Alpinestars S-MX 2, the sport-touring boots

Reviews and tests 19 April, 2015

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A very versatile boots with the best value for money are these Alpinestars S-MX 2. These boots can be ours for a bit more than 100 euros (less than 150$) and will provide an optimal comfort wherever we go with our bike. 

Materials and protection

The Alpinestars S-MX 2 are boots designed for feet protection in three key areas -toe box, heel and ankle- but also for confort on and off the bike. Dont’ forget: bike riding needs a specific footwear but once we’re are off the bike we need an ally in our feet, because walking with a confortable footwear is a matter of health.

Alpinestars S-MX 2Lateral and rear view of the Alpinestars S-MX 2, boots that combine confort and protection elements in equal parts.

The S-MX 2 are a short shank boots, with the shank ending in the top of our ankle, asuring a right feet protection. Thanks to its propieties and a gentle touch, similar to leather, microfiber is the main fabric used in these boots allowing a correct thermal protection, but also abrasion and hit protection. The inner side is complely flat in order to give the rider permanent contact with the frame for a better feeling of the bike movements. Also, we can see that the microfiber is divided in a block pattern disposition in the instep zone, looking for a adaptation to our feet movements.

In order to protect, the S-MX 2 rely in elements made from TPU (Thermoplastic plyurethane), that cover the heel and ankle zone. All the structure work around the combination of this protection with the excellent stiffnes propieties from the boot sole, which have extended endings in the toe box and latteral pannels, in order to reinforce these critical zones. The instep features a rubber reinforcement for better grip and protection from the gear shift and a remobable TPU slider in the toe.

Alpinestars S-MX 2The toe features a remobable TPU protector.


The S-MX 2 are versatile boots that allow for a good thermal protection. This is the reason why we find a low profile ventilation system in these boots, with only wind channels in the TPU heel side protectors.

Interior and closures

The inner padding features a soft touch fabric that cover all the inside panels, extending to the inner instep in some zone to give better coverture of our feets and feeling when riding. This fabric have nonsliping propieties, increasing our overall grip.

The main lock is a lateral zip in the inner side complemented by a big velcro strech in the microfiber exterior for a better adjustement. The zip also have a velcro strip.

Alpinestars S-MX 2Close detail of the boot main zip and the velcro pannels.

Another important detail is the TPU made micrometric lock in the instep, also working for a better adjustement of the overall boot, no matter the size of our feets.

Sole and other characteristics

The S-MX 2 sole have been design in order to have a perfect grip in the footpeg thanks to the lugged construction in the heel and toe. The sole have also channel for water evacuation.

Alpinestars S-MX 2The Alpinestars S-MX 2 sole combines elements searching for a great grip and a water drainage pattern.

Black is the only colour you can get the S-MX 2, but this adds for more versitality, because it allows easy colour match with other wears. You can claim this is pointless, but if you think that the S-MX 2 are made for wear with non biker apparel too, you’ll find this very useful, adding day by day usability.

Alpinestars S-MX 2Frontal view: one can apreciate the sole and gear shift  reinforcements.

For a more sporty profile, Alpinestar have the S-MX 6, boots that feature the same materials and confort but with a higher shank and numeber of protections. You can also watch the review this boot in our Youtube channel.

Also say that the S-MX 2 now have a succesor: the S-MX 3, with a more updated design and revised micrometric system. Find the review here.


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